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Found 196 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Christiania Selection Vol. 2 Label: Iono Music Date: November, 2012 1. Twisted Mind TIME IN MOTION, FLEXUS 2. Limitless OPPOSITE8 3. Lord of the swing AUDIOMATIC, CORONA 4. Progressive Love OSHER 5. Put your sunglasses on STATIC MOVEMENT 6. Smash Up ALION 7. All your needs SUNTREE 8. Individual pattern of life IMPACT AND SIMPLY WAVE 9. Maelkevejen MOTION DRIVE "I assumed for awhile that he wasn't satisfying all your needs. That's gonna change I promise you." Sounds like someone is in for a helluva night! But on to a more serious topic. Nobody lives forever. All we can hope for as a species is that we leave something behind, a legacy that somehow made the world a better place. And if not better, maybe...more ridiculous. Yesterday we lost a soul whose contribution to quality music was always in doubt. But his impact on popular culture can never be questioned. So I ask you to take a moment and maybe pour out a little liquor (not the good stuff) and remember. If not for this pioneer we would never have thought to wear our clothes backwards. Suburban children always looking for the next thing to confuse their parents filled the streets with joy. But as quickly as it came, it was gone. Yet another fad slain by the hand of middle class white kids on their way to soccer practice. So just like G-G-G-Unit and ending any word with "izzle" this fad takes it's rightful place in the pop culture graveyard never to be resurrected. Warm it up Chris, I'm about to. Cause that's what I was born to do. Indeed. So anyway, Iono Music the leader in progressive trance is back with the second installment of the inmates running the asylum. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about here is a little information on the inspiration for this series. I love this label as they provide the progressive trance I enjoy with big melodies and effects that saturate the brain. Compiled once again by Flexus (Stefan Goransson) you'll see names you know and those that are less familiar. First thing you might notice is that the cover is damn near identical to the first one. Guess what, the music is too. Wide open progressive trance with expansive breaks that allow you to soak the atmosphere in. Melodies dominate as they float from one measure to another. That's not to say there isn't some filler such as Alion's Smash Up which is a whole pillowcase full of Zzzz.... Put on Your Sunglasses sounds like it rolled around in cream cheese with a sample that is cringe worthy. Better than the first one? Nah I don't think so, but there are a few good tracks to be found here. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  2. Artist: Lyctum Title: Cassiopeia EP Label: Headroom Productions Date: December, 2011 1. Cassiopeia 2. Celebration 3. Digital Culture I'm gonna have to buy this guys album. This is the 3rd EP I've heard from Dejan Jovanovic and like all the others he displays a talent for progressive trance. Well, I suppose it depends on the type of progressive you like, but for me his music is spacious and rippled with depth. As I've mentioned before there is a mystical quality to his productions as if he's having dinner with a deity and instead of writing down what this deity says, he puts it to music. Melodies are grand (as if he were the AP of progressive trance) and the breaks are lush. If there was one drawback maybe it could be that he seems to be married to the galloping bass line, but when the other ingredients are this good that's a minor quip. Recommended. Beatport Mdk
  3. Artist: Lyctum Title: Ancient Groove EP Label: Synergetic Records Date: September, 2012 1. Ancient Groove 2. Power of the Atmosphere This is the 2nd EP I've heard from Lyctum and I must say that I'm impressed. He's making his rounds with the progressive labels and continues to deliver smooth and floating music. It's pumping and the tracks have a mystical quality to them. Comparing this to the Exodus EP this has more of a "psy-gressive" attitude yet maintains his gift for melody and otherworldly breaks. Recommended. Beatport Psyshop Mdk
  4. Artist: Lyctum Title: Exodus EP Label: TesseracTStudios Date: September, 2012 1. Crossover Mind 2. Exodus 3. Consciousness (Zyce Remix) 4. Nightfall Session (Lyctum Remix) - Odd Sequence Yet another Balkan individual stepping up to the plate and dominating the progressive trance genre. Ho hum. Don't you guys have anything else to do over there? Not that I'm complaining. This is Dejan Jovanovic and just like Flegma, Nerso, and E-Clip this guy brings steady beats, floating melodies and epic breaks. Two original tracks (of which Exodus was almost heavenly) a remix, and then from the guy who seems to be everywhere a remix by Zyce. The tracks are full to bursting with effects and melodies that one doesn't even mind the galloping bass line. Impressive and worth your progressive dollar. Psyshop Beatport Mdk
