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Found 10 results

  1. GENETRICK - PERCEPTION DISORDER E.P [Synergetic Records] New Psy-Progressive Trance release by GeneTrick and it's exclusive on BEATPORT! Download here: http://www.beatport.com/release/perception-disorder/1263001 Track List: 1.Perception Disorder (Original Mix) - 136 Bpm 2.Psychedelic Experiment (Original Mix) - 138 Bpm Have a great day !
  2. Artist: Ovnimoon Title: Camanchaca Label: Synergetic Records Date: March, 2006 1. Arcoirs 2. Viaje l sur 3. La India 4. Shamanic Dance on Ayahuaska 5. El arbol arauacano 6. Todos (ovnimoon vs Trancemission vs Mandulk) 7. I love you 8. High nrg (Divinidad rmx) 9. Camanchaca (Reike Pacha mama rmx) Hector's debut album is about as far as you could get from where he is now. His latest Trancemutation of the Mind is melodic and ever changing, but this effort is average at best in my opinion. It's a mixture of downtempo and minimalistic progressive that isn't very memorable. He maintains an air of mystery as well as a tribal feel, but with the exception of the last track it sounds as though he's trying to find a direction for his music. Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: True Blood Label: Synergetic Records Date: November, 2012 1. Extasy Effect - SIDEFORM VS ZYCE 2. Ancient Groove (Pop Art rmx) - LYCTUM 3. Mentality - MINDWAVE 4. Twilight (Atomic Pulse rmx) - ULTRAVOICE 5. Ocean of compassion - ELEGY 6. Forest Lights (AtomiCulture rmx) - AQUAFEEL 7. Human Touch - AVSHI 8. Alundra - LUPIN 9. Long Arrangement - ECHOTEK 10. Sicilian Vendetta - SUNSTRYK Labels like Synergetic, Prog On Syndicate, and TesseracT Studio are the new regime in progressive music. Melodic and floaty and sometimes so sickeningly sweet you need a sugar detox. Synergetic is based in Germany and this compilation was put together by...no way. You gotta be f*cking kidding me. True Blood. With a picture of a white horse. Compiled by Herr Sunstryk. Nobody at Synergetic thought this might be a tad...offensive? Why not just put a picture of Auschwitz on the cover? Ok, ok calm down Mike. Let's not jump to conclusions. No matter how hard I try I can't find the swastika anywhere on this thing so it might just be a white horse. Still a little sensitivity goes a long way. Let it go. It's just a horse. A very beautiful and powerful animal. I can't stop looking at it...so strong...I just want to...so pure... NOT THIS TIME YOU NEO NAZI HORSE F*CKERS!! I'm pretty sure that the folks at Synergetic are not neo nazi horse f*ckers and let's face it, it's the music that matters, right? So let's see what they've corralled for this progressive journey. Extacy Effect- You would be hard pressed to find a compilation Zyce wasn't on and his team-up here with Sideform is just how I described progressive trance from this label. Bouncy and drifting. Good opener. Ancient Groove (Pop Art Remix)- Pop Art's album tasted like a sh*t sandwich to me but sometimes artists do their best work on compilations. From Lyctum's Ancient Groove EP the best thing I can say is that it didn't blow chunks. Nowhere near as good as the original, but that's what happens when you remove all traces of atmosphere. Mentality- "There is no such thing as fate or destiny." Crisp kicks and echoing effects make this one enjoyable. The slow groove escorted by the chopped synths is very appealing. Twilight (Atomic Pulse Remix)- This is from the Perplex album Reunion and is part of the sugary sweet "trance" I was talking about. I think this is the full-on he does with the bpm's ticked down a notch. Ugh, it's making my head hurt. What's that smell? Ocean of Compassion- "There was another outflowing of the ocean of compassion..." Funny that this is the title of one of the tracks horse f*ckers. Where was that compassion when Hitler started deep frying jews all across Europe? Sorry, sorry...I said I would let it go. I liked the EP he had on Ektoplazm as it showed his skill at making a detailed track. He had an album that was put out on Ovnimoon recently that I haven't heard yet called Imaginarium. This one is like the opening track, more drifting in style. Not many twists or turns, just steady. Forest Lights (Atomic Culture Remix)- Protoculture + Atomic Pulse. Any guess where this is headed? First class ticket to terrible town. Human Touch- This guy's work with Osher on the Desert Trip EP was top notch and he easily earns the best track award on this compilation. It pulsates with life and is actually interesting. Alundra- I've never heard of Lupin, but this track made me take notice. Atmospheric and effect heavy the female vocal added a bit of mystery to an already fine track. Long Arrangement- Michah changes time signatures here a few times. It's a pretty good track with more of a hard edge, but it sounds like a lot of progressive stuff you have already heard. Fairly aimless. Sicilian Vendetta- Herr Sunstyk breaks out the echoing samples for the longest track on the compilation. It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where they were pitching a sitcom that was literally about nothing. What did this have to do with Sicilians and their vendetta again? This was a weak effort. Forget the cover and what may or may not be subliminally insinuated the music here was forgettable. Not much stood out and most of these tracks seemed like stuff the artists had lying around. Stuff they could give to make rent. The only thing missing was the word GOA on the cover. You can do a lot better for your progressive fix. