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  1. Artist...Talpa Title.....The Art Of Being Non Label...Sundance In July of 2003 I posted a topic about an upcoming psy-trance producer called Talpa. I posted a link to download his live set at the Transplant 10 show last year. Well finally over a year later his label has finally released his album. What a damn wait it has been too... I wrote a long and in-depth review but fucking AOL froze up and I lost all of that post...god dammit! Anyway, here is a shorter review... Following are short descriptions of each track, followed by a conclusion TRACK DESCRIPTIONS 01. First Ray Of Light Do you like shpongle? Well then this is the song for you! This opener is a nice trippy but chilled track full of a a mesmorizing flute that flows in and out of your soul like a needle through fabric. There are weird, eerie and crazy effects bouncing all around your confused brain sending you into psychedelic overload. If that isn't enough then the percussive ending will get you ready for what is next to come... 02. My Kingdom You want energy? Come no further than the first track on the album. It's full on psychedelic and melodic energy that's never resting. It charges every cell in your body and then sweeps you off your feet with gorgeous melodies that sound almost gothic-church-like. Before you know it your back thrusted into the mayhem and your skull gets blown apart from all the musical madness. This is quality psy-trance. 03. Trust No Goblin Imagine eating a quarter bag of psychedelic mushrooms and then getting shrunk and placed inside a goblins mind. If you can't imagine what that would be like then listen to this song and you'll have a pretty good idea. No, seriously...The effects and sounds in this song are weird, demented, twisted, playful and at times almost laughable. A true testament to psychedelic effects and manipulation. 04. No Place To Hide Funk, groove, energy, melody you name it this song has got it. It's full on and attacking but playful and very groovey at the same time. The melodic sections are very energetic and get you moving. The effects are twisted and funky and they carry you towards an amazing energetic ending which almost sends you flying through space. 05. Dragon Tale This song is full of top notch fun energy with great vibrant synths to move you like your quantum leaping through a psychedelic portal. Definetly one of the highlights of the album, it catches your attention and never lets go. If this album was Infected Mushroom's "Classical Mushroom", "Dragon Tale" would be this albums "Bust A Move." 06. People Are Animals With a weird vocal sample that talks of drug induced hallucinations of people turning into animals starts off the track you get propelled into a frenzy of crazy effects and goove. While all the psychedelica is keeping you in a whirlwind you get attacked by a monsterous melodic climax which rapes you soul with it's musical glory. 07. Flybeereligion This crazy song, is funky, tripped out and everything inbetween. Mid song incredible melodies soar through you as your lifted in amazing psychedelic energy thats only rivaled at the end of the song when a more dreamy melodies swoop in to carry you off into la la land. Definetly another highlight. 08. The Moon With a great dark vibe and eerie singing vocoded vocals this song tickles you in all the right places. The vocals, while good, are not the most amazing thing you've ever heard. There is really no climax like in the previous songs but the whole vibe of this track is enough to satisfy anybody at this point. It's eerie and groovey enough to make you grandpa run around in drag and dance like a witch calling upon a spell. 09. Rebirth The final dance track on the album is a winner as well. It contains a great bassline and amazingly trippy effects which play around with your senses. The build up is great and the climax is even better because it's full of the desired energy you want and the chaotic psychedelica your mind could possibly handle. It's a great song to end the dance portion of the album. 