  5. Artist: Vertex Title: Dream Architect Label: TesseracT Studio Date: March, 2013 1. Dream Architect 2. Astral Travel Man it seems the whole world has gone progressive. TesseracT has garnered quite a name for itself in the progressive genre with quality releases such as Questions by the Riddle r , compilations like Subfuse and the Future Nature series and n ot to mention the dreamy debut of Vertex Ocean. This duo (Nikola Kozić, Slobodan Gaćeša) have put out the melodic jams that helps make progressive trance popular. The first track doesn't really show their talent as it's quite minimal. It still has some dreamy pads fading in, but it's a far cry from what they did on their album. Astral Travel is better with a fuller sound picture but still seems like they went in a different direction. So it's decent progressive trance. Nah it's good. But I would still have to call it a disappointment. They've done way better than this...they even mailed in the cover. Does that look like the stuff of dreams? Does that make anyone want to buy it? So that means one of two things: One, they're riding on their name and expect you to blindly buy it or two they just don't give a f*ck. And for their final nut punch, they're asking $2.50 for each track. Either way...Iono is cracking a little smile. Beatport Mdk
  6. Artist: E-Clip Title: Sacred Science Label: Echoes Records Date: February, 2013 1. Sacred Science 2. Mr. Fix (E-clip Remix) - Vertical Mode Marko Radovanovic is responsible for one of the greatest progressive trance albums all time for me with the release of Shuma back in 2011. He makes tracks that have it all...layers of melody, rhythm, and epic atmosphere. His storytelling ways continue with this short 2 track EP. Still thick with atmosphere as effects echo into the darkness Sacred Science leans a little toward the psy-gressive category. Multiple brief breaks allow the tension to hang in the air and he lets gentle synths just float before you. I didn't care for the speed increase in the Mr. Fix remix, but it was brief so a minor concern. Good progressive trance, but not his best mind you. I could've done with more melody. Beatport Mdk
  7. Artist: Malfunktion Title: Side Effects EP Label: Uroboros Records Date: March, 2013 01 - Strange Phenomenon (130 BPM) 02 - Mind Expansion (130 BPM) 03 - Insight Or Insanity (130 BPM) "Wait a minute, ladies and gentlemen I think something is happening!" Josh Steane from Australia invites you to enjoy some deep progressive textures. Strange Phenomenon isn't overly complex, but with great effects, echoing samples and a bumping bass line saunter it really puts you into the track. Even has a Dee-Lite whistle. De-Lovely! Mind Expansion is full of old school samples warning you young kids about the dangers of marijuana. Again not deep, but entrancing. Insight or Insanity is along the same lines as the other tracks yet it is less interesting to my ears. If you're in the mood for some trippy dark progressive this ain't bad. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  8. Artist: Various Title: Amarasya Vol. 2 Label: Blue Tunes Recordings Date: February, 2006 1. Run away ODISEO VS JAKA 2. Tane (XV Killist Rmx) ANTIX VS BITMONX 3. Laughing guys with titts HUMAN TRAFFIC 4. Confused LIQUID SOUL 5. Rebirth ACE VENTURA 6. Born in a new world (Symphonix rmx) LIQUID SOUL 7. Electro express FABIO AND DAY-DIN 8. Default TRUE LIES "Listen to me...what are we talking about really? We're talking about a journey...a subconscious safari." Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeee!!!!! You guessed it! In the quest to go through music I haven't listened to in awhile, we have the next installment of Montagu Vs. Golkonda in the Amarasya series. And immediately I attempted to run away from the first track. Boring with a house feel. Spirits dashed I'm then dragged kicking and screaming into an 11 minute XV Kilist remix. Hold up...this is gonna take a little medication. Nope...need more drugs. Oy. The same loop over and over and I wasn't even halfway through. Laughing Guys With Tits is a great title but all I remember is the sample of Vincent Price laughing. Yep, the same one in Michael Jackson's Thriller. Jeez, what a snoozefest so far. The Liquid Soul track was a little better. Subtle with good effects, yet still managed to be boring. Ace Ventura wields a pretty cool sample and aside from a few boring bits it was by far the best yet. Good usage of effects I must say. Symphonix (which includes Mr. Golkonda) slows things down with a track that makes me feel I'm in a far away dream. It's atmospheric with a less is more take on progressive. Effective. With Electro Express you can actually sing YMCA to its rhythm. It totally works. Electro hits give it a percussive funkiness that has some appeal. "Young man...there's no need to feel down..." It got better as it went along, but it felt like work. Like I had to work to get into it and really like it. There is too much good music out there where that isn't necessary. And never forget...I'm pretty lazy. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  9. Once in a while I like to ask for advice to people in then known of the progressive trance world. So far I listened to a lot of progressive trance 2010-2011 and I didn't listen to anything released in 2012.. So what do you think, what did I miss that was released last year? I like stuff sounding like Nerso, E-Clip, Ace Ventura, Sideform, Zyce, Ovnimoon, Middle Mode, Xshade, Jaia, Vibrasphere... so very melodic and well produced.