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  4. Artist: Pop Art Title: Clean Taste Label: Synergetic Records Date: March 2013 1. Some Fucked up 2. Lets get started (vs Omiki) 3. American Vempire 4. You Freak (vs Kopel) 5. Feeling Flow 6. Move your body 7. PoQuake (vs. Q.U.A.K.E) 8. Kick and Drum 9. Hypnotic Energy (Pop Art rmx) LIQUID SOUL I should've known. I really should've. Pop Art is the psy-gressive side project of Indra, one of the leading names in watered down commercial full-on. And it seems he brought his bag of tired, uninspired tricks to the progressive genre for a full album of stuff we have tried to avoid. It's a tough task and not everyone can do this. Osher from Ananda Shake comes to mind as one of the successful ones. But this? Do you love repetitive and annoying samples? Me neither but, this guy does. Simple bass lines? Disc is full of them. Cliche sounds that make you cringe? Oh, you betcha. Open your f*cking eyes sheeple, this is why everyone makes fun of our music. There is absolutely nothing remotely psychedelic about this album so if the mods deem that it shouldn't be reviewed here, I understand. As a matter of fact it's so bad I move that we change the album cover from the above to this: But I'm not mad at him. This is what he does. It should come as no surprise. No I'm upset at Synergetic Records who were "more than proud" to present this. After releasing loads of quality progressive they somehow thought it would be a good idea to attach their name to this dumbing down of electronic music. "Welcome to my house?" Get the f*ck outta here. "There's a message in your inbox..." - actual sample The only thing I want in my inbox from you is an apology. Not for making cheesy music, but for not insisting it come with a warning label so I don't accidentally infect myself with this drivel. I know we haven't yet hit the halfway point of 2013, but this gets my vote for worst CD of the year. Clean taste? More like bad taste. Mdk
  5. Artist: Lyctum Title: Ancient Groove EP Label: Synergetic Records Date: September, 2012 1. Ancient Groove 2. Power of the Atmosphere This is the 2nd EP I've heard from Lyctum and I must say that I'm impressed. He's making his rounds with the progressive labels and continues to deliver smooth and floating music. It's pumping and the tracks have a mystical quality to them. Comparing this to the Exodus EP this has more of a "psy-gressive" attitude yet maintains his gift for melody and otherworldly breaks. Recommended. Beatport Psyshop Mdk
  6. Title: Progressive Love Label: Synergetic Records Date: 11-05-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 01. Earsugar & Double Click - Beat It 02. Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble In The Jungle (Zen mechanics Remix) 03. Protonica - Floating Point (Morning Mix) 04. Zyce - Strange Fragments 05. Midimal - Ages Of History (Human Element Remix) 06. Aquafeel - Unity Consciousness 07. Earsugar - Bonfire 08. Human Element - Being In 09. Ma'Co - Phantasy 10. Midimal - Fast & Delicious To start of, I don't think there is a single thing wrong with the title of this VA. There seems to be a lot of promising names listed on the tracklist as well, with a few tracks that I heard of already. I recognized some of them from one of the Extrasensory Perception series actually. But that's ok, I don't mind listening to them again. Beat It is not a bad track but I was hoping for something a little more special. It's not something I would remember afterwards or would like to play another 3 times. The Zen Mechanics remix for Rumble In The Jungle is one that I enjoyed. Not your typical stuff and I'm glad this turned out a little different than most tracks. I would like to say this is a bit more on the psychedelic side of things. Definitely a nice one, but I know there are a lot of better Zen Mechanics tracks/remixes out there. Protonica's Floating Point is one of my favorites tracks ever, I mean what more do you want. I have a lot of favorites actually, but this is one to close your eyes with and slowly reach a floating point. It's just perfect, almost like it gives you wings. And when you get the feeling that there isn't a thing you would change, you know it's good stuff. Protonica shows us once again that they are the masters of progressive trance. Speaking of masters, Zyce is in this VA as well. Strange Fragments is a great track, another melodic floater. I listened to this guys music so much that I probably could recognize most of it blindfolded, no joke. I would like to say all but he has that many tracks, nobody could keep up with that. Don't get me started about the other projects he is doing, this