10. Back To Dreaming Just like in the begining you are treated to another chilled out trip fest. This time you have a strange string instrument and a flute to carve into you. The flute invites you to dance with it's beautifully groovey melody while the psychedelica once again masturbates your senses until you have reached an sensory orgasm, which after listening to this album you surely have already done, 9 times. CONCLUSION: In my opinion there are 3 Psy-Trance producers which have made themselves famous by being the best at what they do and those artists are Infected Mushroom, Simon Posford (& Raja Ram), and Astral Projection. Those 3 are the veterans of this genre and now that their time is almost up the new commers are coming along to make their profound statement within the psy-trance history books. One of these new hopefuls is Talpa. Like the greats of the past Talpa has decided to not follow trends but make them...he is part of the bold, the brave, and the light at the end of the dark tunnel full of wannabe's. Talpa has created an album that is not only aurally pleasing but also very original. While it has the same "Je Ne Sais Quoi" as Infected Mushroom's "Classical Mushroom" it also carries the intelligently twisted manipulation of effects that Shpongle so creatively pioneered. The soundscapes are not only extraordinarly rich, vibrant and colorful but also unique and creative. This album may have influences of artists past but thats where it ends. Talpa has taken brilliant ideas and turned them into his own vision. He has created possibly one of the best psy-trance albums of the past couple years. An interesting fact was that all but one of these tracks were created years ago, some where even made back in 2000. This has been the work of a great mind, and hopefully in the future he will continue to make vibrant albums such as this. If you are a fan of psy-trance and are desperatly in need of some phenominal and orginal music then head over to Psy-Shop or Saiko Sounds to purchase your copy as soon as possible. - Daniel
  2. Since you like all 4 albums I can guarentee you'll like this one. Why ask everyone elses opinion when it's yours who matters most... Listen to the samples at: Infected Mushroom - IM The Supervisor there are 4 minute samples of each song. I think within 4 minutes of hearing a song you'll know whether your liking it or not. Judge for yourself and forget others opinions... If you want mine though... BUY IT!
  3. Infected Mushroom Misted Muppets both had great albums (though some would disagree about IM)... BUT Talpa has beat them out 100% ... by far the BEST album of this year. I have been waiting so damn long for this to get released it's not even funny. Samples are at saiko sounds!!!
  4. whatever... This CD is badly mixed but no one cared to mention the songs??? I think this CD is full of great music but it would have been NOT ruined if it were not mixed.
  5. The samples of this album over at Saiko Sounds sound GREAT!!! I can't wait until i can finally get this CD.
  6. No one is like Infected Mushroom...however there are some people who are resembling them lately. Try these albums: Talpa - The Art Of Being None The Misted Muppets - From The Legend Beat Hackers - System Error If your looking for Melody based psy-trance you must go back to GOA. Try these albums: Astral Projection - Another World Pleiadians - I.F.O. Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet Corp. Yahel - Waves Of Sound
  7. I'm really in love with the track "The Prayer" by Electric Universe. The melodies and intensity is awesome, does anyone have any suggestions for songs that have this same qualities to it?
  8. They aren't selling out. Selling out is when an artist makes a decision based purely on getting money. Infected hasn't done that. They have always had apiratiosn to move in the direction they have. They have always expressed in interviews their dreams and their ideas in music that they have wanted to try, and so they should be condemd (sp?) for stratching that itch??? They aren't selling out, they are merely developing as musicians...You just simply growing out of them instead of growing with them. When you hold onto vices and refuse not to budge and step away from the beaten path you become a prisoner of your own style. Infected has merely tried to keep growing and taking their music places they have always wanted and are ambitious enough to make these bold steps and stand proud of the music they release. That is not selling out. Might I also add that mainstream music does also includes: The Beatles Jimmy Hendrix Elvis Aerosmith Madonna + many more... And so since they are "mainstream" that automatically makes their music crap because people embraced it and pushed it into the international realm? So how come mainstream has become a dirty word that is connoted with worthless. Yes there are tons of mainstream artists that are crap, but there are a handful of them who are geniouses...