  10. Artist: Audiomatic Title: Weekend Society Label: Spintwist Records Date: March, 2011 1. Asprovalta Calling 2. Windows of our soul 3. Give them free (Audiomatic rmx) - NEELIX 4. Deep and pumping sound 5. Exchange - AUDIOMATIC AND VAISHIYAS 6. Flipping Switches 7. The city in the city - AUDIOMATIC AND PHAXE 8. Twin Peak (Audiomatic rmx) - DAY.DIN AND ALFREDO GARCIA 9. Synthesized 10. Q-Factor I've seen some dumb sh*t in my time. Wow, that's pretty stupid. Thought you were gonna win a million instead of going home with a year's supply of Kraft Mac and Cheese. There's tax on that you know. "Dreams...are windows of our soul. Every human being dreams. If you think you're not dreaming, you just forgot your dreams." Say hello to the dumbest sample I've ever heard. This was in the second track and with it's modulated sound during a break which I assume was meant to be poignant and deep, came off as some moldy cheese. Oy, give me a break. The real shame is that the track itself was pretty awesome until that verbal diarrhea splattered my ear canal. The third album from Benjamin Halfmann has some pretty good moments in it. Smooth progressive textures are easily found and a lot of the melodies are quite dreamy. The Twin Peak Remix is a fine example. Good floaty music. Unfortunately it seems to be relegated to a bench player only coming on in extra time when the game is well in hand. There are stretches where it could've used some more sounds to thicken things up a bit. I've heard all this before and there ain't nothing new under the hood. This could just be the "Spintwist" style, but compared to a lot of other progressive out there this gets boring rather quickly. Bright spot? The final track Q-Factor is a liquid space downtempo effort with some real world instruments that sounds very nice. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  11. Artist: Frogacult Title: Sky Rocketeers Label: Spiral Trax Date: January, 2012 1. Found but lost 2. Waiting so long 3. Night Breeder 4. Mebo Circuit 5. Con Filtro 6. Sun Zoom Spark 7. Pre Phase rmx 8. Brickwall Limit "You think you can get me to cooperate?" Frogacult is a Danish tandem that only had one album prior to this one way back in 2004 called Something For Sundays. Not being familiar with their work means I have no preconceived notions of what's gonna happen here. Discogs says it's psy with progressive, but that is a ton of ground to cover. So what's it like? Believe it or not the above description is accurate as this is a blend of psytrance and progressive with ominous and well placed samples. Now wide open progressive like you would find with Iono Music, but don't mistake it as dull and repetitive. Far from it, there are eerie atmospheres and alien sounds to go along with some nice beats. Night Breeder makes me think of a deserted space station in need of exploration. Not by me though, those sounds are too f*cking creepy. Con Filtro with its bubbly slap bass was funky and discordant enough to be different. Even Sun Zoom Spark with its oft repeated sample had an isolating vibe going for it. My favorite though was was the pre phase remix that just bled I don't wanna be next to the guy about to get eaten by an alien tension. Such depth is tasty! Womp, womp, womp...shake that thing. Before he gets eaten. And that's what you get. A very space themed album that was a complete surprise to me. Good sounds that put you in the cold blackness making the hair on the back of your neck stand up. There are some minimal leanings and areas where they try and milk it for a bit to long methinks. They also seem to be quite competent at layering sounds without a loss in quality so everything sounds very clear. It's nice. Not something I would listen to regularly though, but nice. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  12. Artist: Aes Dana Title: Pollen Label: Ultimae Date: December, 2012 1. Jetlag Corporation 2. Borderline 3. Conditioned (Album Edit) 4. Tree.Some 5. A carmine day 6. 101 Clouds 7. Riven 8. The meeting point 9. Horizontal Rain 10. Low tide explorations "I am, for the first time...optimistic." Some people just know how to get it right. Consistently. Vincent Villuis is the mind behind this project and he has left a string of superb albums in his wake. Dude's like King Midas. Founding member of Asura, part of H.U.V.A. Network...the guy just pumps out quality. I wonder when he pees in the toilet if you hear the sound of gold ingots sprinkling the bowl. I think he runs his software through a solid gold laptop. I've seen it. His latest effort deals with pollen, a decidedly springtime endeavor, but right now it's freezing outside with snow on the ground. And that works perfectly. He starts with Jetlag Corporation