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  1. Sula Bassana - Shipwrecked (re-issue on color vinyl) https://sulabassana.bandcamp.com/album/shipwrecked https://www.sulatron.com/xoshop/lng/en/sula-bassana-shipwrecked-lp-colour-3027.html
  2. The biggest problem with Nothing Last was that the album resulted in huge production costs and Twisted had to spend a big amount of money before they ever sold any item of it. For that reason, the profit margin is very low with the result that the majority had to be sold before all the invested money has been covered. It will surely be sold out one day and only a few ones are still available but for Twisted Records this was like if they had to give a long-term credit before there was any profit. Under normal circumstances if someone offers an ordinary vinyl release, the production costs are covered if half of the edition is sold and acceptable if all the others are sold over months or years but with a small profit margin like on Nothing Lasts, the case is different.
  3. I think the quality deficite did not affect the vinyl pressing itself but the production of the media book. So it is possible that they got only 1000 media books (covers) but have many more of the vinyl records which will be sold inside a different cover at a later time.
  4. and again (one year later): Black Friday @Bandcamp https://progressive-anarchists.bandcamp.com/
  5. During the black weekend, we offer our vinyl album for a reduced price for €8.50 at Bandcamp until sunday 23:59 CET. https://progressive-anarchists.bandcamp.com/
  6. Just finished. Musical influence: Juno Reactor, Ozric Tentacles, California Sunshine This is a free soundcloud release yet but maybe we will increase and remaster a few of our most recent songs to release an EP because our album release was more than one year ago now.
  7. The repress is still available after 3 days while the first issue was sold out a few hours after beeing released. You may still get one if you hurry: https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/album/tales-of-the-inexpressible-remastered
  8. I would prefer an album release - on a single record or as double vinyl - that does not matter. If you like to start a crowd-funding project, you may check out Diggersfactory because they manage the crowd-funding, the pressing and finally shipping. Furthermore, the project is fully searchable and people may find it if they just search for "Psytrance" projects there. By the way, we also self-released an album on vinyl last year, but it was completely pre-financed by us without any crowd funding. Our pressing was done by Flight 13 and we are very pleased with the result. If you want to get pressed a small edition, a large part are the fixed costs of it. Some pressing plants offering a full service (including the master cut, the pressing and the cover printing) have web-based online price calculators on their web pages. You may play around with them to find out a lucrative solution for that what you consider to do. And you should also note how many records you expect to sell and how many you need to sell. If the edition is too small, the production price per item is higher than anybody may pay for the record. If it is too high, you will never sell them all.
  9. Is anything known if this album will be released on vinyl like the last one?
  10. Trying to combine old schoool goa trance with dubstep and to play bass using an incredible effect chain:
  11. AFAIK, Ott repressed the Fairchildren album. That's why it was unavailable for more or less half an year.
  12. There is an easy workaround on Bandcamp to avoid hording. It is possible to define the shipping costs for the first item and for each additional item. And you may enter millions as shipping cost for each additional item.
  13. If you have a look on eBay, there are currently lots of people offering the Tales Of The Inexpressible - re-issue. They sell it YET as "pre-order" on eBay for 4 times of the Bandcamp price and more. For the next vinyl release, it may be a good idea if they don't sell the whole edition on one day. Instead 50 copy every day for one month or so. Furthermore they should only permit one item per placed order. It is a real shame that other people try to make big money by doing nearly nothing theirselves with such limited editions.
  14. Thanks for your feedback. Well... track 5 is the most complicated one on the album and finally was in comparison to the other ones really hard work. At last it took a long time to find out a suitable way to mix the single instrument tracks together to make everything listenable as good as possible. The third track which is your favourite one was a spontaneous idea which didn't require so much production time like the 5th one. But may be it is really the best one in it's realisation. At the end of the last year, we finished another track - the first one after the album release: But this is just a freebie which hasn't been mastered by an audio engineer yet.
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