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  1. Moon Koradji Records proudly presents MKCD009 The state of Intropix is an astral projection of mind, soul and body to the world of fancy flora and fauna, memorable experience, flow of new emotions, underworld adventure alone with your imaginations. The recipe of this trip will enhance your capacity for neurodiving. There are 9 special ingredients for more natural and deep effect, the preparation of which took more than one year. Welcome to the new dimension. VA INTROPIX 01. KA-SOL - VitaminK 02. TIME FOR SLIME - Huvudverk 03. TROGLODYTES - Potion Lotion 04. TRASKEL - Pop My Partaj 05. NOLM - Is Over 06. ATTOYA - No More Excuses 07. KANKA - Split Personalitie 08. KIRIYAMA - Ionic Flux 09. BATTLE OF THE FUTURE BUDDHAS - Endorphin compiled by Omsun artwork by MadeInRealtime mastered by Overdream More info: http://www.moonkoradji.com
  2. Out now! Order available here: http://www.beatspace.com/7514/Moon+K...ay/detail.aspx http://www.arabesquedistribution.com...temid=99999999 Enjoy
  3. Moon Koradji Records proudly presents MKCD008 OCELOT - Night & Day Thank you and congratulations. You are one of a few people who have chosen this CD. May it bring you pleasure. This work was some years in the making and as such it spans a range of sounds. "Thank You" to: You, the listener, Taras Habrel and Victor TrueShiva who gave life and magic to the artwork of the CD, Moon Koradji and life for it's constant evolution. Innovate, invent, morph, go beyond and grow. Peace. OCELOT - Night & Day 01. Hello, my name is… 02. One Year Later 03. Oxymoron 04. Pitcher 05. Thirteen 06. Crunch Time 07. Holographic Projection 08. August 09. Wiggle Waggle 10. The First Day 11. The Second Afternoon Writen & Produced by Aaron Peacock Mastering by Clement @ www.storm-mastering.com Cover design by Taras Habrel & Victor TrueShiva Release date: coming soon DEMOS www.moonkoradji.com
  4. Out now! Special summer price 9.95$ till the end of August! http://www.moonkoradji.com/mkcd007.html enjoy!
  5. Moon Koradji Records proudly presents MKCD007 - long awaited compilation VA "INFINITY KEEPERS 2: Depth Perception" The unique mix of sonic messages from the major creators will let you plunge into a deep journey of the body and soul, descending deeper and deeper into the cosmic abyss in search of new sensations. Infinity Keepers will prompt you the direction and help you to reach a suitable depth of flight for the contact... 01. VECTOR SELECTOR - Plunkspice 02. LAB - Forgotten Capital (rmx) 03. GHREG ON EARTH - Dazed And Infuzed 04. TAIGAN SUNSET - Barbro (SILENT HORROR rmx) 05. BAPHOMET ENGINE - Digesting The Universe 06. MIND DISTORTION SYSTEM - Ariale 07. WHRIKK - Idrelblorsk Gulgakult 08. ENICHKIN - Burst Into Fire 09. OCELOT - The Bowl Has A Howl 10. DYLALIEN - Super Lemon Haze Compiled by Omsun Cover design by Already Maged Mastered by Xenomorph Release date: July 4, 2012 http://www.moonkorad...om/mkcd007.html
  6. CD out now! SaikoSounds http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8887 Arabesque http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=singleCd&id=2726&Itemid=99999999 Buy CD and find stickers inside
  7. Album review by Colourofmoney91 (taken from http://www.progarchives.com/) Improving on the sound of their debut album with clearer melodies and a dub influence. Emergence keeps many of the elements intact from Ascoil Sun's debut album -- the thick psychedelic rock atmosphere, shiny synth effects, song-oriented composition structure, bass grooves of the gods -- but everything sounds more professional. The recording itself has less open space, being now more densely packed and unrelentingly psychedelic. The melodies, carried by either the guitar or synth, are better and more easily recognizable to the point where the music is actually accessible in a way that I've only heard Shpongle pull off so far. The most recognizable alteration to Ascoil Sun's sound is the strong Jamaican dub influence (not dubstep; dub, like Scientist). The dubbiest track on this album, and one of my favorites, is "Mermaid's Hypothesis" which is entirely based around the dub-style bass groove laced with staccato guitar that is bound to get your head bobbing, all the while Ozric Tentacles style psychedelic fill the empty spaces with smokey synth melodies. Something Emergence has that Pinnacle of Coil does not is memorable tunes. Each track on this album is very individual in its own way, but similar enough to the others that they don't compile into an inconsistent collection. "Ocean That You Hold In Your Hands" is another chill dub track with a stronger oceanic atmosphere and soulful wordless female vocals that add a much needed emotional quality. "Entaglementary" starts with summery acoustic guitar strumming and percussion that sounds like one of the better Acoustic Alchemy songs until a striking string section leads into another thick bass groove and druggy electronics with intermittent saxophone wonks. "Feel the Flow" is exceptionally darker than the rest of the songs and the dub style used is of the 21st century variety that Skream often uses, but is just as slow and infectiously groove as all the tracks before it. This entire album is such an extreme increase in quality compared to Pinnacle of Coil that it's kind of hard to even compare them at all. What Ascoil Sun have managed to do on Emergence is create a very modern sounding dub-influenced album that is also sufficiently psychedelic and progressive while also being very unique.
  8. Album is available for digital download now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, 7digital, Junodownload and many more online shops...