which drops the dub bass as it slogs through quicksand. Perfect for a walk in the snow. Borderline is a cold, dark track with dubby bass and industrial sounds that weeps with regret. The fact that he can maintain that when the kick comes in is remarkable. Conditioned is a thumping progressive house track that is like watching traffic go by in a perpetual drizzle. Gloomy with pulsing electronica the ending pads gleam like foreign ice fields. I told you it was cold. You would think you couldn't be disappointed with a Tree Some, but here we are. It's another moody progressive trance track that felt kind of empty to me. So yes I wasn't thrilled with this Tree Some. But at least I ain't that guy. It's like Shallow Hal but with grandmothers. Where the hell was the wingman on this one? A Carmine Day has frequent knocking percussion and a hard kick and if there was any filler it would be this track. But because the whole is greater than the individual parts it kinda works. He gets back on track with the wide open 101 Clouds. They float slowly by taking their time, forming and reforming countless shapes, speaking just to me. "God what does this mean? So...am I gay now? Or are you telling me to stop playing with myself?" Riven has a bass that reverberates through your chest as the world slowly loses itself. Long pads stretch across an unforgiving sky as I watch the snow continue to fall, wrapped tightly in my heavy jacket. The Meeting Point bubbles and slowly makes it's sad melody known. It's not the deepest track, but it serves as a guide to some Horizontal Rain. And n*gga if you see horizontal rain you're standing in a hurricane. But this doesn't have the force of a hurricane...more of a soft drizzle. It's the type of rain that will force you to look back on a maybe questionable decision. The glitchy melody fits like a glove with the freezing pads. Oh look...it's snowing again. The final track Low Tide Explorations is a long story that moves through ambient textures and dubby breakbeats. Like a lot of fans I was prepared to give this the rubber stamp of approval. I mean, it's Aes Dana. But after several listens I didn't think it was as good as Leylines or Perimeters. So I went for a walk in the snow at dusk. And I began to smile. This is a wonderful album with perpetually overcast skies. There is a foot of snow on the ground with no end in sight. The music is cold and dark with sounds that wouldn't be out of place on a Depeche Mode or NIN album. He traverses boundaries frequently, often within the same track, but never loses his melancholic flow. Glacial pads hover above glitchy electronica as a kick thunders below. So do you have to go out into the elements to enjoy this? Nah, but it certainly helped me. It's a glorious journey of mournful tones that is best appreciated listening all the way through. Congratulations you magnificent bastard, you've done it again. Mood altered. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  13. Artist: Mindwave Title: Enlightenment EP Label: Iono Music Date: October, 2012 1. Enlightenment 2. Surreal 3. Somnium The geniuses at Iono very rarely stumble so it was with pleasure that I picked this up. Mindwave is Israeli Anton Maiko who has released 3 albums. Haven't heard a one, but that's going to change. Enlightenment is a smooth progressive rumbler with an ethereal vocal touch and long, distant melodies. Surreal doesn't present anything flashy, just a quality dream experience that is very relaxing. Somnium borrows that same vocal from the opening track and adds a nice break producing more mellow vibes. While not as melodic and deep as some of their releases, this one shouldn't disappoint progressive heads looking for a little downtime without dropping the bpm's below 130. Give it a try. Beatport Mdk
  14. Happy 2013 everyone! coming soon from No Qualms Records ... One Tasty Morsel - Vintage Variables below is a link for a sample mix of the 12 track album. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/noqualms-records/one-tasty-morsel-vintage http://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/ http://www.noqualmsrecords.com After a Hectic end to the year of 2012, our commitment with the eclipse has made our priorities for the progression of releases a little on the backstep, but we are proud to announce that 2013 is the start of an avalanche of releases & events. With all of the artists in our family, creating such an array of quality tunes, please keep your ears peeled. Our first release is from one our original bro's "One Tasty Morsel". Bringing you some of the vintage material, which is a major part in the creation of the "No Qualms" concept. Peace, Love and Light, from the whole no qualms crew. BOM!!!