  9. I am down right shocked at the IM hatred that is going around lately. This has bothered me so much that I have to make a topic about this and vent a little. #1 People are claiming that IM are just in the music buisiness as of now, for the fame. Since I live in the U.S. (the home of everything mainstream and crap) IM doesn't get a chance to come this way too often. I've flown accross my country to see their live shows on a couple of occasions. They are amazing entertainers first off. But the main point is they stay, as long as people want, after their shows to sign autographs and take pictures with anyone who wants one. They are VERY friendly, down to earth, and normal people who are very appreciative and thankful of where they are and have not even an ounce of conceitedness about them. I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting them every time I have seen a show. I have gone on stage, got items signed, and got a bunch of pictures with them. I even talked to them a little bit. People who are in it for the fame and money don't care about their fans the way IM does. So saying it's all gone to their head and that they think they are above all is total shit. #2 Infected Mushroom is trying to get known on a mainstream scale by the use of accessable lyrics. Ok...hmmm, since The Beatles GREAT music has had a reputation for having great hooks lyrically, either the vocals are simplistic and pleasing or complex. Either way they have the same effect and send the message that they want to send. The Beatles, Elvis, Aerosmith, Madonna...some of the GREATEST entertainers of all time have songs that are littered with catchy and accessable lyrics. Infected Mushroom is a group trying to break barriers and be experimental and forward thinking not like all of the GMS clones and TIP sound-alikes that have littered the scene HORRIBLY for a long long time now. Psy-Trance has turned from the glory days of Astral Projection and MFG to a bunch of music that is emotionless, undistinctive, and not very original. Very few artists in psy-trance now-a-days clearly stick out with a style that is so unique and patend that no one dare copy. Since "The Gathering" came out Infected has lead the way in originality. Classical Mushroom is still the most unique album out there and B.P. Empire reached depths of emotions that NO psy-trance artist has ever reached with the exception of Simon Posfords Shpongle project. With each album they stayed true to their defining ways of always being different not only from the rest of the scene but also from their selves. Each successive album is different from all the rest, having it's own unique sound. I haven't heard ONE psy-trance artist that is as diverse as IM. Back onto the topic of lyrics...Psy-Trance, as a genre is lyricless, where the only other sub genres within EDM that also have no singing lyrics are Techno and Drum & Bass. Infected once again took their inspirations as young musicians and tooka step forwards and made tracks like "Deeply Disturbed" , "Blink" , "I Wish" , "Converting Vegetarians" , "Cities Of The Future" ect. The lyrics may not be deep and pensive where you have to sit for hours figuring out what the hell is meant by them, but they are playful, weird, and accessable just like IM's music has always been...the lyrics are a natural progression of their sound and hasn't tainted it one bit. #3 "IM The Supervisor" album is pure 100% crap... This almost boggles my mind. The only track on this album that is worthless is "Noon" and I would much rather erase my memory of that song than anything else to be honest. I have listened to this album about 10 times already since receiving it yesterday and I have listened carefully to every bar, note, sound, twist, turn, melody, and lyric and have found no serious flaws that could make this album be considered crap. Yes it is so far left of what is out in the psy-scene now, but Infected's music has always been that way. Since Classical Mushroom IM's music has been so far away from any trends within the psy-trance community that they shouldn't even be put in the same genre as other psy-trance artists, because they are in a class of their own. The lyrics of the songs are simple and effective. Their is nothing wrong with them. Just because the lyrics are catchy and accessable that makes it cheesy? I could name 1,000 artists who have equally "cheesy" lyrics that are considered historical legends in the music world. Most people don't look at lyrics too deeply. They tend to take it for face value. They don't look at why they are there, what they do for the song, how they accompany the instruments and musical flow...there's so much to lyrics and vocals that most people just don't care and look at that. The sound fx in this album are so crisp and clean that they shine in ways other fx don't, they really take center stage. Infected has always had a high production value to their songs and all the elements within them. This album is clean, smooth, and innovational with all the sounds it has. One other thing that Infected really shines upon is their AMAZING and SUPERB percussion and basslines. They by