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Found 1 result

  1. Horizon Wireless - FiKus - Laser Sex - Business Casual Disco Mr. Bugsly and Lost in Sound have hand crafted this stellar event for you to decompress at after your Phishing trip! Join us at the Delancey on Friday, December 30th as Horizon Wireless and FiKus gear up for an epic late night throw down with support from Laser Sex and Business Casual Disco. Friday, December 30th, 2011 The Delancey - 168 Delancey St New York, 10002 21+ Doors: 11:30 / Music: 12:00 $10 Horizon Wireless www.soundcloud.com/horizonwireless DJ/Producer Harrison Waxenberg has been making music since he was able to tie his shoes. This might have been later than most children his age, but better late than never. After playing numerous shows and festivals under this moniker for the past year, Horizon Wireless seems to only be picking up speed and momentum. With the addition of Sol Montoya (Digifront) on drums, Horizon Wireless becomes a storm of soul smashing beats, titillating harmonies, and wet melodies. This sonic tsunami can easily induce multiple crowdgasms. Bringing a towel to shows is not only recommended, but also encouraged... With custom designed sets for every single show and the uncanny ability bump any floor they're hosting, Horizon Wireless is generating an electrical storm that would excite Benjamin Franklin himself. Check them out the first chance you get. FiKus www.fikusband.com/ A five-piece band from Nothern New Jersey, FiKus combines many different styles of music and a wide range of influences to form what has been referred to as a sort of "electro-fuckadelic hip-rock". Without a definitive genre to call home, these adjectives are rooted in the different elements of what creates the sounds of FiKus; "electro" referring to the synthesizers, electronic drums, and stacks of effects pedals that smear the sounds waves with analog warmth and a digital dose; "funkadelic" referring to horns and percussion that supply the funky swagger for the party; and "hip-rock" referring to the progressive and edgy, in your face attitude that booms off the stage and out of the speakers. From song to song, FiKus demonstrates any number of these elements, or all at once, as they continue to keep their listeners on their feet, in both a literal and figurative sense. Laser Sex www.lasersex.bandcamp.com/ www.soundcloud.com/lasersex Laser Sex is a quartet based out of Scranton, PA. They bring the pain live with almost any element you will see on stage with any other live act in this music scene. Mike plays bass, guitar, keys and DJ. Jeff plays guitar, keys and DJ. Angelo is a beast on the keys acting as full time synth player. And Rich is lays down heavy beats between his acoustic drum kit and his e-drums. As Jeff and Mike move seamlessly between their respective instruments, you will hear an ever-evolving sound that gracefully shifts between funk, dancerock, house, dubstep, electro, and the kitchen sink. You might hear 3 people playing synths over samples creating a synth heavy electronic frenzy. You might hear dualing DJ's backed by synth and live drums... or even just a conventional 4 piece band with guitar, bass, keys and drums. There are ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES for what Laser Sex can bring to the stage. This leaves their audiences stumped as to what to expect next from their performances. One thing the audience can expect is a solid dance cardio freakout. Business Casual Disco www.facebook.com/BusinessCasualDisco Coltrane, Norrin and Skeeba make up the collective of rotating artists that come together to find the future and discover the past as Business Casual Disco. Each member contributing their own unique touch to unify a sound that just as easily bobs a head as it moves feet on the dance floor. When it comes to the music BCD is always business , but they couldn't keep it more casual. -------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you the FRESHEST beats in the NORTHEAST http://www.mrbugsly.com/ **For information on how to become part of our ever-growing team, and to earn free tickets, contact: streetteam@mrbugsly.com** For all other inquires: info@mrbugsly.com
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