  15. Artist: Yotopia Title: Master Key Label: Plusquam Records Date: 28-09-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Yotopia - Master Key 2. Yotopia - Master Key (Time In Motion Remix) 3. Yotopia - Master Key (Rocky Remix) Lately I'm enjoying a lot of Yotopia tracks. There album Connect The Dots was a good piece of work and so are a lot of other tracks spread out on different compilations. Now it's time for Master Key. The original starts of like a lot of there tracks. They make you feel the beat until you have a good grip on it. Once that job has been completed, they use there skill to make everything more playful and bouncy. Still they are not forgetting to take you on a little trance-trip, great stuff. I must say, I was expecting them to go all the way after that wide open break near the end. Other than that I can't complain. Time In Motion delivered a lot of master tracks themselves over the last years. This remix is another good one. It's already smashing from the start and you can feel this track taking more and more shape as is goes along. Well done. The Rocky remix isn't my favorite. Somehow it lacks of groove to me. Halfway the song he picks the groove back up, but shortly after that I can't help but think this remix isn't really going anywhere. I don't know, it's like theres not much of a story to tell. I have heard some good stuff from Rocky, but this isn't his best work. Overall this is a nice remix EP. Even though I heard better tracks from all artist involved, I can't say I didn't drift of listening to the first 2 tracks. Not spectacular, but with so much good other work I can definitely live with that. Links: http://www.beatport....ster-key/972613 http://www.psyshop.c.../plu1dw291.html
  16. Artist: Xshade & Loopstep Title: Double Reaction EP Label: Iono Music Date: 22-06-2010 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Double Reaction 2. Light In Motion 3. Inside The Madness Here's a great EP I discovered recently. After hearing Xshade's and Loopstep's 'From Another Planet', it wasn't long before I looked up more stuff from these producers. I ended up getting this EP and I can't say I'm disappointed. All the tracks have more of a darker feel to it. Still very slick with one touch effects with focus on the atmosphere. I must say Double Reaction really awakened near the end. It was almost like the melodies were hiding out a little, to give me a nice surprise for being lost in the track as long as I was. There guys have got everything in there hands by making these tracks as tight and compact as they did. When they think the time is right they make you speed up, slow down. Whatever suits the moment and whatever can surprise you. Light In Motion and Inside The Madness are no different. They use a bit of a deeper approach to make everything unfold near the end. You have to take your time when listening to this kind of stuff, nothing cheap and commercial to be found here. Great job! Links: http://www.beatport....ction-ep/254999
  17. RUSH HOUR is back!!!!! After releasing with us on Midijum Records the past month – they already have a new EP called “Steam Punks” holding again 4 powerful progressive trance tracks inside full of bliss and joy. Don't miss to grab your digital copy! TRACK LIST 1. Rush Hour - Steam Punks 2. Rush Hour - Listen 3. Rush Hour - Just In Time 4. Rush Hour - Brighter Days Soundcloud Previews http://soundcloud.com/rushhourmusic Credits. All music written and produced by: Ricardo Aguirre & Edgar Vazquez Mastering by: Plusquam Records Buy Here: http://www.beatport....m-punks/1007349 http://www.psyshop.c.../med1dw142.html
  18. Artist: Reverse Title: Reverse EP Label: Iono Music Date: 01-05-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Klopfgeister - Good Bye Goa (Reverse Remix) 2. Progenitor - Soundreflex (Reverse Remix) 3. Reverse - End Of Line (Time In Motion Remix) 4. Reverse - End Of Line (Loopstep Remix) I stumbled upon this EP after hearing some good remixes from Reverse. Seeing some familiar names on the tracklist, I was extra curious to see what these tracks would bring. The first one is a great opener. I like the original Good Bye Goa from Klopfsgeister as well but this remix seems more powerful and full to me. Good piece of work. Next is Reverse's take on Soundreflex. He made the original as well, since he's half of the Progenitor project. It's a solid and dreamy track at the same time, especially almost at the end of the track where he let's you drift of one last time. I think this would work at home, just as well as playing it on the dance floor. I have to say halfway the song I was lost in the music. Before I knew the song ended. So you can say it did the job. The last 2 tracks are remixes coming from Time In Motion and Loopstep, for the End Of Line track. I enjoyed a lot of there albums and EP's so I expected some good music and I have to say they gave me exactly what I was looking for. Time In Motion is first, carrying on with the hypnotic vibes that I was getting from the first two tracks. It's as steady as can be and everything seems perfectly balanced out. Loopstep's version is slightly more slick and tight if you will. Both remixes took me on a very relaxing ride. Two different takes, but both of them have a great drive. I couldn't choose a favorite. If you like most of the other Iono sounds, I have a feeling you will be just in your element with this EP. It's the kind of progressive you can't go wrong with, hypnotic and more on the deeper side of things. Great stuff! Links: http://www.beatport....erse-e-p/899974