far have some of the cleanest and professional sounding kicks, and some of the thickest and grooviest basslines out there. They don't always stick with the 4x4 beat like everyone and their mother does today...they overlap with drums, claps and plenty of other percussive elements that makes their percussion just as important as their melodies. And the melodies are 10x's better than those in any psy-act today, because they are unique, powerful and have great musical structure to them. #4 IM has sold out by trying to appeal to the masses... Infected has always done what they want to do and never do what is wanted of them. They have been very strong minded since their ever so humble beginnings. Duvdev was very into rock music and that whole scene before he was ever a psy-trance producer. Erez was always a fan of classical music and anything melodic and accessable. They both had major appreciation for artists within the word such as Madonna and other internationally known stars. From the VERY beginning of their careers they have expressed their desires to some day make tracks for Madonna, and other "mainstream" acts. They also had, especially Erez, a big dream of some day scoring a sound track to a major motion picture. They have dreams of being stars and making great music that hopefully people would love with them. They started with The Gathering and bloomed as artists in so many different directions ALWAYS trying to be ahead of the curve and not being repetitive. It's NO surprise that they would soon introduce lyrics into their music. Duvdev came from a rock background, of course he appreciates lyrics, and Erez has appreciation for vocal stars as well. Now they have even expressed to fans that for their 6th album they want to finally expand and try something more rock oriented and step away from the psy-trance light to follow other dreams that they had as young and new musicians. They have earned the right to expand and try what they want. Selling out is doing things for the masses, and they simply have grown to this point over the past 8 years. It's not like they are saying screw psy-trance lets do rock and make 1,000,000's of dollars! They opened up a studio in Israel this year for all people to come and use. They are pioneers in music and they have more respect for what they do than any big-headed rock/pop/rap stars. Selling out is something that Infected hasn't even come near. **IN CONCLUSION** Music is my life and it means everything to me. I am an intense fan of music in general and if I could have been a musician I would have, but those just weren't in the cards for me. I love almost every style of music out there...Metal, all forms of EDM, Industrial, Pop, 80's, Disco, Rap, R&B, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical. The only type of music I can't relate to is Country. A motto I live by is "everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone is going to like what you like so get over it." Some people may read that motto and think "well then why the hell are you bitching, just let it fly" and my main reason being is that I am defending great music that is getting slaughtered by people. It's only been people who are so wrapped up within the psy-world ONLY that have seemingly been disgusted with this album. It seems that a lot of you don't have appreciation for music in general. No one here has explained IN DEPTH why they feel so distested towards IM that would make believe is a sane and rational thought and opinion. Theres opinions and then there is just plain banter that shouldn't be counted as anything meaningful. The ONLY psy-trance act that I have been able to get people interested in who aren't fans of EDM at all (and I mean AT ALL) has been Infected Mushroom. I have die hard metal, classical, country, pop, rap fans bowing down to IM's music because they have noticed how amazing and unique it is. People I would have never thought would even give IM the light of day has embraced them AT LEAST to simply appreciate their musical talent. IM's music is a breakthrough for psy-trance because it breaks barriers with every year and it still remains the most accessable music to fans of psy-trance and non fans of EDM period. They have created a space between genres since their beginning that no one else is in. Their music is so complex and thoughtout that it defines orginality and what an experimental mindset is. It's ONLY those people that don't try to understand music that fail to realize how great it is. It happens all the time and will always happen. Most people go for what appeals to them right away, they take things for face value and go with it because it's not challanging to grasp. IM's music has always been challanging to grasp as much as it's been accessable. Once you "get" their music only then do you go "wow, that's some intelligent stuff." There is no real point for this...I won't change anyones opinions and that wasn't my intention in the first place. I could honestly care less if people hate IM at this point. It just aggrivates me to see people who just discard things so quickly. It seems like no one takes the time to look farther into things and find that "zen" moment in EACH style of music to finally go "I understand why this is appreciated by people" ... they don't have to like it or even become a fan, they just have to acknowledge the qualities that are imbeded within music. Learn to understand rather than be stubbornly critical. *PLUR*
