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Found 8 results

  1. 4.49 Gathering - 2015.06.19-21 (70 kms from Budapest, Hungary - exact location in June) Mainstage: TRANSDRIVER (Impulse Audio Records) RU - First time in Hungary! Horizon (Cosmixedsociety / Funnymoon) USA Chudl AT Alien Hardware Ape Rape Aurafood Comsat & Petar (Psychotrica Recods) Dr Space (Starsheep Systems) garf.ield Haunted Castle Hopax Narny Psylocida Steiner Tsubi Zegotha (Psychotria Records) Second stage: Alagi (Tilos) BB303 Brian Grassfield Hopax Joke Kimón Nasca (4.49) OhmikRon Papa (Tilos) Pozor (Bazaar Kings) Rúka Sunshine Superman Steiner Thomato Transquatix Tsubi Before party - June 19: Rootshaper Liquida (Candy Team) ExaGhost MHO Sziadam Workshops, lectures, outdoor activities: Acro yoga Hatha yoga Ayurveda workshop Gravel painting workshop Hoopdance workshop Felting workshop Slackline workshop The organisers maintain the right to change the program! Facebook event http://www.449gathering.org/ ✈ Tickets ✈: - Presale ticket: 5800 huf or 20 eur Available at Mangro Forest Art Studio (Budapest, 1088, Vas u. 7.) [mangroforest.com] - Until June 5th - At the gate: 7000 huf or 25 eur - Daily ticket valid from saturday noon: 4500 huf or 15 eur Please keep in mind, that only 550 tickets will be available for the festival!
  2. SIMPLE MAN [the simple trip] https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-euphoria-vocal-mix Simple Man - Euphoria (2015.05.01.) I. Biography: Simple Man was born in a peaceful and friendly town in the middle of a beautiful land (The Great Hungarian Plain). He was a very clever and respectful boy. His first teachers realised that he is a genius. He was entered for many competitions and all of his school reports were excellent. Later he became the member of the school's Maths Course. He was interested in life, universe, music and natural science. He won an ortographical and a music competition, wrote poems and he liked reading documentary books and polite literature. In the secondary grammar school his Mind was trained by the Facultative Maths Education. His leaving certificate was excellent again. In the next years he studied economy in Budapest Business School and programming in University of Szeged. [special artist mix in Simple Man's unique progressive style.] https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-walking-to-reality-60-mins-simple-style Walking To Reality II. SITES: FREE DOWNLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD! * DOWNLOAD NEW TRACKS: [soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1] FOLLOW THE NEWS HERE: [Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/simplemanmusic] CLIPS, MOVIES, VISUALS: [Video Channel: http://www.youtube.com/simplemantrip] MIXES IN MORE STYLES: [Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/simplemanmusic/] III. SPECIAL PROGRESSIVE STYLE: Simple Man Project was started in 2010. His music is very special: we can feel intelligent tunes, cosmic melodies, natural peace and spiritual feeling. Follow Simple Man and be the part of the Intelligent Magic! https://soundcloud.com/simple-man-1/simple-man-the-soundlovers-runaway-special-2015-rework Simple Man & The Soundlovers – Runaway (2015.05.01.) "Music is Art, its aim is teaching, delectation, relaxation. Music has to amuse us and music has to advance the Mind, the Brain and the Soul to a higher level, music has to convey marvellous feelings, music has to destroy egoism, it has to create Peace and Love. Music is a Power, music can open humans’ eyes, show our Home, show whole Universe, lead to think, music can invite us to dream and it can develope Intelligence and Self-Reliance."
  3. hi people, let me introduce the hungarian Psychotria Record's first psychill release: http://psychotriarecords.bandcamp.com/releases feel free to listen to it!
  4. So anyone coming to S.U.N. Festival? I'm eager to see what the crew split from OZORA in 2011 will cook up for us. The lineup seems really yummy, highlighting what I definitely don't want to miss: Main Stage: Anestetic (TimeCode/OneFootGroove) - PT Animato (FM Booking) - ISR Art of Trance (Platipus Records) - UK Atmos (Atmotech/Iboga Records) - SWE Beat Bizarre (Iboga Records) - DK BLT (Iboga Records) - ISR Boom Shankar (B.M.S.S. Records) - GER Bumbling Loons (Flyhing Rhino Records) - UK Cosmosis "Retro Set" (Holophonic Records) - UK Daksinamurti (Timecode-Sangoma) - GER Darwish (Circle of Life) - ISR Djane Gaby (DreamVision/CosmicLeaf) - SLV Eat Static (Mesmobeat Records) - UK E-Clip (IONO Music) - SRB Egorythmia (IONO Music) - MK Emok (Iboga Records) - DK Filteria (Suntrip Records) - GRE Freedom Cafe (S.U.N. Studio) - HUN Gorgo (Human Touch/S.U.N. Studio) - HUN Infinity Project by Raja Ram (T.I.P. Records) - UK James Monro (Flyhing Rhino Records) - UK Killerwatts (Nano Records) - UK Liquid Soul (Iboga Records) - CH Liquid Ace (Iboga Records) - CH/ISR Logic Bomb (T.I.P. Records) - SWE Loud (Iboga Records) - ISR Man With No Name (Dragonfly Records) - UK Mindwave (IONO Music) - ISR Mirror Me (Zenon Records) - PL Oleg (Human Touch/S.U.N. Studio) - HUN Omka (Moksha Pproject/S.u.n Festival) - ISR Ovnimoon "Message through Space" (Ovnimoon Records) - CL Penta (Auraquake Records) - RUS Perfect Stranger (Iboga Records) - ISR Pleiadians (Etnicanet Records) - ITA Protonica (IONO Music) - GER Robert Elster aka Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision) - SWE Shadow Fx (Zenon Records) - AUS Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) - UK Sonic Species (Alchemy Records) - UK Space Tribe (Space Tribe Music) - AUS Subconsciousmind (Somuna Festival) - CH Tetrameth (Zenon Records) - AUS Ticon "Retro Set" (Iboga) - SWE Transwave (3D Vision Records) - FR Tristan (Nano Records) - UK Tsubi (Human Touch/S.U.N. Studio) - HUN Union Jack (Platipus Records) - UK X-Dream Retro Set (Jan Muller) - GER Zen Mechanics (Neurobiotic Records) - NL -Z- (Alpha & Antagon) feat. McCoy (Interzone pa) - GER Younger Brother set by Benji Vaughan (Twisted Records) - UK Chillout Stage: Add Simeon (Something Groovy) - UK Amphle Cube (aka Skarma) - HUN Ancient Core feat. Alexandru Marius , ATATI, ALPHA Argaman (Fairytale Records) - ISR Asura (Ultimae Records) - FR Audiocompress (Independent) - HUN Aurafood (S.U.N. Studio) - HUN Atati (Transcarpatian records) - UKR Bayawaka - ISR BB303 (HumanTouch) - HUN Blue Planet Corporation (Flyhing Rhino/DAT Records) - FR Blue Tech (Aleph Zero Records) - USA Buxi (Psybaba Records) - HUN Carstus Minimus (BMSS Records) - GER Cell (Ultimae Records) - FR Circular (Ultimae Records) - FR Cygna (Ultimae Records) - FR Dovla (Interchill/Flow) - CRO Dr Victor (Independent) - HUN Eitan Reiter (Aleph Zero Records) - ISR Entheogenic (Universal Symbiosis Records) - AT/UK Fishimself (Ultimae Records) - GR Fornax Chemica (T.O.T.E.M.) - HUN Hallucinogen in Dub set by OTT (Twisted Records) - UK Iain Dubb (Something Groovy) - UK Isu (Akt Records) - HUN Kukan Dab Lagan (MikelaBella Rec) - ES Maha Sun (Synergetic Records) - CH Mahiane (Ultimae Records) - FR Mesterhazy (Independent) - HUN Miktek (Ultimae Records) - FR Mizoo (Ultimae Records) - FR Nanda (Chilosophy) - CL N.A.S.A. (IONO Music/Iboga Records) - DK Nitelight (NVC) - HUN Nova (Ultimae Records) - IT OTT (Twisted Records) - UK Shahar (Independent) - ISR Shulman (Aleph Zero Records) - ISR Simon Baring (Neon Bookings) - UK Suduaya (Altar Records) - FR Tilen (Ultimae Records) - FR Tajmahal (Ultimae Records) - FR Takkra (S.U.N. Studio) - HUN Tanutuva (S.U.N. Studio) - HUN Tilen (Ultimae Records) - SLV Tori Baba (Organic Trance Records )- ISR Twang (S.U.N. Studio) - HUN Virgács & Andor (Independent) - HUN
  5. viljem

