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Found 49 results

  1. Please Subscribe and check out our other music and videos! Tracklist: 1 Quartermass - Dawn Goddess 2 Blue Planet Corporation - Crystal 3 Hyperion - Sunflower 4 PPK - Resurrection (Syn Sun Remix) 5 Ocean Star Empire - Three Dots On A Map (Faxi Nadu Remix) 6 Blue Planet Corporation - Xoco 7 Electric Universe - Moonchild 8 Nekka - Hearbeat 9 Power Source - Skywalker (2011 Remix) 10 Ocean Star Empire - Rain From Within 11 Infected Mushroom - The Shen 12 Four Carry Nuts - Red Shift 13 Faxi Nadu - Dawnguard 14 Morphem - Hypnotone (Rebuilt by Cydonia) 15 SETI Project and Chris Organic - Floating Point 16 Taufactor - Red Shift 17 Mindfield - Circle Of Light 18 Ocean Star Empire - Suspect Nuno 19 Astral Projection - Electric Blue 20 Ocean Star Empire - All Good Things (Alien Energy vs Faxi Nadu Remix) 21 Kolishin vs Glitch vs Faxi Nadu - Squash Vision 22Khamoon - Waterdrums http://www.faxinadu.net
  2. *FRESH*-> last tune up! Faxi Nadu - Perfectly Flawed ( Sun Station Records​ ) 9 The Dangling Thread Remix So happy to have our partner in Ocean Star Empire​ the one and only Mr. Nuno Muacho aka Nomad Moon​ on this album with this special collab remix to The Dangling Thread. Deep and melodic psychedelic techno. Drift with us far off into the eternal matrix of space-time... from our hearts withlove, see you on the next album!
  3. ACTS New Born (Cronomi Rec.) https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-but-a-title Artha (Cronomi Rec.) Luminus (Hommega Records) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-QTuWEIqlI DJ's Inada (Manager Cronomi Rec.) https://soundcloud.com/dj_inada Roy&Oron (Cronomi Rec.) Microdose Technika Chota Vorpal Blade
  4. We created our own Faxiness Third track up from our new album!!!! Coming soon to Sun Station Records​ Sweeping and gushing Harmonic/hypnotic tune meeting you in Faxi Nadu​ territory somewhere between classic Blue Planet Corporation and X-Dream. What started as almost a technology demnostrator of the Sonic Core GmbH​ Scope Platform turned into a full track. Every single sound in the track is synthesized using Scope synths, modular/flexor, fx, and other machines, down to the smallest perc and tone.
  5. Second track up from our latest album. this one is a Faxi Nadu​ collab with Brent Malik​ and Dash Van Glitch​. You can really hear all of us on this one, and as usual with such meshes, a new sound emerges! Deep, melodic, raw, twisted and hypnotic, just the way we like it! The album is coming soon to Sun Station Records​ !!!! <3 On my end i used a lot of Sonic Core GmbH​ synths, mainly the amazingly simple and simply amazing ProTone doing the liquid rave melody/harmony thing. also some nord modular for the backing harmonies.