  10. ACTUALLY HERE IS A REAL REVIEW.... **(SPECIAL NOTE)** This album is THE BEST and most orignial sounding album this year BY FAR! Their sounds are of amazing production value, so clear, crisp, and like some said plastic. Plastic is good in my book. This album has more orginality in percussion, melodies, and structure than ANYONE else I have heard this year. Misted Muppets put out a strong release but no where near this one. "Stretched" by itself could EASILY be the best song I have heard this year... Template track # track title -- score out of 10.0 -- review ------------ note :: If you don't want to read the track reviews you can always skip down to the end to read my overall review) ------------ TRACK REVIEWS: 01. IM THE SUPERVISOR -- 7.5 -- The title track starts off the frenzy of songs. The intro is taunting and very dark sounding with bass piano notes with a like piano notes playing as well, very good intro. Soon a vocal sample jumps in and says "I'm the supervisor can I get the taxi numer?" and after a few repeats of that the hard pounding kick and attacking bassline jump into take you away. Effects soon litter the song very well. The vocal sample comes back in but it's only bits and peices off it chopped up into effects, very creative. At 2:15 a dark low toned bass driven melody comes in and creates small groove. The at 2:27 some vocoded whines come in to add even more strangeness. This is then followed by some more good effects that are very crisp and clean sounding like in Converting Vegetarians. At 2:56 the track starts to pick up again with it's intense rythm. The bassline is killer might I add once again. The track starts to calm down and at 3:36 the beat leaves and is replaced by some haunting synth pads and some strange effects. At 3:50 the pads leave and the effects change and now there is a distant dig sound ever other bar, very nice touch. You can tell something is coming. Then at 4:03 comes the best groovey melody I have heard in a long time. It's almost disco like but in a very Infected psy-trance type way. Some drums jump in to join the groove. Then at 4:30 some crazy funky high pitched and vocoded vocals come in and sing "dance with me, come on come on, dance with me." I love it! The the track builds with the vocals getting choped up and bouncing around like effects and then explodes into mayhem at 4:55 when the bassline and effects return to join the fray. At 5:54 another groovey melody comes in to add more funk. The drums kick back in and your soon led back into the orginal vocals from the beginning. Soon after that at 6:36 that great groovey melody comes back and has fun with you again, but this time with a different bassline. Soon enough the track winds down and your onto the next track. Good track, but you hope there is better to come. 02. RATIO SHMATIO -- 8.0 -- This track starts off very intense with a slowly building bassline that gets you right from the very second. Then of course the kick gets thrown in and bam your moving into the song! Effects are obviously present and doing their tricks. The track starts to progress and change a little at 1:06 and maybe it's just me but this section of the song reminds me very much of "Yanko Pitch," so much that I'm wondering what they were thinking, but none the less it's good, but a little too familiar for my tastes. At 1:45 the melodies take you into a good psychedelic trip. Then at 3:31 a strange twisted piano comes in and toys with you having fun with your ears with effects wrapping themselves around the melody. At 4:30 is when a great melody comes in a build and builds until it explodes into...you guessed it. Nothing climactic. Once again, like in Horus The Chorus, your tricked and teased. But this tease is a little more enticing because after it builds it drops you into some great effects work, so it aint all that blue balling. The effects and fun leads to a melody which builds and builds, yes this is what you have been waiting for. And finally at 6:54 you are thrown into a great psy style chaotic masterpeice of synths, go Infected! This lasts until 8:38 when your finally dropped back into beats and a totally different bassline. Some effects are added in and then the track ends. I can't say that I like the ending since it is off putting to me. But oh well, I'll let it slide this one time. 03. J.VIEWS - MUSE BREAKS (RMX) -- 7.5 -- Great intro!!! Very dreamy bell-like synths, very beautiful. Weird effects enter followed by some strange old sounding vocals some in which lead up to a nice strong kick, very Infected. Great effects soon follow. Some attacking effects come in to build strength in the track. At 2:04 some cool effects come in and give it a little bit more groove, nothing major though. At 2:18 some more effects come in layering on top adding more groove as well, much