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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: E-Clip Title: Sacred Science Label: Echoes Records Date: February, 2013 1. Sacred Science 2. Mr. Fix (E-clip Remix) - Vertical Mode Marko Radovanovic is responsible for one of the greatest progressive trance albums all time for me with the release of Shuma back in 2011. He makes tracks that have it all...layers of melody, rhythm, and epic atmosphere. His storytelling ways continue with this short 2 track EP. Still thick with atmosphere as effects echo into the darkness Sacred Science leans a little toward the psy-gressive category. Multiple brief breaks allow the tension to hang in the air and he lets gentle synths just float before you. I didn't care for the speed increase in the Mr. Fix remix, but it was brief so a minor concern. Good progressive trance, but not his best mind you. I could've done with more melody. Beatport Mdk
  2. Artist: Yotopia & Sphera Title: Focal point Label: Echoes Records Date: 12-03-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Yotopia & Sphera - Focal Point 2. Yotopia & Sphera - Vertigo Focal Point is a killer. The first track alone shows that this EP is a great combination between 3 Israeli producers. I would like to think of it as progressive that doesn't take itself to serious and allows a bit more of a playful vibe. Around 2 minutes it gets really good and that's when the track really takes over. Smashing and hypnotic at the same time. Good job on the brakes as well, it gives you enough time to catch your breath before taking it to the next level again. If you feel a little sleepy Vertigo is another one that wakes you up immediately. Full of energy and life! While listening closely you kind of get a clue of what elements both teams brought in during this collaboration. The result is stunning and at 5 minutes it gets better than I ever expected.. great job! If you like Vertical Mode's albums and other progressive that is leaning a little towards full on, I would suggest you give this album a shot. Links: http://www.psyshop.c.../ech1dw069.html http://www.beatport....al-point/879828
  3. Artist: Various Title: Wide Open Label: Echoes Records Date: October, 2011 1. Wide Open - Sphera 2. Level 70 - Gaudium 3. Mental Isolation - Aqualize 4. RTL Kids - Sphera & Rocky 5. Kelman Gates (Double Click Remix) - Easy Riders 6. Dimethyltryptamine (Loud Remix) - Quantize 7. Back & Forth - S-range & Major 7 8. Being Realized (Mute Remix) - Sphera 9. Night Shift - Egorythmia Echoes Records from Israel presents a who's who in progressive trance on this compilation. I'm familiar with the work of all these guys so right off the bat the bar is set pretty high. Wide Open- This is Liran Elkayam and Rami Shalom and it's a shot in the dark, but I imagine they are from the Holy Land. And it is my opinion that a little divine inspiration didn't hurt with this monster. You could not have picked a better name for this track. *shakes head* Impossible. Oscillating synths wash over you in waves like you were standing under a waterfall and a tumbling synthline stays the course for almost the entire 10 minutes. Strings shimmer, but it's the break where the magic happens. Huge pads waver and get louder as a melody to weep for drenches you in ecstasy. I've been excited before, but but this is Kate Upton doing the cat daddy for me excited. Unbelieveably massive. The track, not her rack. Well, both I guess. Level 70- Andreas Wennersk├Âld released his new album Session of Progression that is in my pile of stuff to get to. He brought his daddy's drum kit with him and the beat hits harder than an open ice body check. The break brings an evolving synth and he sticks with it on the exit. There is an unquestionable swagger which is cemented with his use of the 303 as it barks with dominance. Let's see, yep...file this one in the psy-gressive cabinet. Good one. Mental Isolation- Vladislav Koumpatidis & Koinis Anastasios continue the more aggressive style and the break is once again the star. Smooth pads and a rolling synth line gets filtered and then continues. The only bad was that cheesetastic sample out of the break. RTL Kids- Sphera teams up with Roy Tilbor and decides a little house groove is the way to go. At 10 and a half minutes you'll want to telephone someone to let them know where you are. Like the synth at around 4 minutes, it's floaty and something you can grab a hold of. I don't know who the RTL kids are, (Roy Tilbor loves kids...might want to alert the authorities) but I like 'em already. Yessir! Hmmm...perhaps the phase "something you can grab a hold of" shouldn't be used with Roy Tilbor Loves Kids. Dimethyltryptamine (Loud Remix)- "Heavy doses of dimethyltryptamine" will affect your web slinging. Chunky with spiraling descents will have the dance floor jumping I'm sure. The sample is a f*cking infomercial for LSD and he does some sample manipulation that just comes off as annoying to these ears. I'm sure if I was on LSD things would be different, but since I'm not...I bid you good day sir! Oh you...I can't stay away from your chock full of nuts beats and you mother f*cking dimension sample. Kelman Gates (Double Click Remix)- "Listen to me! Whatever door...you opened in my brain, I want you to shut it! Now!!!" Ah Kevin Bacon in Stir of Echoes...very underrated movie. When asked for a comment about Footloose being remade Kevin replied, "They just keep f*cking that chicken don't they?" This trio packs a groove lunch with them and it's got fatl beats, shimmering synths, and a chip on its shoulder. Powerful track to be sure. Lovely. Back & Forth- People make a big deal abouta S-range, but I never got the appeal. Sue me, that's taste for ya. They got a nice soft kick working here with washes and synths