  6. http://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-ocean-star-empires-dots-on-maps-mixed-album-set-2015 Tracklist: 1. ocean star empire - embarking the phantom convoy (3:41) 2. ocean star empire - a nebula portside (6:44) 3. bacchanalian bass - astrodial artifacts (ocean star empire remix) (7:15) 4. ocean star empire - where is nuno (6:50) 5. ocean star empire - rebellion in module seven (12:49) 6. ocean star empire - defiant friction (1:19) 7. ocean star empire - dancing with the stars (9:16) 8. ocean star empire - three dots on a map faxi nadu remix (7:53) 9. ocean star empire feat manny zagri - beckoning glimmers of antiquity (10:03) 10. ocean star empire - a nebula portside LIVE VERSION (9:34) 11. ocean star empire - from the top of the map (3:20) All tracks produced by Nuno Muacho, Kyle Ramos Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband at https://www.facebook.com/OceanStarEmpire Track 9 featuring Manny Zagri on guitar Mastering by Makus @ Overdream Studio http://www.overdreamstudio.com Design by Fernando Hood http://www.fernandohood.com Illustration by Yael Eshkar http://www.pazzapazza2.blogspot.com Buy CD and digital here: https://oceanstarempire.bandcamp.com/ Buy through digital outlets: http://revoltdigital.co.uk/releases/dots-on-maps/ http://www.beatport.com/release/dots-on-maps/1424650 http://www.amazon.com/Dots-Maps-Ocean-Star-Empire/dp/B00PWYS222/ https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/dots-on-maps/id944913410 http://www.junodownload.com/products/ocean-star-empire-dots-on-maps/2640056-02/ ..Our ships can travel at about 75-85% the speed of light. Our chronicles mention that about 500 years ago our people began to explore beyond the ocean star, reaching out in three directions towards the brightest lights in the sky. As one colony matured, another fleet journeyed on. It is our belief that our kind have traveled roughly two hundred years of light, spawning from the OceanStar. Our group, it is told, has traveled to the farthest reaches, towards the pinnacle of light, the top dot of the map. It has been many cycles since our kind have had contact with the other commons... Have they perished? Have we ventured so deep into space as to isolate ourselves or has a dark tragedy erased our proud past? Far beyond the farthest light is the domain of the galactic empire, hailing from the deep valley's of the ocean star, flowing down the river of time through the raise and fall of civilizations. Ocean Star Empire is a psychedelic goa trance act touching three dots on one map - Nomad Moon fromPortugal, Bachanalian Bass from the USA and Faxi Nadu from Israel. Communication was a path to a vision, vision ionized into action, and action was transposed into music. Traveling the sonic wormholes through the golden times to the space age, with a deep respectto the hypnotic goa giants of history and an eye blink towards the timeless future. Bacchanalian Bass Kyle Ramos from the U.S.A. joined Ocean Star Empire after the first album, The Purest Form. Bacchanalian Bass produces a strange form of trance that is not exactly Psytrance or Goa, but more influenced by Deep House sounds and gray Ambient moods inspired by his surroundings of pine trees and American history and love of archaic romanticism, gaslight-illuminated night ambiences, and all things surreal. Nomad Moon Nuno Muacho from Portugal, loving and producing psy since 2006. Into the fusion of the old and the new from goa to fullon and everything in between. Defender of the truth and of planet earth, Nomad Moon waits patiently for the day of first contact and is always ready with some goatrance for the coming visitors. Faxi Nadu Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband, citizens of planet earth and living in Israel. Producing music since 2000. Faxi Nadu music features philosophical musings presented through varied psytrance and techno stories. Exploring human nature and the interaction of past and future - part space explorationand part forgotten elven bard songs.
  7. SIMPLE MAN [the simple trip] https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-euphoria-vocal-mix Simple Man - Euphoria (2015.05.01.) I. Biography: Simple Man was born in a peaceful and friendly town in the middle of a beautiful land (The Great Hungarian Plain). He was a very clever and respectful boy. His first teachers realised that he is a genius. He was entered for many competitions and all of his school reports were excellent. Later he became the member of the school's Maths Course. He was interested in life, universe, music and natural science. He won an ortographical and a music competition, wrote poems and he liked reading documentary books and polite literature. In the secondary grammar school his Mind was trained by the Facultative Maths Education. His leaving certificate was excellent again. In the next years he studied economy in Budapest Business School and programming in University of Szeged. [special artist mix in Simple Man's unique progressive style.] https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-walking-to-reality-60-mins-simple-style Walking To Reality II. SITES: FREE DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD! * DOWNLOAD NEW TRACKS: [soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1] FOLLOW THE NEWS HERE: [Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/simplemanmusic] CLIPS, MOVIES, VISUALS: [Video Channel: http://www.youtube.com/simplemantrip] MIXES IN MORE STYLES: [Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/simplemanmusic/] III. SPECIAL PROGRESSIVE STYLE: Simple Man Project was started in 2010. His music is very special: we can feel intelligent tunes, cosmic melodies, natural peace and spiritual feeling. Follow Simple Man and be the part of the Intelligent Magic! https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-the-soundlovers-runaway-special-2015-rework Simple Man & The Soundlovers – Runaway (2015.05.01.) "Music is Art, its aim is teaching, delectation, relaxation. Music has to amuse us and music has to advance the Mind, the Brain and the Soul to a higher level, music has to convey marvellous feelings, music has to destroy egoism, it has to create Peace and Love. Music is a Power, music can open humans’ eyes, show our Home, show whole Universe, lead to think, music can invite us to dream and it can develope Intelligence and Self-Reliance."