better now. At 2:31 there are some very neat effects that kinda sound underwater, very hard to explain, but very kick ass. At 2:48 comes some female vocals that sings some lyrics, not bad. Then at 3:23 some synth pads come in and guides you into some male vocals that are semi reggae-ish. Then after a short rolling build up comes the vocals from the very beginning on top of a good strong kick. Some synths get added to give it more umff. Then a yelling voice leads into some cool effects which leads into a rolling build up which semi explodes into a decent psy-trance chaotic climax. Joyfully at 5:32 a 303 acid line gets thrown in for good measure. The chaos stops at 5:55 and goes into a breakdown with great synth pads and violins. During the breakdown at 6:20 the female vocals come in again which eventually leads to the dreamy bell-like synths that lead you out of this song. 04. MEDUZZ -- 8.5 -- Well not the most impressive intro, but it's ok I guess, nothing special to describe. The bassline enters soon and it's very groovey and playful. The percussion is slowly getting layered drum by drum on top of the bassline and kick, very experimental and empty sounding like in Converting Vegetarians. Not to worry though, at 1:30 some attacking effects come in and at 1:47 it steps up another notch too, it's all about progression and building up I realize, and it's done very well. By 2:13 the song is at full steam but soon enough at 2:26 it jumps into a little breakdown with some playful synths and effects which are pretty fun to listen to. Then after a small build up it thrusts you into a very attacking synth at 2:58 which carries on for a good amount of time, very nice! Then at 3:38 you are dropped off at some basic percussion and effects. Approaching the 4:20 mark some fun little effects come in which slowly builds with more layers of percussion just like before, clueing you in that something is coming. Finally at 4:45 the climax begins to unfold and what a way to start off with than a great violin medley that makes takes you back to the 1600's dancing to classical music. Soon an electric guitar plays over that melody and takes over completely at 5:17 making your mind and body going crazy with groove. Absolutely great guitar might I add. A slight build up comes again, and back to the guitar melody which gets layered with the violins for a climactic finish and then BOOM it ends leaving you very much craving for more. The downside is you your almost left too abruptly as the track ends very suddenly, oh well, so much for a winding down outro. 05. CITIES OF THE FUTURE -- 7.0 -- This intro is pretty cool but not impressive or that creative either. It's basically a bunch of muffled percussion that slowly gets un muffled as it progesses. The kick and bassline enter and everything is all gravy and attacking. Some weird digital barking effects come out and snap at you around 0:45. Then at 1:09 some vocoded male vocals come in that say "We're gonna run run run to the cities of the future, take what we can and bring it back home. So take me down to the cities of the future everybodies happy and I feel at home." It repeats once again and then explodes into a hard bassline and kick and more of the same vocals but this time they are digitalized to sound harder and more rock oriented. The lyrics are weird but very catchy, it's just a matter of personal taste whether or not you like them. The vocals end at 2:08 and some synth pads come in to add emotion while the bassline, beats and effects do their thing. At 3:02 there is a breakdown which contains the synth pads and some twisted effects. The breakdown leads to a section of percussion and groove which eventually gets more human sounding vocals thrown on top that sing "I find myself, going away, never wanted any to go back again. Leaving all my thoughts behind, searching for some new ones inside." After the vocals stop, a vocoded voice repeats "I find myself" over and over again building and building and his final screa, turns into a mayhem of psy-trance chaos, superb! The chaod ends at 4:52 and your left with some beats and effects that lead to more synths, some groovey ones too. Out of know where at 5:31 the first line of vocals returns and brings you to the synths that came in at 2:08. The barking effects come back and get twisted and sped up faster and faster and then the song exits. 