review would take hours. Ages Of History is a bit more on the minimal side, slick and steady would be the best way to describe it. Human Element did a good job on this remix, still keeping the melodic vibes from Midimal alive. Unity Consciousness is heavier but still super melodic from time to time. Very nice! Next is Earsugar with Bonfire. I like this one a lot more than there Beat It track. This one reminds me of some Human Element tracks, although they are usually a lot lighter than this but just as slick and tight. Being In is another nice one, but I have to say it took a while for me before this track fully came alive. It's just a little more empty than most of his songs but I will forgive him for that. Ma'co's Phantasy is nice and bouncy but somehow it lacked of groove and a good drive for me. I enjoyed his Intergalactic Paradise track a lot more to be honest. This one is ok, nothing special. Now they saved the best for last, Fast & Delicious is one of my favorite tracks of Midimal. Probobly my favorite actually now that I think of it. It has like a 2 min intro, but that's with all of his tracks. I don't find it annoying at all as u can clearly see he slowly grows in to the song, theres a story behind it. Midimal's name says it all (intentionally or not). It's kind of minimal progressive trance, but yet still somewhere in the middle. Such a unique style, if you take the time to listen to it I know you will love it. I remember the first time I heard this track I got goosebumps. Anyway 10 tracks later, I can't say my love for progressive has gotten any less after this release. Solid stuff, with just a few outstanding tracks. But sometimes that's all it takes. Links: http://www.beatport....ive-love/906607 http://www.plusquam-records.net
  7. Artist: Elegy Title: Akasha EP & Optics EP Label: Synergetic Records/ Veleno Music Date: February & April, 2012 Optics 1. Optics 2. Circles 3. Invisible Light - Elegy & Slyph Akasha 1. Akasha 2. Infinite Space That's right, your eyes do not decieve you. I picked up 2 Elegy EP's and decided to put them both in one review. This is Italian Daniel Mair (wait, is he Italian? Doesn't sound Italian) and I first became aware of his work via Ektoplazm (like a lot of music) with his Sleeping Giant EP. Smooth melodic progressive is his calling card and he fills it in with great effects. As I mentioned previously he walks the same path as Flegma & Nerso. Akasha Akasha- For those of you who didn't believe drugs grew on trees, I give you the album cover as exhibit A. Akasha from the Sanskrit meaning ether or air. So like, the center of a donut is akasha? You gotta put it in terms I can understand. It's rainy day stormcloud music, not angry but rather pensive. The lead is a soft, singular tone that has a reverberating quality adding to the melancholy. The break is calming with a collection of vocal samples about las drogas, but they aren't intrusive. Good track. Infinite Space- "The universe is expanding. It is a natural question to ask...what is it expanding into?" This is more in the Iono mold with large washes and effects rippling across the windshield. The samples give it a overwhelming space feel. Smooth and dark, just the way he likes it. Another good one. Optics Optics- Atmosphere is key with this one. It begins slowly and asks for your trust. As he likes to do, he crafts a dark feeling with effects keeping you in tune. The break is a calming influence with the soft voices of a choir. Now some might think it's a little empty and some might say it all fits into one sonic tapestry. Optics...it's all about how you see things. Yeah, I'm gonna need a few more of these. Circles- "The plants are talking to us...we need to listen." Awesome sample. Awesome. This tracks has a chunky scratchiness to it that is offset by the reverberating lead that echoes of into we shoulda listened. It's dark and speaks of regrettable decisions. We've all been there... The dark side doesn't mix well with whites. Look at that...I just made a statement about race relations by accident. Invisible Light- This one is rather laid back and sleek. It doesn't give you much up front, but it sets the atmosphere with a dark tone. Real secret agent type stuff. Didn't care for the change in tempo, as if felt as if he was following a playbook. He did however come out of it very smoothly switching to 4/4 with a flowing break. So top marks there. Even though it was rather sparse in places, he recovered nicely. His style is drifting, melodic progressive trance and that's what you get here. The beat churns on as leads float into space buoyed by thinking mans samples. Solid couple of releases. Akasha EP Beatport Optics EP Beatport Mdk