  8. I recently heard a experimental goa tune by someone called goaTree which was pushed to 160bpm and I absolutely love it! I've always liked hard acid techno/psy and wondered if anyone knew any played at similar speeds? Example below (at least wait till 1:45 to judge ): https://soundcloud.com/goatree/theres-an-order-to-my-chaos-wip
  9. Tracklist - 01 Digicult - Star Travel (Talamasca Remix) 02 Dgivash vs. Sonic Elysium - Moola Mantra 03 John 00 Fleming & The Digital Blonde - Oxygene (Eleusyn Remix) 04 Rye Smugglers - I Feel Love (Perfect Match Remix) 05 U-Recken - Zoodoo 06 Ananda Shake - Street Fighters 07 Digicult - Soul Samadhi 08 Icon - Passing Time (Sugah & Bekas Remix) 09 SynSUN, Insum - Brave Heart 10 Quazax - Time Slip, Vol. 2 11 Indra - Claudius Maximus Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/hyperstyles-CD09 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: https://bit.ly/itune...perstyleslentej
  10. Tracklist - 01 Ananda Shake - High Drive 02 Ananda Shake - Total Overdosed 03 Vibe Tribe - Albert Balbert 04 Sigma - Magnetic Field 05 Tropical Bleyage - Sunrise 06 Tropical Bleyage - Bleyology 07 Phoenix Family - Meta Dimension feat. Altom & Chromatone 08 Psyshark - LSD 09 Electric Universe - Psystep (Maitreya edit) 10 Sychodelicious - Out Of Sense 11 Kali - Big Bang 12 Laughing Buddha & Tristan - Back In The Game 13 Digidep - Avalon 14 Bakahira Elements - Lama 15 Coral - Oracular 16 Mothership Loudspeakerz - Evolution of Dance 17 Vibraddict - Acid Droper (Psyfullohms Remix) 18 ITP - Gato Escaldado Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/hyperstyles-CD09 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: https://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  11. Hey everyone I've recently made one of my track "Secret" downloadable for free! It's available in both mp3 and wav format. Go check it out! https://soundcloud.com/aptitudelive/aptitude-secret
  12. Tracklist - 1 Dreaml4nd - Zelda Is Back 2 Wavelogix - The Beauty Of Compassion 3 Sonic Elysium - Moscow 3980 4 Dual Filters - Soon (Livemix) 5 Cosmic Mind - Open Your Mind 6 Mind Controller & Digital Tribe - Anyones Dreamful (Shake Remix) 7 Power Source - Granada (Bizarre Contact Remix) 8 Virtual Light - Venusian 9 Space Monkey - Machine Rhythm [CLASSIC] 10 01-n - Grimoire 11 Shadai, T.D.R - Iori Yagami (Etnia Remix) Happy Holidays! DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/hyperstyles-CD08 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: https://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  13. OUT NOW! Goa Madness Records is proud to present you the debut album of Alexandre Cohen aka Ephedra: JOURNEY THROUGH MY HEAD! After releases on labels such as Suntrip records, Sita records, Timewarp records and much more... Ephedra is now back with 9 full lenght tracks filled with euphoric melodies, acid sounds and drivin basslines. The album starts with some acidic madness and evolves psychedelicly to the more melodic and morning side of Goatrance, leading you into a magical universe full of mysterious sounds... This piece of art will take you on a journey through Ephedra's deepest thoughts and will make you dance with your eyes closed. Just listen and let yourself go... Tacklist: 1: Ephedra: We are not alone in the universe 2: Ephedra: Beyond spaces 3: Ephedra: Crispy biscuits 4: Ephedra: Souls in trance 5: Ephedra: The walk of the little green man 6: Ephedra: Little molecules 7: Ephedra: Experiments 8: Ephedra: Bubblelized 9: Ephedra: Smiling sun Artwork by Neogoa Preview: https://soundcloud.com/goa-madness-records/ephedra-journey-through-my Buy here: (physical) Beatspace Psyshop Buy here: (Digital) Beatspace I-tunes Beatport Juno