    Ozora 2013

    Hello fellow trancers! Today we are going to Ozora and I just wanted to ask you what is the status with the police on the gates? We are going to come in early morning hours. Is anyone there already so you can inform us with the situation at the gates? I hope this festival can be about free love and music so everyone can have a special time Love to all!
  6. Hi there! Well, this is my new mix: Dj NasCa - Over The Drop Mix Tracklist: TITLE / ARTIST: 1. Proof - Electric Mirror 2. Mental Contamination - Insane Creatures 3. Forgotten Capital - Lab 4. Mr. Shinkilow - Gu 5. Depth Deception - Deep Brin From Bosis 6. Underwear On Fire - Digitalist 7. Just Chaos - Psyfactor 8. Brain Interface - Agarmedia 9. Double Rainbow - Overdream 10. Circus Obscurus - Antagon LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/dj-nasca/over-the-drop-promo-mix-2013 Regards! N
  7. Welcome Visitor! I am Simple Man from Hungary. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with this magical movie! Simple Man - Wonderful Christmas My official site is: www.simpleman.hu - download my music - it's free...
  8. Simple Man MEDITATION (history of five years) Meditation is a special collection of Simple Man's music art from 2006 to 2011. Most of the tracks have been never listened before... Free download! www.simpleman.hu ALBUM TRAILER -> Psychedelic music shows abstract, special emotions, feelings. We can forget the boring days, matters, ordinary feelings and reality. Simple Man places the music of universe, intelligence and a dark fantasy into this style. He starts a „big jumping” from reality, opens the space, time, shows the wonders and the galactic monsters. The music is fast, energetic, tunes are varied and high in special effects. Sometimes chillout and ambient atmospheres, tempos fly into the foreground and bring us into the endless, unknown… Simple Man’s Art is an anthem to the Intelligence, the Knowledge, the Mind, the Unknown and the Universe. Simple Man’s style is specific: he mixtures the elements of trance, progressive goa with the traits of psychedelic minimal and chillout and the result is the well-known „Simple Man Sounding”. Simple Man - music of our wonderful Universe from... Hungary...
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