  8. Artist: Erotic Dream Title: Interpret Reality EP Label: Synergetic Records Date: December, 2009 1. Interpret Reality 2. Father and Son (Zyce Remix) 3. Big Red Bus 4. Use Your Imagination 5. She Wants a Wash Machine I got this because of the cover. What can I say, I liked the movie I-Robot. And maybe, just maybe...Will Smith will finally get his. This is Guilherme Felipe Da Silva Filho with a 5 track EP. Interpret Reality- This is some nice progressive with some gentle yet nimble synth touches. The melody at the end provides a nice pleasant groove. Bright and happy without being too heavy. Father and Son (Zyce Remix)- Surprise surprise, Zyce makes an appearance. This guy churns out tracks like I do reviews. It's dreamlike with a galloping bass line and effects that give it a sunshine feel. Synths shine from packed layers and like the previous track it's not overloaded. More like a gentle hug. Loved it. Big Red Bus- I rode the short bus to school as a child. Now before you make with the jokes, mines was...ah, a little different. "Who you tyin' to get crazy with ese, don't you know I'm loco?" It's a fun track with a satanic Alvin calling out the title a few times. The melody reminds me of the uber hit three drives on a vinyl that was everywhere back in the day. More softness that I will term progressive lite. Like Air Supply. Nobody's gonna get hurt and you might even find yourself getting laid. Use Your Imagination- Darkest track yet and I use that term veeeeerrrrrry loosely. More rolling synths with oscillating waves, and our good friend the galloping bass line. Does make me think of the cover and the whole I-Robot situation. Can't we all just get along? She Wants a Wash Machine- I'm sorry, she wants a what? Try getting your wife one of those for your anniversary or birthday. Watch what happens. With one of the strangest track titles this one saunters with an attitude. Mid tempo with a plucky spirit and pumping bass. Even got some breakbeat with electric piano. Groovy with a measured pace...can almost see the clothes spinning in the tub. It builds to a shiny melody and slowly fades away. God, that was a funny movie. Everyone either knew that guy or unfortunately was that guy. Like I said, progressive lite with great effects and soft melodies. Delicately placed synths and harmless like the poor schmuck stuck in the friend zone. This was easily accessible and won't bog you down. Let's say you were listening to death metal all afternoon and you feel like you're losing control, well this EP of sunshine will bring you back with it's not too complex appeal. http://www.beatport.com/release/interpret-reality/208259 Mdk
  9. Artist: Zyce Title: Nine Gates EP Label: Synergetic Records Date: November, 2011 1. Nine 2. Gates The Serbian wunderkind is back with a two track EP. Nine- Holy crap this guy seems to come out with an EP each week. It's more progressive goodness with a slow rumbling feel as percussion rattles about. Kind of on the minimal side with a low tech approach, but he drops a nice break with echoing synths that vibrate in the warm sunshine. It's nice, but I'm used to much more descriptive work from him. Gates- This has a bit more detail in it but it still strikes me as a little boring. I'm generation X, I don't have time to notice all the subtleties in music. I want it and I want it now. Once again though, he dominates a break and it feels good like a fleece blanket. But when he comes out of that break, there are little in the way of surprises. Good, but not as lush as I'm used to. This was nice, but as I mentioned it was the kind of on the low tech side. Minimal layers, but those that were there were enjoyable. He has made deeper and richer stuff so I will only recommend this if less is more is your cup of tea. http://www.beatport.com/release/nine-gates/827232 Mdk
  10. Artist: Nerso Title: Quantum EP Label: Synergetic Records Date: November, 2011 1. Intergalactic Voyage 2. Quantum This is Dragan Matić as in...a good track is automatic. He should coin that to go on his booking page. Like "A good track is automatic when you book Dragan Matic." Writes itself. Anyway, this guy makes some awesome progressive music. Deep and layered with oodles of storytelling melody. His album Exploration of Infinity was brilliant with a capital B. Here he is with two new tracks that Intergalactic Voyage- He creates some great atmosphere right from the get go as the bass line gallops deep into space. Sweeps pepper the ears and metallic textures chime with cold isolation. Love the echoing effects as the break generates a new lead from the abyss. When the 303 begins to growl I'm send adrift without a tether line. Damn if it isn't dappled with a little goa flavor. Perfect music to sway to while I eat my meatloaf and mashed potatoes. "Marge? Marge! Where's the "adult" medicine we were saving for Burning Man?" Quantum- Saddle up we gots more bass lines a gallopin' towards us! He's got the scratchy effect thing down pat as this track is loaded with it. Rolling sounds flitter by like stray bits of rock in an asteroid belt as his ahem, break pulsates with energy. The guy does it again. Or still. It's like king Midas in the motherf*cker because he just doesn't make a bad track. Deep and drifting progressive that works really well for home listening. Like with E-clip, 5 bucks is a bit steep for 2 tracks, but this guy is worth it. Rek-o-mended. http://www.beatport.com/release/quantum/823321 Mdk
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