  14. Title: Simple Man - TRIP 2.0 Artist: Simple Man Label: Simple Man Music (free) Genre: Exotic House Format: Digital Download Release Date: 20.09.2014. Simple Man - the first Exotic House artist TRIP 2.0​ Simple Man's second beautiful album. Special melodies. The style is really unique: Simple Man is the first Exotic House artist. Simple Man - the first Exotic House artist. Exotic House: special progressive house music with egzotic melodies and clear, peaceful and affectionate atmosphere. Simple Man: music without record label, so every track is Free. Exotic House: the uplifting magic. You can download it easily (free) from the official site: DOWNLOAD HERE​ Tracklist: 01 Sky At Night 02 Voyager 03 No Money No War 04 Fire Harmony 05 Symphony Of Dolphins 06 The Jungle 07 Dance In The Rain 08 Message From Earth 09 Club On The Moon 10 Feel The Sun JOIN SIMPLE MAN'S FACEBOOK IF YOU LIKE THIS MUSIC "Clear head is the Clear Head! Improve yourself! Be aware of temptation and drugs! This is the real freedom, the real power!" Simple Man ​
  15. listen the great new album by Arronax! full melodic goa trance! samples accesible through stryder facebook page! mastered by stryder! i kept the samples very 'teasing',not revealing the best melodies and parts, only hinting them! so stay tuned for the full release! especially track 2 and 4!!!!!!!!! setting new standards in terms of loudness and clarity in this release for my mastering service! https://www.facebook.com/stryderq
  16. "Unity" the new album by SUDUAYA http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/unity http://www.altar-records.com/unity.html http://www.altar-records.com/Newsletter_45.html A not-to-be-missed down-tempo album by Suduaya, entitled "Unity" coming up this fall 2013 on Altar Records ... ... . Louis-David has been touring the world with his guitar since 2010 playing live sets of top-class progressive and ambient music. His music encourages people to gather onto the dance floor, enjoying an open earth experience and a deep communion all together with nature. Enjoy! http://www.altar-records.com http://www.altar.bandcamp.com
  17. There were a lot of psytrance releases in 2013, and the last time I made a prog-psy mix, I hammered out a heavy-hitter. Laying it down again this time with more lush, rich, and delicate psytrance. I sorted through a large number of tracks from last year through this year to whittle down to this mix, and reloaded my arsenal with weapons. I dug deep for these treasures, so enjoy the freshest progressive tunes around! Play it loud! Alter Nature - Bursting With Life [Ovnimoon] Flowjob & Motion Drive - Vibrating [iono] Mind Spin - Flow [Digital Nature] Lyctum - Cosmic Web [TesseracTstudio] Nick Sentience - Expand Your Mind [LW] Vibrasphere - Autumn Lights (Mindwave Remix) [JOOF] Solarix & Opposite 8 - Fast Train [utopia Progressive] Pulsar & Liquid Sound & Source Code - Sea Tales [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Smoke Sign - Dazed Goodbye (Harmless Prankster Remix) [GOA] Liquid Space - Offbeat Meeting [iono] Major Source - Genuine [sadhu] Waveform - Magic Therapy [Landmark] Techyon & Mother Womb - Fountain of light [Digital Freedom] Lyctum - They Are Here [Digital Freedom] Image credit: C-91 Ziptnf - Magic Treasure (77:55) 178MB ~320kbps
  18. darkill

    Phobia - Adaptation

    Information : Artist : Phobia Title : Adaptation Label : Tactic Records Date : 24 June 2008 Genre : Psy-trance Tracklist : 1. Misconduct 2. Third Stream 3. Mix Shake 4. Grind (Phobia Remix) 5. Plant Yourself 6. Adaptation 7. Night Parade 8. Culture Hall 9. The Rite of Spring 10. Counter Point Review : Phobia, the psychedelic trance project (Don't confuse it with the drum n bass artist), made one, and only one Album, called Adaptation. It has not reach a high succes, however it does not remove anything to the great quality and to the amazing tracks of this album. The most known track made by Phobia is surely Turbulence, which one isn't include in this album. Let's have a further look in this album ! Miscondust : The first track of this album is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! It start with some Piano notes and finish in a whole symphony ! On 1:08, Phobia give the song it's kick and bassline. Fast come background sounds and melodies. The song grow up, than come a break, and so on. All that is greatly done, but the best is coming later. At 3:08, you can clearly hear the main melodies coming up, and on 3:25 the whole stuff is just released. Waouv ! Amazing melodies, never heard such thing in any other Psychedelic trance song. It seriously sound like a Mozart melody, in a modern way, under a