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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Flowjob Title: Sway Label: Iboga Trance Date: June, 2011 1. The return of Raveheart 2. Mercury calling (More Info from the U.F.Os) 3. Goas Ark 4. Behind the speaker 5. Boomerangutang 6. So many dynamos 7. Pimp your hat 8. Still waiting for the future 9. Panic in purple 10. Lightyear "Did you know that we're made of stardust?" We are what we eat and I don't remember eating any of that. Now if you told me that we're made of pizza that's something I can get behind. Flowjob used to be a duo from Denmark, but now it's the solo project of Joakim Hjorne. Their previous two albums Support Normality and Zentertainment were pretty good forays into progressive trance. This is the third album of the project a nd it has made a left turn into house town. Sure they've always flirted with...those people, but now he's embraced them like, well He opens with The Return of Ravenheart and it's a good progressive tune with an epic opening as the melodies rain down. It's a positive party track. Goas Ark is blatant false advertising and Boomerangutang is pure filler with an annoying use of the vocoder. So Many Dynamos is like a transition track, clearly a dividing line between what you've just heard and what's to come. But then it's drag queens, disco whistles, and shiny balls as track after track goes the house route. And that's cool, if that's what you're into. I'm being hyperbolic, but only just. Surprisingly a We Are Family remix wasn't a hidden bonus track. As much as I dislike house music, his talent shines through with hypnotic melodies on tracks like Panic In Purple. And while I hate the vocal on Still Waiting For The Future, there is a euphoric quality to it as well as a cool bouncy vibe during the final bit. So aside from the first track I was disappointed in what the album became. Heavy on the house influences without a trace of psychedelia to be found. The progressive parts were even subpar without a lot of detail. Nothing we haven't heard before. I'll pass on this one. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  2. Artist: Bluetech Title: Rainforest Reverberation Label: Native State Records Date: June, 2011 1. Becoming The Seed 2. 667 (Kayla Scintilla Remix) 3. Emerald Epiphytes 4. Thunder Song 5. Emerald Epiphytes (Kilowatts Rattlefunk Remix) 6. 667 7. Inner Space Funk 8. Unidentified Flying Octopus (Mr. Bill Remix) 9. Mycorrhiza Mambo 10. Unidentified Flying Octopus 11. Mama Llama Maestro 12. Avatar of the Horticult 13. Becoming the Ancestor I'm teaching this dog to dance to Call Me Maybe so I can become a YouTube millionaire. Don't judge me. What have you done to make the world a better place? This is Evan Bartholomew who is no doubt known to all who lay eyes on this review. He's from the West Coast of North America (US or Canada? If Canada sorry about the women's soccer team) Unlike the rest of you slobs (what are you lookin' at mirror?) he is attempting to help save the rainforest. 100 percent of all album proceeds go to end deforestation, species loss and cultural upheaval in the amazon. Here is a link where you can help if you are so inclined. Help the Amazon! Becoming The Seed- This is an intro track with ahem, Mrs. Ladyapples speaking over a soft ambient drone. Listening to it several times forces me to realize that it is a discussion left for the intellectual minds of free spirits or to put it another way... "Bullsh*t, I call bullsh*t you crazy rabbit! Picard couldn't hold Kirk's jock!" I have actually heard grown adults arguing over this. Reminds me of school, where all I heard was Charlie Brown's teacher. 667 (Kayla Scintilla Remix)- This is bouncy dub with some tribal elements. It's all very clear and kind of a curious thing. Like I just broke through the leaves of the jungle into a clearing where I am greeted by an indigenous peoples. Emerald Epiphytes- A track that also serves as a teaching moment is never a bad thing. Ding ding, class is in session! epiphytes- plant that grows on another: a plant that grows on top of or is supported by another plant but does not depend on it for nutrition. Mosses, tropical orchids, and many ferns are epiphytes. Symbiosis seems to be a theme for this collection of music. The track changes from a bouncy downtempo piece to a lounge like dub story. But you know, when you've got 8 minutes it can do that. It returns to a slightly dark exit which I thought was cool. Thunder Song- With a freaky carnival like bounce eerie melodies chime in a drunken saunter. Kinda weird. Emerald Epiphytes (Kilowatts Rattlefunk Remix)- This is the 2nd of 3 remixes on this album and performed by our good friend James from the US of A. He brings the funk with some deft bass sorcery and smooth melody. He knocks over a minute and half off the original track time and it creates a nice cohesive track. Good stuff. 