  19. Hi everyone! Based in Hamburg, Germany for almost 8 years we had a Progressive Trance Project called "Phyler". Maybe even some of you have heard of us, although we didn't release a lot of tracks. However, some time ago we quit the project. Cleaning up my computer I've found these years-old progressive trance tracks that we've made and that are slowly gathering dust on my hard disk. They are all unreleased, unmastered and some of them, especially the old ones, are in a horrible sound quality, but still it would be a pitty to let them rot on the hard disk. We've played them in several live-sets but apart from that always kept the tracks under tight wraps, but now that we've quit, we've decided to let you people out there listen to what we've produced over the years. Maybe we can still put a smile on someone's face. This is what we made music for in the first place. We've uploaded a collection of our tunes on Youtube. Enjoy! Feedback is still welcome as we put our heart, souls and creativity into our music for many years. Cheers and thanks for listening, Phyler Here's the link to our channel: http://www.youtube.c...ser/PhylerTunes
  20. Artist: Various Title: Audiophile Vol. 3 Label: Spintwist Records Date: September, 2012 1. Arped VAISHIYAS 2. Modern Terms PHAXE 3. Deep and Pumping Sound (Day.Din rmx) AUDIOMATIC 4. Extraordinary FABIO AND MOON 5. Count Down INTERACTIVE NOISE 6. Spin Spirit (Audiomatic and Vaishiyas rmx) KRAMA 7. Automatik SIDEFORM 8. Up on you COM!NG SOON 9. Transformation AQUAFEEL 10. Dr. Lupo (Audiomatic rmx) ACE VENTURA AND ROCKY That crazy microphone from the 50's is back at it for the third installment of the Audiophile series. Spintwist is one of the more prolific labels with regards to progressive trance and while not one of my favorites I'm a bit of a completionist. True, I keep collecting all the seasons of The Simpsons on DVD even when they stopped being funny a while ago. So with that piece of info there was no way I was going to let this fly under the radar. The usual suspects are represented and it looks fairly impressive. Arped is a great way to open with catchy bass and a huge beat. A good time track to be sure. The problem for me is that this label then tends to go off the reservation after hooking me with the first track. Phaxe did an adequate job, but the Pumping Sound remix left the melodic frontier and hung out in weird sound techno town. Extraordinary picked up right where the previous track dumped me with harsh metallic sounds and pain in the ass house-like samples. Whattya want it's from DJ Fabio, I shoulda seen it coming. Countdown has an interesting break, but its lack of evolution bores me. The Spin Spirit remix has more agonizingly repeated samples that make it unlistenable. Automatik brings some much needed Balkan talent to the compilation, but even they can't save this. At this point it's a bit like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Just when I thought it couldn't get more pathetic Up On You proves me wrong with the embarrassing "I want you" sample. Ugh I'd rather slam my fingers in a car door than go through that again. Aquafeel has made some good tracks to be sure, but this ain't one of them. Somehow he managed to make it sound as if he was covering Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene. The momentum (typed that with a straight face I did) killing phone call and mouth music also had me rubbing my temples. Finally (Thank God) the Audiomatic remix of Dr. Lupo closes things out and is actually not bad. It has a catchy melody and no stupid sample to screw it up. Dr. Huxtable can I get a ruling on this? Oy what a sh*tshow that was. This was a descent into me throwing my headphones across the room and fighting the urge to clean my floors. Obviously there is a market for this type of progressive trance, but if you like the deeply atmospheric and melodic stuff look elsewhere. The cover tells the whole story as he's hanging on for dear life. Another performance like that and he might try to hang himself with his own cord. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  21. Artist: Yotopia & Sphera Title: Focal point Label: Echoes Records Date: 12-03-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Yotopia & Sphera - Focal Point 2. Yotopia & Sphera - Vertigo Focal Point is a killer. The first track alone shows that this EP is a great combination between 3 Israeli producers. I would like to think of it as progressive that doesn't take itself to serious and allows a bit more of a playful vibe. Around 2 minutes it gets really good and that's when the track really takes over. Smashing and hypnotic at the same time. Good job on the brakes as well, it gives you enough time to catch your breath before taking it to the next level again. If you feel a little sleepy Vertigo is another one that wakes you up immediately. Full of energy and life! While listening closely you kind of get a clue of what elements both teams brought in during this collaboration. The result is stunning and at 5 minutes it gets better than I ever expected.. great job! If you like Vertical Mode's albums and other progressive that is leaning a little towards full on, I would suggest you give this album a shot. Links: http://www.psyshop.c.../ech1dw069.html http://www.beatport....al-point/879828