psychedelic form. At 4:24 come a break, but fast the main melody come back, this time it sound differently than before, and I've to say this second part of the song is a little bit disappointing. I mean, it's still good, going with build up and break, it kept the great melody, but it isn't as good as the first part of the song. Well anyway, how could Phobia throw it better than he did in the first part ? Anyway, a great song, for sure the best of the album, and one of the best Psychedelic Trance song I ever heard ! Third Stream : The song start with some strange sound, but then come the great bassline with nice kick. Everything is building up and on 1:27, Phobia just release all that to give the song a nice dynamic. Later you can hear a sample and some background sounds. I personnaly like it, it give this song a nice atmosphere, not as deep as an Atma song, but still phobia is doing it well. However, the melodies are less present than it was in the previous song. You have to wait until 5:27 to be able to hear the main melody. But then, it come, and ooh boy, it come very nicely, growning up slowly but surely ! And on 6:00 the whole stuff is just droped. Pretty good song, however the main melody could have been more worked. Mix shake : This time Phobia starts it with a melody, and than the song is growing up. In this track, voice samples are used a lot. I like how Phobia edited the voice samples and played with it during the whole song. Sur, it's not as good as how Infected Mushroom does it, but it's still nicely done. On 2:17 come the bassline and kick, and for sure everyone aren't going to like it, however I do. With the voice sample that come then, it just give this track a nice rythmic. On 3:59, you can hear some acid sounds, which actualy fits well with the song. And at 5:17, you can clearly hear the main melody. Very nice, sounding like if Mozart made it, seriously ! And than Phobia add the bassline, and everything is greatly growing up, with another melody in background. At 6:10, the song is clearly taking another dimension, playing with the melodies, giving the whole track a great dynamic and power. The basslines aren't exceptionnal, it's quite basic bassline, but the melody are greatly done, you can feel that Phobia worked a lot on them. Another great song ! Grind (Phobia remix) : This is a remix of the song "Grind", made by Tactic Mind and Loud. This track sound differently from the other one of the album. It has a darker Atmosphere, with a heavier kick. The song isn't very interesting until 3:23 . Until there, except nice edited voice samples, there's nothing extraordinary. But on 3:23, the song is growing up, and on 3:35 it's just amazing ! Very nice bassline and kick. Another big break, and the whole thing is going on again on 5:15. Nice background melody and nice growing up stuff ! It's on 5:44 that the entire thing is just droped. That's nice, but not as good as in the other track of the album. Overall, a correct track but far away from the first one ! Plant yourself : Again, some voice sample, growing up stuff, and at 0:55 come kick and the nice bassline. As in the other song, background melodies and some acid sounds are used to build the track up. I don't like much the background sound on 2:31, that doesn't sound very well, but except that, there's not much things to say : the track is nicely builded up, but it miss of something big, with a great melody, at the middle of the song. But it's at 5:00 that the song is being great. a voice sample come with a background melody - which is slowly growing up, until reaching it's higher point. And on 5:42, you can hear an amazing symphony, a great combinaison realized with kick, bassline, snare, hat, melodies and spacy sounds...Something that, again, I've never heard in any other Psychedelic Trance song, except in the other track of this album. A good track, but why do we have to wait so long to realize that the track is so amazing ? Could be better if the first part of the song included more melodies ! Adaptation : Another song with some good melodies ! However, in this one, except the good melodies, there's nothing that stand out of the track ! It's still nicely going