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  1. i'm going to India as well but only leaving in december i guess you won't be there by that time. Not that i mean IF you were there we would do some gay stuff like arrange a blind date or sth but still , where are you goin India's pretty big.. It's ok i don't like his music anyways go ask him
  2. but you are coming back afterwards right? i sure hope so, you are Killarghhh stuff
  3. ah k i thought you were serious *sighs with relief Ot: i agree with this guy above me, i never liked GMS one bit, no soul no groove nothing just simply bass and waaay to many sounds randomly flying by.
  4. I have the same problem. Last week we were at a festival, on the dancefloor where me and her connect very good, or at least used to. We were there, but there was no connection, no chills going down my spine, no goosebumps, no infinite smile, nothing. As i was hopelessly trying to communicate as spontanious as possible like the first time we met, the mere trying to be spontanuous made it impossible. For the first time with here on a dancefloor i felt like there was something wrong. Was it something about her, did she indeed become ill, or has she just been abused too much, raped one time too many. Or is it just me that has changed? Who is to say? I will keep following what she is doing, hoping that one day she'll find renewed energy, she'll get back to her old self, and remeber that something special isn't achieved through conformism! I will not lose hope though, and for sure will not forget the unbelievable moments i had with here, which i treasure in my hart like nothing else. Luckily i can still get goosebumps from those memories, or else i would just be a lost boy in a miserable world. Those memories help keep me on my feet, they tell me that magic is no fairy tale thingy, no firebolts cast by ancient magicians in some long forgotten time. It is omnipresent, open for all to see, hear and feel. At least that is a thought nobody will ever take away from me, i am eternally grateful to her for that.
  5. I just discovered this album from Glight - Final Element (deja vu records) Was this album a huge bomb when it was released? I seem to think not since i have never heard of it, but i miss alot, so. But if it wasn't, it's a shame... well anyway, this is thè shit for me, damn, can't get enough of it, it's f*cking brilliant! Melodic all the way without losing any of the psychedelic touch, and pumping like it darn well should be on a dancefloor! pff i dare to say even it's one of my favourite albums, at least that's the feeling i have when i listen to it! Strongly recommended if you like fast morning stuff, NON-Fullon ofc. Favourite trax: 1(!!!), 3(!),5,7(!),9(!!)
  6. No u may not! Get in line with everyone else, say what they want you to say or otherwise just shut up. Thx.
  7. I find that in the first album you could really hear where Raja's influence came in. This album that is very much less so obvious. I feel that here there input was very well blent in together. Off course it's just my perception, i could be terribly wrong here off course... Apart from that side note i'm beginning to fall in love with this album the more i listen to it. But indeed, the beginning is bad. When the warm bassline kicks in at around 8.00 mins, the real thing begins. From there on it's brilliant, with some lesser parts towards the middle/end.
  8. Heh, great amout of thanks for this link, i'm really enjoying it!
  9. I've downloaded it as well but i am for sure going to buy it. The more i am listening to this, the more it's growing on me, which can only mean one thing for me. It's SHPONGLE all right! Can't wait for the cristal clear cd quality... It's far too early it to say wether it will come next to the first in my ranking. Almost impossible since there is no Behind Closed Eyelids kind of track on it (as far as i've noticed already), which from minute 6.00 till the end is simply imo the best peice of electronic music i've ever had the pleasure of listening to. It just explains beauty to me in a way words could never do. I've had it for 3 years now, and i still just can't get enough of that piece, i wish it lasted longer, infinetly longer. But, nothing lasts i guess...
  10. Last night someone broke into sevryn's girlfriends' car and stole the last eight years of his work, all the banners that were hung at the alladin project / wizzy noise party. the thief left other expensive items such as a digital camera, binoculars, ect and only took the artwork. PLEASE if you know anything about the missing artwork contact jason (jason@subtlechaos.org 917 903 0428) or sevryn of pulse industries. a no questions asked BIG reward is being offered for any information that leads to the return of his artwork. You can find images of the artwork here www.severyn.com (spread this msg pls...) (and mods, i don't know which section is visited most so i posted it in 2, sry)
  11. Well, first i want to say i really love this album alot. (not all tracks off course) Does anyone classify this as typical fullon? I for one absolutely don't. And could someone maybe suggest some more of this kind of music/artists? What labels should i mostly check? to get enough music to play a set of this kind of music. thx.
  12. here's a completely incoherent list of some of the songs i've been listening to of late. I don't give a damn 'bout styles or whatever. this list is as incoherent as can be but consists of track i each like alot in their own way. Some are old, some new but i all love them and have been in my playlist alot especially these past few days! Prometheus - Mekong Delta BLT & Danni Makov - Gracefull dead Parasense - Step like this fREQ - Return of the Masters Dark Nebula - Dark nektar Yahel - Intelligent life Scatterbrain - Infernal Angel Echotek - Deep to tiv Shpongle - Behind closed eyelids
  13. If i may give you a tip? Don't try to get a typical type of bass, this is souding ok, so keep on working with what you like, not what you think it's supposed to sound. just my 2 cents ofc.
  14. i'm really looking forward to this release as well, hope it will colour up my summer listening.
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