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Found 2 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Gamayun Tale Label: Lookinglook Records Date: 2014 1. Celestial Consciousness - Rise 2. Magic Science - Atman 3. PharaOm - White Lotus Energy 4. Nova Fractal - Through Our Senses (Sky Technology Remix) 5. Roof Raiser - Stone Garden 6. Prok - Gliese 7. Ufomatka - Asteroid 8. Wanderlust - Square of the Cardboard Clocks 9. Shizolizer Gin - Skygravity Trance Mission 10. Jyotish - Purple Imagination Bonus Track: Rexuss - Chakra Gamayun is a prophetic bird that signifies wisdom and knowledge in Slavic folklore. The title speaks of mysticism, but the cover art screams "Check out this vagina!" And I'm cool with that. I like vaginas Just like Spacedock Lookinglook is one of those outlier labels that doesn't release a lot, but still demands attention. Probably most famous for their first release Dancing Mavka, their latest compilation was put together by Sky Technology. According to Discogs the CD is being distributed by Saikosounds. Yes that one. Didn't they go outta business? Anyway what a screamer this is. The melodies can be long and twisting backed up with power to drive the point home. The leads growl and grow in intensity sucking you in like a tornado. Track after track of unrelenting melodic goa madness and mostly from lesser known artists. That's great news as you always need to stock the farm system with new and promising talent. Never know when one of these guys is gonna leave the scene. *Wipes tear from eye as Lonely Man Theme plays for PharaOm* Artists like Roof Raiser (ugh, that name) who drops a constantly evolving bomb or Magic Science whose track bristles with cactus like spineage. The majority of the album is of the dark sort that goa heads will lap up, but a track by Prok is really deliciously acidic. Think Kiriyama with some Psy-H Project. The more well known guys put in some work also like PharaOm and UFOmatka. His track should end with sound of a dropping microphone. There are some dimmer areas of course, but definitely not deal breakers Sky Technology's remix felt a bit mess like a bull in a china shop and the lead by Wanderlust on Square of the Cardboard Clock (cool title) annoyed me like a paper cut. Actually after Asteroid the darkness seemed to dissipate until Jyotish closed things out with a track that attempted to reclaim some of that back. The biggest gripe I have is why the hell is the bonus track not available for those that want to purchase the CD? Doesn't make sense. Do you not want to move any product? As a label wouldn't you like to sell CDs? Please tell me if I'm missing the point. So as I've said before 2014 has been a great year for goa with some of the labels with a lesser presence delivering some storming music. This is one of those albums and I recommend you give it a listen. Beatspace Psyshop Bandcamp Digital Purchase Mdk
  2. Artist: Senzar Title: Before the Morning Sun Label: Lookinglook Records Date: April, 2011 01 - Intro (feat. Ariel Electron) (0 BPM) 02 - Deep Sea Civilization (0 BPM) 03 - Before The Morning Sun (66-132 BPM) 04 - Power Of Light (75 BPM) 05 - Mos På Træerne (75 BPM) 06 - Finsteraarhorn (Erot Remix) (85 BPM) 07 - Sun Dance (90 BPM) 08 - Path Of Dhyana (60-120 BPM) 09 - Book Of Dzyan (120 BPM) 10 - Before The Morning Sun (NASA Remix) (128 BPM) This is Denmark's own Thoke Fillip Anders Thomsen with his debut album originally released a year earlier. Ever wonder what it would be like to do maintenance on the International Space Station with 21st century CGI camera angles? That's how I would describe this. The melodies and pads are extremely soft and gentle as the beats move from drone to ambient to deep trance territory. The album is aptly named as each track promotes images of dawn across the globe. With the samples and long drifting pads there is a heavy sci-fi feel to the entire album. Futuristic without being threatening. I don't know how to even write that Danish track (I think if I tried to copy paste it I would unknowingly open the gates of hell), but it sounds like the soundtrack to the movie Gravity. Positively uplifting fitting in well with that morning cup of coffee. Ready to go to your boss and ask for that raise? Take this with you. Time to confront your husband on why it takes an hour and a half to drop off the babysitter when she lives down the street? You go girl. Working up the courage to ask little Johnny why he spends an hour in the john "combing his hair?" Now you're talkin'. If I have one gripe with this album it's that there isn't much evolution. He finds a melody or groove and rides that puppy all the way to the end. With tracks floating around the nine minute mark it can get slightly tedious. Oh and one more thing. Sometimes it was so positive and uplifting that it felt cheesy at times. That said if you can't imagine performing a spacewalk to this then maybe it's time to stop sniffing paint. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
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