on, with good ascents and break, but the track isn't amazing. Not a bad song, but the worse one of the album. Night Parade : The song start with a strange sound, I don't really like it. Then, as for the other track, come the kick and bassline. It's not bad, but it's a bit getting repetitiv. I means, the bassline isn't amazing, backgrouds effects sound are still made of good quality, but there's nothing exceptionnal. But the "second" part of the song (I means after the big break at the middle of the song), at 4:20, changes everything. It's slowly but surely growing up, using a voice sample from the famous film "8 Miles" (I was watching this film the other day, when suddenly I heard someone speaking in the film, and my brain was like "Oooh I already heard that in a psychedelic trance song !"). And on 4:59, Phobia is giving all the stuff he got, to give this track a great dynamic, with nice melodies and background sounds. But here again, why do we have to wait all this time to be able to hear this nice builded up stuff ? So, not a bad song, but I would say that the first part of the song isn't very good. It's in the second part of the song that things are good ! Culture Hall : This song contains some french samples, which you do not often hear in Psychedelic trance song (Except in some Jaia's song). It uses nice effects and background sounds, but as for the other song, the first part of the track isn't very amazing. It's when come a big break, at the middle of the song, and especially when everything is dropped, at 4:39, that this track is getting awesome. At 4:39, there's a very nice bassline with nice melody going on in background. At 6:25, the song reach it's higher point. This is at this moment that the whole symphony is going on, with good kick and bassline, awesome background effect and a great melody ! A good track, but the first part of the track still need few improvements. The rite of Spring : One of my favourite song of the album, because you don't have to wait the middle of the song to hear something exceptionnal. During the whole song, Phobia use edited voice samples and some melodies to build up this great track. On 1:56, by example, the voices samples goes very well with the rest of the song. I've to say the kick is very powerfull and the bassline is quite good. Sure, that doesn't sound like any other psychedelic trance track, but this is also what make this track so original and pleasant to listen. There is always something different going on. By example, at 3:17, a nice melody grows up in background. There isn't any moment where you find it repetitiv, Phobia always give you something awesome to listen. On 3:56, it's just amazing how the melody sounds good ! Counter Point : Here we go with last track of the album. Another song with many melodies, accompanied with nice bassline and kick. I've to say that at the beginning of the song, it contains the melodies that I do like the less of the entire album. It's correct, but it could have be better if the melodies were simply different at the start. However, this sound like something fresh in the psychedelic trance genre, something that I've never heard before, and this contribute to make this album so particular. In the second part of the song (starting at 5:30, slowly building up and going to a very nice melody !), you can hear a very nice melody with nice background sounds. And on 6:09, you have another great symphony, with amazing melody, later accompanied with samples that fit it very well. A very nice track, not one of the best of the album, but still a good one ! Overall : Adaptation is definitly an amazing psy-trance album ! Every track sounds like not any other psy-trance track does, which make it very fresh and pleasent to listen. Almost every songs contain incredible melodies, with great ascents and break, leading to awesome symphony ! Just damn it that for a lot of track, the second part, when everythings stop and when come a big break and then when the song build up again, is the best part of the song. Often, the first part only lay the foundation of the track with the kick, the basslines and some backgrounds sound. A lot of track could have been better if the