667- Evan drops the original and it's got some funk appeal. But my short attention span needs more stimulation than this track is providing. Not your fault man, blame Pitfall and the atari 2600. Inner Space Funk- Know how I know this is gonna be funky? It says so in the title. Katrina's vocals are welcome over the head bobbing beat and smooth synths. Reminds me of a Tribe Called Quest feel. Liked it a lot. Unidentified Flying Octopus (Mr. Bill Remix)- Mr. Bill is a funky kinda guy, but I was unaware that he ran in the same circles as Evan. That morphing bass is a hallmark as is the glitchy percussion. It's mellow and smooth acting as an exercise in sound manipulation. Not overly deep, but very enjoyable. Mycorrhiza Mambo- Mother pus bucket this is like going to school. I thought I was through with this. Mycorrhiza is a fungus that grows in association with the roots of a plant in a symbiotic or mildly pathogenic relationship. So you don't know if it's helpful or damaging to the host. Clever. Keep your firends close, but your enemies closer. And Mycorrizha sounds like something that girl gave me. Shoulda listened...shoulda listened... It wasn't bad with it's saunter. Unidentified Flying Octopus- Interesting that he put the remix before the original. The bass is deep here and the percussion is still racy. There was more melody in the remix so I liked that better, but this was still pretty good. Mama Lllam Maestro- Ringing bells and deep bass and I just know I'm gonna float away on this one. Feather soft synths paint the sky as the world moves in slow motion. Dreamy. Avatar of the Horticult- 10 minutes?!? Better pack a lunch. Big Bubba's chili...just eliminate the middle man. Nice slow downtempo that will have you looking skyward at the marvels the rainforest probably holds. I wouldn't know though because I've never been. Are there spiders? There are? Really? Cause they creep me out. This would be the perfect track to nap to in a hammock. Becoming the Ancestor- Mrs. Apples is back and here's how I see it. Somehow she drags you out to a gathering of her friends which you reluctantly agree to. Thoughts race through your mind, wondering what you're doing here, is it worth it...You haven't been laid in a while and her boobs are fantastic. You'll be surprised what guys will put up with to get a little tail. I'm not saying what she's saying isn't important, it probably is. And damnit I'm trying to look in her eyes, but...boobs don't have eyes. Good for him doing something that can actually better the planet. Most of us are too consumed with our culture to realize that there is a greater part of the world out there. The music is all downtempo and dubby in style as you would expect from Evan. Continually mixed so you really get an immersive feel for a nonstop trip. Not the greatest I've ever heard, but very enjoyable. Relaxing to be sure. Critical Beats That amazonian on the webpage has better headphones than I do. Mdk
  3. Artist: Overdream Title: Soundprints EP Label: Sun Station Records Date: June, 2011 01 - Land Of Carnivore Plants (146 BPM) 02 - Coven Of Witches (146 BPM) 03 - Ultramarine (148 BPM) 04 - Zurna (148 BPM) 05 - Kaleidoscope Eyes (feat. DubMyDub) (100 BPM) This is a psychedelic trance couple Makus and Dana from the Ukraine. No, I mean they are actually a couple. Maybe they're married, I dunno I don't have that information. Kids? I have no idea. What are you, writing a book? Land of Carnivore Plants- Carnivore plants? That's all we need. Reminds me of Australia. Never been there but I heard that more things are deadly there than anywhere on Earth. Short ride isn't it Mick? Like the bubbling effects, don't like the lead. It's pretty shrill, but they do a nice job of layering with another one to take the edge off. As you would expect the tone shifts towards goa and it then finds its stride. Not bad. Coven of Witches- "This hasn't been my happiest new year. This one's starting off rather f*cking badly." Coven of b*tches. Who's laughing now stupid sorority? You coulda had allllll of dis. *Spreads arms in wide circles* All of it. What's that now? Oh...witches. Well, that's different. More bubbling and scratchy sounds give this a forest feel where alien creatures tread and effects rule. They rain down as they sparkle and churn the thick soup. I liked this one a lot. Ultramarine- With a plucky bass they dive right back into the forest. The darkpsy metallic lead swarms with aggression as the duo begin to layer. It was shaping up to be just another generic track, but the break was unexpectedly fulfilling. They come out all eerie and mysterious with a squirty lead that flies all over the place. Zurna- Hmmmm...this churning fellow seems mysterious. Then the cat-quick lead erupts and scrawls its message on the bark of ancient trees. Sizzling! But not as sizzling as..hold the f*ck up. Could really go for bacon right about now. Where was I? The final frame is where they take a left turn onto the beaches of goa for some time in the sun. Very powerful stuff. Kaleidoscope Eyes- Can you hear the sounds of the forest? It has an ethnic tribal way about it as the breakbeat kicks in. But it doesn't stay there long. It becomes more of a mid tempo jaunt with a vocoded Beatles lyric. Yeah, those guys were no stranger to LSD. Another plus is the constant change in direction. Like the sitar? There's plenty of it here. Sure I coulda done without the Indian vocal, but you might like it. You're funny that way. This track reminds me of the wild and chaotic presentation that you would find in a Shpongle production. First I love the cover art. Seems to portray the ritualistic with a sense of the spiritual. The EP ain't bad either. You've got some forest and goa as well as the dub from the final track. Impressive. As always it's free so I encourage you to check it out for some variety. Ektoplazm Mdk
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