06. HORUS THE CHORUS -- 8.0 -- The intro is strange but simple, nothing too creative or entertaining. Soon a clap enters followed by a nice kick and bassline. The song is very dependent on it's good effects and beats to create the groove. This song is like Meduzz, it progresses slowly. At 1:36 a cool synth and effect comes in that helps build the track even more. At 2:05 and eerie piano comes in to guide you somewhere unknown. Then at 2:33 a melody comes in that slowly builds to what is seemingly going to be a great choatic psy-trance moment, but just then at the end of the build it drops you back into beats and effects teasing you so much with it's lengthy build into nothing. Some may enjoy that, some may be disapointed. I find that the teasing was very well done and makes you want more. The effects come in strong again and twist around nicely. At 4:35 more effects get layered down and build the track even more. Then once again, at 5:01, the piano comes back in taunting you one more time. Will there be a climax or will I be teased again? Now the track builds just like before and finally it treats you right at 6:20 when it explodes into an awesome twisted 303 acid melody! This is what Infected is known for, moments like this. Superb job and this part. Then it starts to unfold at 7:01 and winds down into the outro. Kinda empty overall, very much structured on beats and effects like in Converting Vegetarians but the builds are nice and teasing and it definetly is worth getting to the climactic end. 07. FROG MACHINE -- 8.0 -- The intro is very strange and twisted. But boy once that bassline hits you are ready to go as it's thickness is very powerful and it definetly drives the song well. At 0:40 the bassline changes and calms down a little but then some really weird burp-like effects come in and add a really strange Infected effects vibe to the song. The mushies are so weird, it's great! At 1:13 a cool melody comes in and adds a lot of groove to the song. Soon after that even more groove comes in with some energetic synths, at this point I'm thinking "wow this track is really going strong." The groove ends at 1:46 and you thrown back into strange effects that bounce all over the place. Then the beat fades out and then back in bringing you to another attacking groove, this one a lot different than before. It builds slowly adding more effects and layers. At 2:34 your then pushed into another groove, yet again different than before. This one is nice and you can tell it's ment to build and guide you towards something. Then after a good build up your thrown into a great melodic climactic moment at 4:06, it's very fun and energetic. About 1 minute later your back to beats, bassline and effects. At 5:41 you hear a great little melody come in, very beautiful sounding, which leads you to the end of the track. 08. NOON -- 1.0 -- So far in this album there has been an emphasis on good melodies strung along with great percussion. This song starts off with a generic sounding synth, very amaturish actually. Finally that famous Infected kick comes in and starts thing off. Some effects get thrown in for good measure. Nothing too exciting really happens but beats and effects. The track keep progressing. Then at 1:36 comes a decent melody which adds groove to the track but nothing more. At 2:16 some cool effects get thrown in, very Infected style. The song progresses with nothing much to mention except for that I'm patiently waiting for that "wow" moment as with all of the other tracks. Hmmm, more effects and percussion, ok...? Still waiting for something to happen. Ok here it is, no wait it's more effects and cheap 303 acid loops which are neither exciting nor entertaining. At 1:48 that same groove comes back in that appeared at 1:36. At this point I swear that this song is just being replayed as I hear nothing changing and no progression other than nestalgia from earlier moments in the song. And then, it ends and I'm left thinking "what the hell was that?" As I revist my thoughts the one thought that was running through my mind while listening to this song was, oh my god when will this song end? Sad but true, I personally detest this song, pure crap to me and it really doesn't belong on this album since it doesn't have the same feeling as the other tracks. What a damn disapointment. 09. BOMBAT -- 8.5 -- Nice strange and Infected intro, with weird effects and soft synth pads. Once the bassline hits you know it's on! The bassline is very prominent where the kick isn't equally as powerful. The track progresses very nicely and builds and builds. At 1:50 some synth pads come in and guide you into the weird effects that appeared in the intro now at 2:15. Finally at 2:42 a build up comes thats very intense and explodes in melodic madness! Then at 3:20 it gets even stronger and more intense. This melodic psy fest doesn't end until 4:01, so thats a major plus! Now we are back into beats and effects which are very good and psychedelically pleasing. The bassline returns and drives the track once more. The track slowly builds and progresses again. At 4:55 some synths come in and direct you to a cool melody made with some interesting synths. You can tell it's going to take you somewhere very pleasant. Then the track slowly builds with rolling beats and thrusts you back into that melodic psy fest like before, crazy stuff! Finally the track winds down slowly and finished around the 8:20 mark. Very good track. 