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Found 5 results

  1. LlamaLeaf - Donkey Crack EP 01 LlamaLeaf - Donkey Crack & Barbed Wire (6:40) [125 BPM] 02 LlamaLeaf - Melodius Coqui (8:04) [128 BPM] Label: Pistolero Recordings Style: Techno / Psytech / Tech-Funk Cat #: PISTOLERO.025 Released: October 2017. Format: FLAC, EP Mastering: Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Mastering (Berlin) Artwork: Katarina @ Pistolero Rec Design “Groovy techno vibes from LlamaLeaf” www.soundcloud.com/llamaleaf
  2. VA - Protodynamics (compiled by Mayix) by Pistolero Recordings 1.Psydewise - Dry Powder 05:29 2.Jnr Hacksaw - Electrodynamics 04:31 3.Uchu - Satin Relay 06:26 4.Baboden - Dub Wash 06:47 5.Baodub - Unity (Virus_st Remix) 06:39 6.Sensitrope - Sweet Movements 08:58 7.Digital Swamp - Prototype 06:36 8.AquariOhm - Snow Crystals 07:21 9.Axawaya & Lost In Orion - Marginals 05:57 10.KontrolPhrik - The Big Bang 07:14 11.M&J - Check This 03:57 Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.015 Format: FLAC Released: February 2017. Style: Breakbeat / Psybreaks / Tech-Funk / Nuskool Breaks / Electro / Psystep / Psytech Mastering: Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Mastering (Berlin) Artwork: Digital Swamp “First full length Pistolero Rec compilation (compiled by label boss Mayix) is eclectic journey through psychedelic breakbeat sounds and similar grooves.” www.soundcloud.com/m-a-y-i-x tags: electronic breakbeat dub electro nuskool breaks pistolero recordings psybreaks psystep psytech psytrance tech-funk techno
  3. Camisole - Raptor EP 1.Camisole - Raptor (Original Mix) 2.Camisole - Raptor (Pitch Drop Remix) Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.006 Format: FLAC Released: June 2015 Style: Breakbeat / Psy-Breaks Mastering: Merv Pepler @ Eat Static studio Artwork: Katarina PISTOLERO.006 goes into classic breakbeat 135 groove with some dirty and crunchy sounds on original track by french producer Camisole but in the same time, there is also a massive robotic psybreaks banger by Pitch Drop (Australia). Bandcamp / Soundcloud
  4. Digitalis - Destiny EP 1.Digitalis - Destiny (Original Mix) 2.Digitalis - Destiny (Broken Eye Remix) 3.Digitalis - Destiny (Paraskunk Remix) 4.Digitalis - Destiny (Pitch Drop Remix) Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.005 Format: FLAC Released: March 2015 Style: Breakbeat / Psybreaks / Tech-Funk Mastering: Merv Pepler @ Eat Static studio Artwork: Katarina aka Wild Bronco Destiny EP, from psybreaks pioneer Digitalis, is Pistolero Recordings' 5th release. Digitalis aka Seb Taylor, is also very known for his other quality projects like Shakta, Kaya Project, Hibernation and many more. This is his first breaks release after more than 5 years and 17 years after his classic psybreaks album “The Third State” released on legendary japanese label Matsuri Productions now Matsuri Digital. Original version is groovy breaks discodelia followed by massive tech-funk stomper from Broken Eye (UK), night-time psybreaks remix from Paraskunk (Canada) and 145 bpm massive psybreaks banger from Pitch Drop (Australia). Tracks are mastered by Merv Pepler at Eat Static studio and cover is designed by Katarina aka Wild Bronco. Soundcloud / Bandcamp
  5. Z4thoichi is a London based producer and DJ who produces underground, rolling psychedelic beats. He has released music on Blacked Out Recordings, Sound Break Records, Divergence, KindCrime Recordings, V.I.M. Records, Music Dark Records, Ego Shot Recordings and Dirty Drop Records. Z4thoichi is the project which Javier E.R has been immersed in for the last few years. Javi started listening to 60's and 70's music when he was a child and at a young age he knew it wouldn't stop there. Being a drummer, percussionist, bass player and autodidact, he has always been interested in all types and styles of music from all over the world, imbibing his soul with everything he has listened to. In 1998 Javi started a punk-rock band called Paper Plane, where he played the drums and he started to realise he really loved creating rhythms. From then on, he has been involved in many different bands, contributing and learning. In 2004 he discovered psychedelic trance and the rave scene and he went to lots of psychedelic nights in Decades, an epic bar in his home town Seville, Spain. Those experiences encouraged him to participate in the scene and share his feelings about the music. In 2005 Javi founded a psytrance collective called Psylocibe with some friends from Seville that offered their particular vision of psytrance, throwing indoor and outdoor parties featuring the best djs of the Andalusian scene. From that point on Javi has been very active, playing at free parties and clubs in Spain such as El Tren and Quilombo and also at important festivals like Kuruputo Festival (Argentina)and SkizodelicMind Festival, Connection (Spain). In 2010 Javi started producing psychedelic tech funk/psybreaks under the name Z4thochi. A very promising career path soon emerged which was fortified by his tracks being remixed by renowned artists such as Andy Faze, Charlie Kane and Forufreezer. 2013 was a very productive (and busy) year for Z4thoichi. As well as moving to London from Seville he released 4 quality original tracks alongside 4 remixes plus a wicked Memtech remix, which went out as a free download. 2014 has been equally positive starting off with an excellent System 2 remix followed up by a storming collab with Chris Voro called Genesis. A remix for the mighty Martopeter was released shortly after along with another first class remix, this time for Blacklist. You can listen of all of these releases on his Z4thoichi soundcloud page. Javi also is working on another project called HōKō, going back to his roots. The link to his HōKō soundcloud page can be found below. With support from the likes of Far Too Loud, Too Dusty, Kwah, AP3X, Martopeter, Acidova and Motna, Z4thoichi is definitely one to watch in the ever growing psybreaks scene. Keep an eye on his pages to keep up to date with all of his upcoming releases and events! https://soundcloud.com/z4thoichi https://www.facebook.com/Z4thoichi https://soundcloud.com/h-k-22 Blacklist - Mental (Z4 remix) & Forufreezer - Trichome [VIM] System 2 - The Kora (Z4 remix) [VIM] Chris Voro & Z4thoichi - Genesis (Z4 version) [blacked Out Rec] Necroboy & Alter Form - Dark Leadership (Z4 remix) [Kindcrime Records] ??? - ??? (Z4 remix) Z4thoichi - Hypernova [VIM] Artech - Speedz (Grouch remix) Z4thoichi - Hardhead [sBR] Dubxface - Must Than Sound [Forufreezer remix] Z4thoichi - Overmaster [in Bloom Rec] Z4thoichi - Panspermia [Dirty Drops] Moontrip - Reality & Spirituality [TEK] Max Hertzz - Intuition (Z4 remix) [Ego Shot] Psyde B vs Akash - Gargoyles [Pistolero]
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