that rise and fall. But I have to hand it to 'em, the way they fall into the break is satin smooth. The break itself was nice and it sets up with a nice close. Not bad gentlemen. Being Realized (MUTe Remix)- The effects in this one are great, as they fill the space perfectly. Bubbling goa-like sounds put me in trance heaven, but you had to know that a guy that was part of Shidapu was gonna know how to bring it. Long one, but it changes enough that it never gets stale. The break at 3 and a half is a sublime peace of melody, that gets you high. I felt they ran out of gas near the end, but this one is still awesome. Night Shift- The closer packs a futuristic feel with some hella good atmosphere. But that's what this guy does. You gotta let people do what they do. This chick dry humps a fish. And she's good at it. You do you boo. You do you. Unlike the other tracks this one has a darker quality. Synths rip and echo into the night and I just feel like the main character is up to no good. No witnesses, that's the rule. Great way to end. Very good compilation for those that love melodic progressive with a little more edge. Recommended. Audiojelly Juno Download Beatport Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Southern Breeze Label: Echoes Records Date: May, 2011 1. Inter - KARL JOHAN 2. Supernova (Magitman rmx) - WEEKEND HEROES 3. It's Tech No - SAVE THE ROBOT 4. Necessary Activity (Fiord rmx) - ANDREA BERTOLINI AND LISH 5. Greatest Peace - GLITTER 6. Call Me (Victor Ruiz rmx) - D-NOX AND BECKERS 7. Dengue Express - ERIC ENTRENA AND SOMETHING GOOD 8. Mantra (Roy Rosenfeld rmx) - LUIGI ROCCA 9. All Nighter - GUY MANTZUR AND STEPHAN BAZBAZ Somehow this ended up in my pile of stuff to listen to. I can't explain it. Based in Israel, Echoes Records is owned by the guy who did the compiling and the promo says it is a massive release which is deep and pumping. Look, I've been doing this long enough to know when I'm being fed a line and this line is larger than the coke that went up Rick James nose. Inter- Let me be the first to tell you that this track will not blow anyone off the dancefloor. And I don't think it's supposed to. It's intro progressive house to the core with little evolution. Sounds get added as the measures tick by rising to a fever pitch. Let's see where they're going with this... Supernova (Magitman Remix)- This is Igal Magitman aka Etic with a remix. It's another progressive house joing with not a whole lot going on. If it was a chick at the club and they were getting ready to close I suppose I would take her home. Wait...how drunk am I? Cause while she has a slight funky side I would bet this librarian might have to work in the morning. Damnit, why are the lights so low in the club? This is not what my mind saw. It's Tech No- This is Alien Project + Quadra and no matter what theorem you use it all adds up to mediocrity. Seems like they have changed their style since their earlier albums. I would say this is a step in the right direction. The track itself has a funky sway to it with a popcorn lead. Nothing here is going to make you redefine the genre, but it has its charm. Necessary Activity (Fiord Remix)- The Strom brothers remix a Lish track with a lulling, pulsating effect. If you're looking for change and variation that ship has sailed. The first 4 minutes set the stage for a nice bridge, but then it's right back to what got you here. The suspense grows as the track seems to climb a never ending set of stairs. Meh. Picture going to work and killing company time on high speed internet and then having to come home to watch porn on dial up. Yeah, that sucks. Greatest Peace- This guy? He's still making music? Wasn't he diddling children or something like that? Probably not the same guy. All these tracks follow the same pattern, what the hell. Slightly groovy with not much change and a build up. Man this was boring. If I wanted to be bored I would ask my wife how her day went. Dont uh...don't tell her I said that, ok? Call Me (Victor Ruiz Remix)- Wow, you know how cool repetitive samples are? Good God this is going from bad to worse. Call you? If I see you in a crosswalk I'm gonna try and hit you. Quit jay walkin motherf*cker! Dengue Express- See if you name your project Something Good it gives ammunition to bored critics like me to poke fun at. It's a high standard that can be hard to attain. Still, this had some funky qualities to it. If only it wasn't so annoying. Whatever momentum it had was lost quickly along the way. F*ck me if I had a white flag I would wave it. Mantra (Roy Rosenfeld Remix)- This project might as well be my mail carrier because I have no idea who any of the participants are. The sample talks about...you know, I wasn't really paying that much attention. I was busy marveling at the save that goalkeeper made. I wonder if his country had that forward killed before he got off the plane. All Nighter- You sonofabitch. You made me wade through all that sewage for the best track? It's groovy with a casual style. I didn't wet myself over it, but compared to the rest it is a fountain of melody. You can hear the melody from the Bee Gees classic all housed up. But at this point I'm ready to go. If you are a fan of this type of progressive house I apologize. Not for what I'm about to say because I don't care if I offend you. I want to apologize for the record label making you waste your money on this crap. There is nothing interesting about this release. It's the same sh*t over and over with little to no melody or any twists or turns which may keep the listener from chucking it out the car window. Feel that breeze? Yeah, Echoes Records just farted in your face. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ech/ech1cd013.html Mdk
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