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  1. My vision of psy trance I'll push this year on all possible places all around the world . It's the one out of the four elements that makes my electronic music experience complete. This is me, check this out, take care and stay tuned for other three pieces of my musical puzzle. cheers, mOOnSPA. http://www.mix.dj/mixes/4764817/moonspaeARtH_ThE_3Th_ELeMEnT http://www.mixcloud.com/moonspa/earth-the-3th-element/ btw: Some of you might find offline version handy as well: http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/2359380/file.html
  2. Hi, I would summarize my new release with following cloud of tags: chill-out, break-beat, trance, proggy, dubstep, difficult, time consuming, it was worth it, enjoy mix.dj: http://www.mix.dj/mixes/4748210/moonspaBurn_studios_residency mixcloud.com: http://www.mixcloud.com/moonspa/burn-studios-residency/ cheers, mOOnSPa
  3. Hi. This time I supposed to summarize "goodies" that made me impressed in 2012 (and wasn't necessarily released within that year). Ouch, did I mentioned I punched even one dub step song inside? mix.dj: http://www.mix.dj/mixes/4745119/moonspaplayground_diaries_podcast_02 mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/moonspa/playground-diaries-podcast-02 Looking forward for your comments, enjoy. Cheers, mOOnSPa
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