  9. Album is out now! CD available at most psy web shops. http://www.moonkoradji.com/mkcd006.html enjoy d(o_o)b
  10. Moon Koradji Records presents MKCD005 Formed back in 2008 by Matti Mikkola and Pasi Salo, Ascoil Sun presents their debut album "Emergence". Despite the young age of the project, two minds behind it have been interacting musically for a long time, and after releasing their debut EP, Ascoil Sun have occupied Lunar studios to sculpture their sound - resulting in a truly unique blend of vibes, that only Ascoil Sun delivers. Aiming towards feelings of spontaniousness and progressive vibes, with eteric slide-guitar melodies echoing colourful psychedelia of 60-70`s, synth-solos taking you into the journey to the future. Emergence is carefully crafted to a true experience which takes you from the surface to the ocean floor, building its pressure in emotion, complexity and mood towards its ending, where it all implodes to surreal beauty. Representing a wide-range of musical styles Emergence bombards the listener with constant aural surprises in form of a unique mixture of sounds and melodies, yet keeping the ethereal psychedelia and vivid story telling in the front - a blend between future and past is definitely one way of describing the LP. Although this album is ment to be a story with beginning, middle and end - each track serve as a individual trip to planes of sound. Let yourself dive in your thoughts, let your mind emerge and blossom. ASCOIL SUN - Emergence 01. Sun Therapy 02. Foxy Tuning 03. Mermaid`s Hypothesis 04. Ocean That You Hold On Your Hands 05. Entanglementary 06. Chant Of The Machines 07. Delay The Time 08. Magnitude In Front 09. Feel the Overflow 10. Settlers By The Sun All tracks written & produced by Matti Mikkola & Pasi Salo Cover design by Nystrom & Omsun Mastered by Overdream Release date: January 11, 2012 DEMOS Ascoil Sun started 2008 in Suvela, Espoo, Finland. The music is a mixture of progressive and psychedelic influences binded together with electronic systems. Behind the project are LV & Caja. Ascoil suns music is a journey, every track is ment to be invidual "trip" with constantly changing, strong emotional spheres. www.moonkoradji.com
  11. Moon Koradji Records presents MKCD006 EXPEDITION IN SPACE OF SOUND WITH NO STONE LEFT UNTURNED AND NO CORNER LEFT UNEXPLORED After all these years, after many live performances and most importantly after a lot of time spent in studio, Kirna's debut album is finally seeing the light of day. Each track on this album has been carefully crafted and attentively tweaked for a period of 4 years. Every little nuance has been considered, and all musical passages have been taken into account. This album functions as a gateway to a galaxy far far away. Intended to be listened as a full trip, it connects each musical piece in a way of a planetary system. Still, each track is independent, with its own mindset for exploring sonic grounds and surroundings. Acoustic horizon of this record covers wide range of surreal and ordinary soundscapes, designed to tingle and tangle every layer of your mind. Playful progressions within beautiful compositions assure that melodic receptor of your auditory sense will be stimulated emotionally and challenged musically. Let this music guide your way In Space! KIRNA - In Space! 1. Caveman Boogie 2. Meteorite Shower 3. Cosa Nostra 4. Mecha Oil Poisoning 5. Pilot Course 6. Kauklahti Nightlife 7. Badunkadunk 8. Trali Vali 9. NWO 10. Cosmic Bostik 11. Bottoms Up 12. In Space! 13. Shpace Out 14. Slippery Slope All tracks written & produced by Kir Ylle Saxophone, guitar & flute on tracks 3 & 10 by Esa Urnberg Cover design by Kirna Mastered by Monno Release date: April 18, 2012 DEMOS Kirna is an electronic music solo project of Kir Ylle from Finland. Even as a teen Kir was always into composing his own music but initially had to borrow PC time from his pals to satisfy his urges. Finally, in the year 2001 he got his first long awaited computer. This allowed him to make tunes whenever he wanted and to spend as much time doing it as was needed. Many days and nights went in a haze of creating various weird and twisted compositions deriving inspiration from legendary electronic music veterans and pioneers like Aphex Twin. Soon he was introduced to the infamous Finnish electronic dance music, which in spite of its experimental approach had a very beautiful melodic edge. He was struck by the fact, that dance music as well can indeed be very interesting . Of course, since then, this music was the main inspiration for Kirna. www.moonkoradji.com
  12. Moon Koradji Records proudly present the new conceptual audio CD “Legendarium” – a collection of musical journeys from different worlds and epochs, ten spellbinding stories permeated with intriguing sounds and mythical beings, mysterious melodies and enigmatic secrets. The compilation includes unreleased tracks from well-known artists as well as rising stars on the world trance scene from countries such as Finland, Netherlands, Taiwan, Ukraine, Denmark, England, Sweden and Israel. Find your legend and become its hero! V/A _ LEGENDARIUM 01. CAPTAIN KIRK - Pakkasnapa 02. WHRIKK - Misty Vacation 03. KERLIVIN - Psylloween 04. ALREADY MAGED - King Of The Winged Monkeys 05. DRONE BIXIE - Viol 06. TERSIUS - Thundrafi 07. TROGLODYTES & TAIGAN SUNSET - Wide eyed child 08. ATTOYA & OIL - Droidbox 09. TAIGAN SUNSET & TROGLODYTES - Skruvapadenfan 10. MOLOKOW - The Lay Of The Last Compiled by Omsun Artwork by Azur Mastered by Xenomorph Release date: coming soon Demos @ http://www.moonkoradji.com
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