main melody were use since the start of the track to build something big. The first track of the album is a great example : since the debut of the song, you can hear the main melody, but it's only at the middle of the song that you hear this melody at it's best point, when it's totally developped. Sure, it's also a question of personnal taste, and everybody aren't going to be agree with my opinion, but this is one of my favourite psychedelic trance album. I never ever heard such symphonies in any other Psychedelic trance song, that what make this Album so good. Best track : 1, 9 Worst track : 6 Rating : 9/10 To buy it : Psyshop Discogs Amazon
  19. Flying Spores Records is proud to present Elevator Freak Out ep by Colorshape. Serious music for psychedelic trance lovers with a unique flavor that will most definitely be played for a very long time. If You are looking for pumping tracks with funky bass grooves that scorch the ground under your feet, with grandiose melancholic synth lines, pulsating soundscapes and full of deep emotions, this EP is for You! All the tracks on the EP have been thoroughly tested on various dance floors in the recent months, and resulted in massive reactions by the crowds. Get yours now!! http://www.beatport....k-out-ep/925483
  20. Fallen in love with DnB again! Hospital records ftw Can't get enough of atmospheric and melodic DnB. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4rt6Nxdm4Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZHl4TEZJlc (storytelling ftw) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMGBe7K6YO0 Post your favourite dnb as of late and I'll gladly take recommendations of stuff like these
  21. Hello folks! Started to put all my psy online, and eventually It'll all be there... most of it is rather old, dating back some 10 years or so. Here's one EP.... http://verbalise.bandcamp.com/album/angels-studs-ep
  22. mote. Dust Particle 01. - Dust Particle 02. - Widachi 03. - Life is Large Floating through the atmosphere, unnoticed, a microcosm of particles exists in the space that the human perceives as nothingness. So too, in the macroscopic universe, the human is an infinitely small speck, a particle, a mote. Dust Particle is the free debut EP release from mote from Brisbane, Australia; a carefully crafted sonic sculpture inspired by the journey of space dust floating through the atmosphere. With melodies shimmering like dust glinting in the morning sun, and orchestration that lulls you into a sweet melancholia; dust particle leaves you with a taste of things to come. Artwork by Lewis Smart (AsylumSeaker) Mastering by Felix Greenlees (Terrafractyl) Released 22/01/2012 http://www.mote-music.bandcamp.com also now available on Ektoplazm! http://www.ektoplazm...e-dust-particle
  23. Qubenzis Psy Audio invites you for a one hour epic musical story. A journey into a world of well produced, original, percussively intelligent, underground (kind of melodic) Psychedelic Trance. --------- Album Info --------- Name: Alien Face Lift 2012 Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio Style: Psychedelic, Melodic Length: 59:35 min Tracks: 7 Released: 1/1/2012 Net Label: Qubetech.net Track List --------- 1 - 9:10 min 142bpm - Synchronicity By Design 2 - 7:45 min 143bpm - Breakfast on Sirius A 3 - 9:18 min 143bpm - Ark of the Covenant 4 - 9:23 min 146bpm - Twisted History 5 - 8:19 min 144bpm - Banana Republic Earth 6 - 8:43 min 142bpm - The Ant People 7 - 7:06 min 143bpm - Liquid Impressions QPA clearly define the Alien presence in the music by blending mind teasing sound samples with melodic, bubbling twisted synthesizers. A "wake up" call to all you guys who still doubt that 2012 (and onward) is an extremely crucial time period for the evolution & ascension of humanity. --------- Links --------- BUY WAV, FLAC, MP3 320kb... http://www.qubenzis....-face-lift-2012 Free MP3 192kb........................ http://www.qubenzis....-free-mp3-192kb Full Tracks previews.................. http://qubenzis.band...-face-lift-2012 Video :: Banana Republic Earth. http://www.youtube.c...bed/fOFOdetGRJo BooooM Namaste Peace Qubenzis Psy Audio
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