  22. Artist: Egorythmia Title: Night Sight EP Label: Iono Music Date: 15-10-2008 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Egorythmia - Night Sight 2. Egorythmia - We Can Fly Most of you familiar with the finest progressive trance, will know Egorythmia. Here's a short 2 track EP from this Macedonian producer, containing the tracks Night Sight and We Can Fly. Night Sight is a nice one. It has a very dark feel to it and the bass line remind me a bit of some Ectima tracks. Heavy, deep at the same time and certainly not the regular stuff we're used to hearing. Now I don't think this track is bad at all. But after hearing the Flegma & Nerso remix of it (on the remix album) it's kind of hard to say that the original is very special. I mean, the remixed track has such a good drive with stomping beats.. truly amazing. Just go ahead and listen to it yourself. We Can Fly is my favorite from this EP. Every effect seems in place and to me it's probably one of Egortyhmia's best tracks. I remember hearing it at a party once, not long after I discovered this track. It was about 4 or 5 in the morning and the crowd went crazy. I can't blame them either. Hearing something like this on good speakers and in a wide open area really brings out the best of it. I noticed stuff I never even heard before. Those of you who like there progressive deep, dark and powerful at the same time, will be right in their element with this EP. Links: http://www.beatport....ight-e-p/139346
  23. Artist: Infinity Title: Control Group Label: Iono Records Date: August, 2011 1. Traditional ways of healing (Remake 2011) 2. Ghost of Sparta 3. Lost in the sunlight 4. Alcoholism 5. Techniques 6. Arkham City 7. Car Accident 8. Control Group 9. From the depths of the underworld "Chaos will be unleashed." I've undergone a life change Dial it back a bit tough guy. But that make up job is stunning. No nothing so drastic. I'm trying to eat better and work out more. See, I was humbled athletically for the first time. Been a high level athlete all my life, but the class I took at the gym had me feeling every bit of my advanced age. Couldn't even finish it, and it made me realize that my 20's were waaay back in the rear view. Hell, I can barely see the thirties these days. So out with the fast food and sugary drinks and in with boatloads of water, salads, and fruit. Or as I like to call it...my de-Americanization. This is Nick Karamalakis from Greece with a smooth and flowing debut album of progressive trance. Since it's from Iono you have a better chance of seeing a Cool as Ice sequel than this blowing chunks. I'm begging you...begging...make this happen. Until then surround yourself with top notch stuff loaded with floating melodies and drifting atmosphere that has a dark tone to it. Look at the track titles...Alcoholism, Car Accident, From the Depths of the Underworld? Is this release autobiographical? And if so I hope he gets the help that he needs. The phrases seem to go on forever, which I suppose makes sense based on the artist's name. Easy to get lost in and more than once I had to hit the repeat button because my mind was carried away. As is the style of Iono artists, effects ricochet throughout, giving the tracks massive depth. Samples are well placed and not overdone (you know the ones you've heard ad nauseum) and breaks are so full of emotion that you could reach out and touch the streams. Well, Ghosts of Sparta are wet with you know what and Arkham City is rife with Batman samples as one would expect, but for a touch of surreality listen to the samples in car accident. Did he do a ride-along and bring his sampler with him? So very good stuff from Nick. Very descriptive and he fills every space. Reminds me of E-clip's Shuma. Highly recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds Goa Store Audiojelly Juno Download Beatport Mdk
  24. Artist: Protonica Title: Form Follows Function Label: Iono Music Date: 17-08-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Login 2. Greece 3. Subground 4. Serotonin Overdose (Protonica Remix) 5. Motion Control 6. Floating Point (Liquid Soul Remix) 7. Modification 8. Codes 9. Emerge I expected this release to be a real good one. For the simple reason that Protonica has really impressed me with there previous work and the fact that they haven't released anything in a long time. So my hopes were high and somehow my ears were dying to hear this. After the short Login intro track this album starts of with Greece. It's an extremely solid track, going straight forward like progressive should. All the effects during the song seem in place and as I'm listening I notice what made me like there style in the first place. It's not over the top, no cheap vibes or overdone voice-samples. Just straight up trance, in it's purest form. Subground really reminds me of there older work, taking you higher and higher using a basic yet original method. One of my favorite tracks from this album, bringing things back to the