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  1. My latest mix "HypnotiQ VibrationS", Full-On Psytrance live mix from January 28, 2012 on mixlr.com/djcelteric @ 140/146 BPM... Streaming & Download link: Soundcloud Get my app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!! PLUR, DJ Celteric
  2. Freakuency records is the first progressive trance label from the trance paradise,Brazil. provided with the main national artists of progressive trance, Freakuency comes with the idea of uniting even more artists, promoters and listeners a good psychedelic progressive. Visit our links below to learn more about our releases, casting and more.. Live Act: ProtoActive Pakman Subsistence Analog Drink Abstract Sunrise Erotic Dream Echoactive Fehja Natural Notes Soulscape Djs Sets: Gajah Claudio Pessin Narayana http://www.facebook.com/FreakuencyRecords
  3. Come to listen to DJ Celteric latest, "Hypnotic Vibration" LIVE MIX Saturday, January 28 at 1:00 pm EST on mixlr.com/djcelteric/hypnotic-vibrations-live-mix Tune in from your computer, iPad or iPhone for one hour of the latest and greatest psychedelic trance tracks mixed live by DJ Celteric! Download version available shortly after... PLUR, DJ Celteric Get my app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!!
  4. Born in Australia, Aeon has been playing music for as long as he can remember. As a resident at Psycle, he progressed from DJ to producer to live artist, and released his debut album 'Orthodoxy' (Relativity Records, 2004). Amongst a sea of misplaced patch cables and sweaty hippies, he played at events such as Baraka, The Synergy Project, Psychedelic Circle, Sunrise Festival, Glade, and Distant Tremor. Aeon's emphasis on live performance, including electric violin and live synths, has shaped the sound of his new studio material which reflects a deeper change in his music. His latest release
  5. Hello Friends check out my recent production http://soundcloud.co...sive-psytrance/ Feel Free to comment and Share....
  6. We at DVSM Records are excited to have a new Swedish DJ with us - Infra - who's been spinning records since 1993. Not only will he share his sets with us, but he'll also showcase his personal work on the new DVSM compilation which is scheduled to come out next year. Check out his new set Forest Escapades, which was recorded last Saturday. http://soundcloud.co...orest-escapades Psytrance/Scandinavian psytrance Track list: Purosurpo - Suncheck & Soundset (Sanaton Records) Encephalopaticys - Error 11 (Parvati Records) Kiriyama - Congratulations (Crawl Into My Mouth) (De
  7. Psymmetrix - No More Milking It Label: Bom Shanka Music Release Date: 02.12.11 Style: Psytrance Samples: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=playCD&id=2711&Itemid=99999999 Info: Psymmetrix return with their 3rd studio album “No more milking it”, ever full of surpirises these two psychonauts have gone beyond the call of duty to provide you with a stunning new disc of outstanding work, utilising their continued experience of international events to bring 8 fully dancefloor tested psychedelic trance tracks that will cert
  8. Check out the new demo on soundcloud http://soundcloud.co...-supermind-demo Join the official fan Page http://www.facebook....Fusion.Official
  9. http://www.facebook.com/events/127180337385056/ (Event URL) Da var det på tide å lage en skikkelig fest igjen Love&Magic i samarbeid med Freetransform Records kan med glede kunne presentere en skikkelig fest med PhasePhour, DJ Bom Shankar og en rekke andre godbiter denne kvelden i februar. PhasePhour er tilbake i Norge etter å ha bodd i New York og vært på en omfattende turne rundt i USA i løpet av sommeren/høsten 2011. Det er veldig mange år siden de har gjort en live opptreden i Norge, og dermed er det virkelig på tide å gjøre en skikkelig fest på hjemmebane
  10. Namaste forest beings, after 2 years of sillence we glad to announce our 2nd compilation "Creaking Rhythms Valley". Cat.n° : TRLCD002 Artist : Various Artists Title : "Creaking Rhythms Valley" Format : digipack CD Barcode : TRLCD002 Mastering : Xenomorph Artwork : Treetrolla Crew Release date : Coming Soon! Tracklist::. 01. PAGANOPATH - INZELADUN 02. GOCH - BRAIN FORESTS 03. WHRIKK - HAXAN 04. AMORPHOUS - TREETROSPHER 05. ODR - QUETZALCOATL 06. GOCH - LOST MOMENTUM 07. GORM - AND THE ELDERS SAID.. 08. PUROSURPO - EAT A SPHERE 09. KA-SOL - PANT
  11. hi there Just droped by to let all psyheads to know...about my FIRST PROGRESSIVE PSYTRANCE PROJECT. Demo on soundcloud http://soundcloud.co...ion-choice-demo
  12. Out Now !! Painkiller & Friends. CD Format - Limited Edition... 9 Tracks full with fresh beats, pumping bases, atmospherical and restless at the same time….surprising elements and solid grooves that climbs and uplifts the dancefloor again and again. Roy Engel (a.k.a Painkiller) started his musical career at a young age studying music, playing piano and later on beating the drums experiencing rock n roll adventures. With the rise of electronic music in the 90's he got really inspired and started to develop electronic beats. Along the years Roy experienced different styles of electroni
