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Found 7 results

  1. Artist: Ketoret Title: Missionary & Conceived EP Label: Square Root Productions Date: August, 2012 1. Missionary 2. Conceived Miranda Silvergren is back with an absolute beast of an EP that is absolutely saturated with the aromatic scent of old school... ..is what I would be saying if this was her. Truth is I don't know who it is. Imagine my surprise when this showed up on my doorstep. And by doorstep I mean inbox. Doesn't matter though, cause I'm always happy to get fresh goa trance for my listening pleasure. And it was a pl
  2. Artist: Klopfgeister Title: Smiles and More Label: Spintwist Records Date: August, 2012 1. Soultrigger (Klopfgeister Ambient Edit) - KLOPFGEISTER AND NOK, FEAT DEBBIE DIGITAL 2. Car Accident (Klopfgeister rmx) - INFINITY 3. Upgrade - DAY.DIN AND KLOPFGEISTER 4. Return to Atlantis (Klopfgeister rmx) - SHIVA CHANDRA AND DJ MAGICAL 5. Larger Than Life (Klopfgeister rmx) - MIDIMAL 6. Shadow of a smile (Klopfgeister 2012 Edit) - KLOPFGEISTER AND DAY.DIN 7. Flowrillaz 8. Seven Days - KLOPFGEISTER AND KOPEL 9. Jeff Vader (2012 Edit) 10. Meanwhile in Hamburg Jesus Thorsten you almo
  3. Artist: Itsu Title: Sublimate Label: Ektoplazm released Date: August, 2012 01 - Monsoon (77.5 BPM) 02 - Drizzle (95 BPM) 03 - Don't Dance To This (130 BPM) 04 - Top Harmonic (90 BPM) "In the beginning there was nothing. No space, no time...just nothing." I love taking a look at music that is unknown to me. Life is like a box of chocolates you know. Well the candy store that is Ektoplazm is open for business. And that business is providing great music for free. Itsu is Ben Jancovich and this EP is a genre buster. There are elements of dubstep, downtempo, drum n bass, glitch and
  4. Artist: Infinity Title: Control Group Label: Iono Records Date: August, 2011 1. Traditional ways of healing (Remake 2011) 2. Ghost of Sparta 3. Lost in the sunlight 4. Alcoholism 5. Techniques 6. Arkham City 7. Car Accident 8. Control Group 9. From the depths of the underworld "Chaos will be unleashed." I've undergone a life change Dial it back a bit tough guy. But that make up job is stunning. No nothing so drastic. I'm trying to eat better and work out more. See, I was humbled athletically for the first time. Been a high level athlete
  5. Artist: Atrium Carceri & Eldar Title: Sacrosanct Label: Cryo Chamber Date: August, 2012 1. Withering 2. Tomorrow's Dust 3. Freeman 4. The Vault 5. Betrayal 6. So They Speak 7. Sol 8. Of Salt 9. Burial "Hey there! Do you like excitement?" "Do you like suspense?" "Do you like Nell Carter?" "Good cause you won't find her here. This is the house of horror and for you it's absolutely free. Step right in." -ICP What? No Nell Carter? Give me a break... This is the side project (can you really call it a side project whe
  6. Artist: Astrix Title: Stars on 35 EP Label: HOMmega Productions Date: August, 2012 1. Gayatri - Astrix & Deedrah 2. Flashback - Easy Riders (Ace Ventura & Rocky) and Symbolic Astrix ((Avi Shmailov) has had quite the career in psychedelic trance and has been holding it down since his debut Eye To Eye in 2002. Sure he might've strayed into commercial waters from time to time, but what cannot be argued is the sound quality of his compositions. Big bass and kick coupled with soaring melodies. This is a short 2 track EP which continues that trend. Gayatri sees him t
  7. Artist: Afgin Title: Ray of Light EP Label: Premium Music Date: August, 2012 1. Ray Of Light (140 BPM) 2. Keep Moving Forward (Tribute To Rocky) (140 BPM) 3. Soul Uplifter (140 BPM) 4. When You're Gone (137 BPM) "The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it." I think this is Dwayne Wade from A Different World, but my friend believes it to be Arsenio. Whoever it may be he is right. This is some good ass cheese. Afgin is the
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