source. Serotonin Overdose is another killer and I have to say they did a great job on this remix. The original done by Rocky & Ace Ventura was ok but I prefer this one. It's just a little more solid so to say. Motion Control is a good follow up. At first it didn't really do it for me, it couldn't hold my attention all the way. But after a few more listens I could dig it somehow. Now the original Floating Point was probably my favorite track from Protonica all time. So when I read Liquid Soul was going to remix this one, I was really wondering what he would bring. The original track matched the title for me, it got me to a floating point many times. It's hard to describe the remix from the old one, but let's say it's put in to a slightly newer and modern jacket. For me both work just fine, but I must say the original stays very special to me. Modification is another favorite, if not my favorite. Slowly taking me further and further in a sort of minimal style. Actually all the tracks are made in a minimal way more or less. This track displays the power and originality of the entire album in my opinion, that sometimes less is more. Codes kind of brings out the oldskool progressive style that lies within there music. It was fun listening to but after a lot of Protonica tracks I find that it isn't there best work. Emerge is another track that exists out of simple trance-waves, keeping things basic. Great way to bring this album to an end. After listening to the whole album I realize how you can create something extremely special in a simple way, that really brings out the best in trance. I recommend listening to each track from the beginning. Protonica's tracks intend to evolve in a slow progressing way and seem to just go with the flow. This way you really get to feel and experience the build ups. Also I seem to find it ok that a song takes so long to build up because it is clear that there is a story to tell in each track. So overall this is a great album in my opinion. When it comes to melodic progressive trance, it's probably one of the best releases of the year. If you want to take a listen before buying it, I suggest checking out there Soundcloud. Links: http://soundcloud.com/protonica http://www.psyshop.c.../inm1cd056.html http://www.beatport....function/947569 http://www.ionomusic.com/ http://www.facebook.com/protonica.de
  25. Artist: Vaishiyas Title: Spacelord Remixes Label: Spin Twist Records Date: 23-03-2010 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Float Remix) 2. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (E-Clip Remix 3. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Zyce Remix) 4. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Flegma & Nerso Remix) 5. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Ectima Remix) 6. Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Original Mix) The original Spacelord is a nice one, not your typical progressive. It's very melodic from the start but a little later it develops in to a tight and solid track in a sort of smart way. Good job by Vaishiyas, this German producer set the standards high with the original and now it's time for the guys of TesseractStudio to show what they can do with it. The first to remix is Float, making it very minimal. Now don't get me a wrong, I'm a fan of the more minimalistic music myself but at first this one seemed a little to calm. At the beginning it didn't do it for me, but I gave it a few more listens while concentrating on the song and it made me understand the track a little bit better. Not as energetic as the other stuff on this album but I love how Float left the melody alive and throws this in during the break. Not bad after all. E-Clip is next with a heavy take on the original. Straight away he comes in with powerful bass lines and super effective touches, making this track an absolute killer. One of my favorite remixes without a doubt. Zyce takes a whole different turn, giving things a bit of a tribal groove with the necessary percussion during the song. Still he's not forgetting to keep things very melodic and warm. Now the Flegma & Nerso remix is my ultimate favorite track of this release. It's a perfect mix of melodic trance, straight forward progression and stomping beats. Things are made a bit more spacey, after all the original is called Spacelord. Everything about this track is very intelligent and the brake halfway the song really got me going. Perfect floater, just this track alone is almost worth getting the whole album! Last but not least is the Ectima remix. It doesn't flow as smoothly and crispy as the other tracks and I must say I have heard better Ectima tracks and remixes. But never the less it's a fun little track in my opinion, with more of a darker feel to it. The whole setting and the way E-Clip, Flegma & Nerso, Zyce and Ectima appear in this album, reminds me a lot of the Multistop Remixes album, by Ritmo and NOK. One by one they basically deliver the same quality as on the other remix album and they stayed extremely loyal to there style. Not saying these remixes look just like the Multistop remixes, but they did exactly what was expected of them. Great job! Links: http://www.beatport....-remixes/222986 http://www.spintwist.de/
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