  13. My latest mix "ElektroDelik ExisTanz", Zenonesque/Psychedelic Trance @ 142 BPM... Download links: soundcloud Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes to download. Get my app on your mobile. PLUR, DJ Celteric
  14. Paraklang – Liquid Jungle Artist: Paraklang Album: Liquid Jungle Style: Twilight-Psytrance October 01, 2011: Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage Liquid Jungle is the independently released debut of Paraklang (Volker Wiesmann), a psytrance producer from the Black Forest region of Germany. Since 1997 he has been working in the shadows, developing his skills and fine-tuning his style, which now emerges as an intelligent fusion of twilight-style full-on psytrance with elements of darkpsy and forest music. All tracks written, produced &
  15. Ianuaria - Beware Of The Fish NEW ALBUM Label: Blue Hour Sounds Style: Psytrance Release Date: 2011-11-25 Samples : http://www.arabesque...Itemid=99999999 Info: There´s a lonely bottle floating in the deep, blue sea... Are you a treasure hunter too, dreaming about the big discovery, the secrect message brought to you by the waves of destiny? Open the bottle, but ‘Beware of the fish’! Blue Hour Sounds presents Ianuaria’s long awaited second album: his personal music evolution. ‘Beware of the fish’ is a mature product, that has a clear intention: guide you deepe
  16. Digicult -Awaken The Dream (Spinal Fusion Rmx) http://soundcloud.co...x-contest-entry
  17. ------------- HIKARI & PARADIGM SHIFT present: -------------- ------------------FULL MOON RISING-------------------- December 10, 2011 Hikari production & Paradigm Shift want to welcome you to engage in this cosmic dance and tune into new changes that the full moon brings upon us. The full moon not only marks energetic vibes, but also opens the door to welcome new people into our lives. Also known as cold moon, or long nights moon among some tribes, this is the last full moon before we mark the end of 2011 and make our way into the new year ahead. There are many theories as
  18. Hi there, Just droped by to let you now that, New upcoming and unreleased tracks added at Soundcloud! http://soundcloud.com/spinal-fusion My name is Bilas Rajderkar from India and I have a Full On/ Morning psytrance project called Spinal Fusion.I need to share my music with people around the world and you can be part of this by clicking on the "Like" button of my page. Please, take a listen on my music and share with your friends.... Feedbacks Appreciated... http://www.facebook....Fusion.Official
  19. http://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-rambo-of- the-mind Twisted story. all comments welcome! Looking for a label for this one.
  20. http://soundcloud.com/spinal-fusion/spinal-fusion-freedom-preview
  21. Psytrance / Fullon set: http://soundcloud.co...e-mix-1-145-bpm Tracklist: U-Recken vs. Nitro - Eternity (Peace Maker Remix) Delirious - Reality XSI - Once Again Psilocybe Project - Once Again XSI - Black Out Peace Maker - Irony Polypheme - Te Quiro Puta (Block Device Remix) XSI - Do It Live Mad Maxx vs. Peace Maker - God of Neptunes Polypheme - D.E.V.I.L Domestic vs. Pixel - Deep & Down 145 bpm - 320 kbps (44,1 kHz) Euipment: 2 x Pioneer CDJ 200 + Behringer DJX700 Enjoy
  22. Alien Nation is New Zealand's longest running Outdoor Dance Party, and we are proud to announce our 10yr Anniversary with another Epic Doof in the impressive Top of the South Island, in New Zealand. The 2nd weekend in February 2012, brings four days and three nights of the freshest Underground Electronic Experience in the sensational Wangapeka Valley – approximately 71kms west of Nelson. Stompin’ hard from dusk, Friday 10th to Monday 13th February 2012. Celebrating the eternal beat with a solid 20K Sound Rig, Alien Nation is a unique festival that opens new dimensions of
  23. Argentinian progressive psytrance label Selknam Records proudly presents its debut album “Beyond Time & Space”. The name of the label comes from an extincted tribe called Selk’nam who used to inhabit Tierra del Fuego, in the far south of Chile and Argentina. The last pure Selk’nam died in the 20th century and as a tribute to their legacy, and the legacy of all ancient tribes, this compilation is named “Beyond Time & Space”. All tracks were carefully selected by Badajalash in order to make a complete trip through the psy progressive trance spectrum: black, white and the colour
  24. :::: JAIPUR DREAMS :::: Rajasthan is the heart of opulent India, and Jaipur is its crowning jewel. The “pink city” is renowned for its majestic palaces, intense fragrances, glittering gemstones, and the expanse of desert beyond it - - where the psychedelic freaks meet. Tonight we transport you to the pink city of Jaipur for an unforgettable & o@metaforce_lifene-time-only visit to this magical outpost where the lives of princes, fairies, temple dancers, spice merchants, diamond cutters, hippies, sadhus, musicians, ayurvedic chemists, spiritual seekers, backpackers & Bollywood stars
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