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    Trance, Psytrance, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Electro, House, Tech, Progressive, Goa Trance, Chillout, Hardcore...
  1. Artist: Amiranu Title: Painting the Sky Label: Karana Music Genre: Morning / Full On / Psytrance Rel. Date: May.2013 Size: 130 MB Tracklist: 01. Amiranu – The Rainbow God 02. Amiranu – We’re All Shards Of A Fractal 03. Amiranu feat. The Prodigal Steve – Pickled Dolphins 04. Amiranu – Painting The Sky 05. Amiranu – Watching The Trees Move 06. Amiranu – Lecherous Moon 07. Amiranu – Electric Jesus 08. Amiranu feat. The Jolly Jimbah – Bos Squirm Karana Music is proud to present Painting The Sky, the debut album by American artist Amiranu. Evocative of the rainy forests of the Pacific Northwest he calls home, his music wanders through morning, full on, forest, and chilled out sounds. Inspired by adventures he's embarked on in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California and Turkey, Amiranu's songs are at times transcendent and spiritual, at others, dark and twisted (and occasionally strange and silly), and always, his music captures the many faces of the psychedelic experience. With Amiranu as your guide, Painting The Sky will lead you on a journey through the weird and wonderful realms of the mind. And keep you dancing the whole way. http://karanamusic.co.za/ https://soundcloud.com/dawnchaser/painting-the-sky-teaser-mix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkDvaepm7_w
  2. Just as our distant ancestors once lost themselves in the world of spirits and gods to the beat of the drum, and the flicker of firelight, so to shall you, this April. Xquizet Entertainment, Mercenary Audio, & The Psykids present a night of thundering beats, and vibes that reach into your very soul, and unleash the power within each of you. Join some of the Northwest's most skilled Psytrance DJs as they weave their psychedelic magic on the dancefloor. The Performers: Psykids ~ (Psytrance) (Seattle) Amiranu ~ (Spiritual Psytrance) (Skagit) The Venture Crew // Limitless Talent https://www.facebook.com/AmiranuTheManicMystic https://soundcloud.com/dawnchaser Xquizet ~ (Freeform Freestyle) (Seattle) Xquizet Entertainment// Trapped Productions/ /Emerald Roots Entertainment// www.facebook.com/DjXquizet www.soundcloud.com/DjXquizet www.mixcloud.com/Xquizet Armchair Pirate ~ (Psytrance) (Seattle) Covert-Ops / Immersion System J-Bake ~ (Psytrance) (Olympia) https://www.facebook.com/james.b.dillard No cover Strictly 21+
  3. Kulshan Recordings is proud to present... the first Amiranu ep! Watch For Wildlife Born in the deserts of eastern Washington, and finished in the forests of the west, this twisted little pair of psychedelic tunes is a trippy blend of epic, uplifting melodies, throbbing bass, driving rhythms, and weird, unusual noises! If you've been looking for morning psytrance that's melodic, and doesn't skimp on the crazy, then grab yer copy of Watch For Wildlife, and lose yourself in the warped world of Amiranu! https://dl.dropbox.c...MP3) 7.2012.zip Best of all, it's FREE. You only pay if you WANT to. And any money you give, goes DIRECTLY and ENTIRELY to the artist! More information in the Info.txt file included with the EP!
  4. It's not a fully psy-centric event, but it DOES feature a special 2 hour massive set with THE SHAMAN, dropping twisted Full On bombs on the 2nd stage! From the creators of Winter Bassland and Mario Party Jump to it Productions Proudly Presents: PLURR Legacy ~ Tron Theme Three HUGE Rooms to accommodate almost 3,000 PEOPLE! Text "PLURR" to 208-964-4513 to win free VIP tickets! *************** Stage A: *************** CHANNEL SURFER ~ // Televisionary II Digital Innovators \\ ALLYA ~ // Digital Innovators II Twisted \\ ERIC THORNE ~ Soul Symmetry MIGHTYDISCO (The electro dj duo) ************** Stage B: ************** Dirty Panda BLUEBRAIN TYCO THE DJ DUO THE SHAMAN (aka Dawnchaser) THUMPER MAMMOTH NETRIK **************************************************** PLUS! VIP Stage/Chill room w/private outdoor balcony overlooking the Spokane Falls **************************************************** This event is ages 16+ (ID required) Tickets: ($5 & $10 tickets went fast, $15 still available!) http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/165047 http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=160804577307252
  5. Also, thanks for making this post! I've been meaning to dig up some more dark psytrance, both from the classic realm of it, and from the newer stuff, to try and assemble a nice diverse palette of sounds for livesets, and general listening... so... thanks, guys! My upcoming DJ gigs are gonna be hella badass! > On a final note, could you guys please recommend some good forest psy (whatever specific MAIN genre that falls under)? I like stuff that lurks around 143-148 bpm, with a really nice organic sound... I dunno if this exactly falls into that category, but the MOOD is right.... Keep Going by Cosma... and Pirates Tale by Ocelot... those have a funky, organic, foresty feel, imo... if anyone out there can recommend more stuff that sounds a bit like that, I'd appreciate it!
  6. Yasca - Sychotria It's a simple tune.... but is dark, and has a certain brooding atmosphere unlike anything I've ever heard. Maybe it's the forest sounds and hawks screeching... Also: spooky, mystical flute melodies... very low, and very spiritual. THIS is the music of a shaman communing with the spirits... Ayahuasca, anyone?
  7. Kinetic - Hydraglyph... for the high energy, driving, thick bass! Sex Style - Astrix... for the funky grooving bassline! Low Down And Dirty - Broken Toy... because this bassline is just fucking SEXY, that's why >
  8. Kronos EP - RedBits RedBits are a couple buddies of mine from Stockholm, and they LITERALLY set out to make psy-house. So this has the funky vibes and tempos of house... with trippier sounds, and weird noises. In a lot of ways, it's even more psychedelic than most NORMAL psytrance. Then again, my brain seems to be permanently stuck in Hallucination Mode, no matter what... so psy sounds pretty normal (and awesome) in general. Anyway, go check it out. It's cool stuff.
  9. Here's my first mix upped here! Blend of Full On, Dark, and South African psytrance, with mystical flavour, and spiritual vibes! Enjoy! Feedback is also welcome Btw, I apologise in advance for the weird glitches in the audio that crop up occasionally in the mix. I have to use vintage recording equipment to connect my mixer to my PC, and the receiver/ amp is over 30 years old, so it's a little weird sometimes. :/ http://soundcloud.com/dawnchaser/the-shamans-dream-set The Shaman's Dream 1. Monster (Remix) - Infected Mushroom & Astrix 2. Keep Going - Cosma 3. Evox - Astrix & DJ Dimitri 4. Dominatrix (Cosma Remix) - Psysex 5. Hashish - 1200 Mics 6. Unknown - Talamasca feat. Life Extension 7. Kinetic - Hydraglyph 8. Twilight - Pharmacore & Becoming.Intense 9. Naplement - Para Halu On The Path 10. Entering The Dawn - Concept
  10. Just finished uploading a new mix, got more on the way!

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