10. STRETCHED -- 9.0 -- At first this track starts out sounding pretty generic with not a super great sound to it, but oh does that change quickly. The percussion is very break beat and the effects are really attacking, not to mention the bassline is nice. It has a great groove with some soft melodies flowing in and out with some good synth pads. At 1:28 a beautiful guitar comes in and takes you away with it's amazing sounds, this is what music is all about. Thankfully this melody doesn't go anywhere anytime soon. So damn beautiful, probably one of the best guitar riffs ever in Infected history. After the guitar exits you get attacked, or rather slammed, with some powerful purcussion and synths. A weird voice soon comes in and whines it's away into creeping you out. Then comes back in the powerful attacking that came before. At 3:53 a nice piano comes in to take you away which tne leads into another amazing guitar solo at 4:23, this one is so powerful that it would kill your grandma if she was listening to this on acid. Infected selects great guitar players. Then comes back in some attacking power. More beautiful synths come in at 5:00 and carry you to some more guitars, but not like before, just simple guitars. Then at 6:40 after a mild build up the music starts to sound like it's getting farther away and is getting muffled by walls and then it fades out and the album is finished. OVERALL REVIEW: Infected Mushroom left fans scratching their heads in April of 2003 after Converting Vegetarians was released. This album was released nearly 2 years after B.P. Empire, so fans expected something major but ended up with anything but. However the time spent on this album was mostly due to it being a 2 CD package, CD1 being Trance and CD2 being Freestyle. The problem many had with the trance side of Converting Vegetarians was the songs lack of depth and the lack of driving basslines. What made up the tracks were experimental sounds which were crisp and almost plastic like. The production value was very high but it seems that the song strutures didn't connect with everyone, leaving some very disapointed. I myself wasn't as disapointed as others but I did have a void left in me after hearing Converting Vegetarians, something just wasn't rightly executed... Now a little over a half a year later Erez Izen and Amit Duvdevani return to center stage with a new album, which fans hope is more fulfilling than their last release. Have they succeeded? Have they filled that void? From this reviewers point of view they definetly have. They have taken it a step further from Converting Vegetarians. The same experimental attitude is present, with unique sounds and ahead of their time effects to add. The all too disturbingly lacking basslines from CV have appeared in full force attacking the listener with intensity, ferocity and groove. The percussion is still top notch and professional. Their famous and trademark 303 acid lines are very present and again make you reminiscent of the glory days. The newly introduced singing vocals Infected has become fond of has returned and are executed in fine form. The biggest addition that needs to be mentioned is the amazing melodies that soar throughout the tracks and their climaxes. Think Classical Mushroom melodies BUT with a Converting Vegetarians edge to them. Now even though the melodies don't saturate the album like in Classical Mushroom they do add that ever so needed "wow" effect to make you smile and jump around your room hysterically screaming with excitement. Another thing that should be mentioned is that guitars have found their way back into Infected's music (though they never did leave in the first place) and they are executed with grace and stunning quality. This album is full of surprises left and right. Infected only faulters once throughout this album and that is with the track "Noon" which simply does not belong in this album. Their track "Cream" or "Something Else" should have replaced that track but need not worry since those 2 songs are being released on a special U.K. Edition of the "Cities Of The Future" single. IM The Supervisor may not be Infected Mushrooms best album, but it is a step and a return in the direction which they are famous for. Their never ending diversity and creativity shines like the sun and by the end of the CD you are left with a far more fulfilling feeling than Converting Vegetarians left. Infected Mushroom has once again reclaimed their thrown to the best and most unique psy-trance act on the planet. Congradulations for an album well done. OVERALL RATING: A -
  11. Traveller....then I must be deaf because I haven't heard anything that sounds like "The Trance Side" or "The Other Side" from Converting Vegetarians with the exception of the tracks "Hush Mail" and "Apogiffa Night". Maybe some examples of artists and albums with significant similarities to CV would be nice.
  12. Infected has always done something different from what is going on in the scene at the time. With this release (the trance side) they have decided not to release something that's easily digestible for you party goers. This album doesn't have dance material, it has tracks that are full of manipulated effects and light melodies surrounding minimal basslines and some good drums. The scene is all about partying and they are trying something different, and they succeeded in doing so. Some people might not grasp the whole idea and appreciate for what it is, but it's beautiful in it's own way. People are all into dancing and hearing intense music and this "trance side" isn't intense dancing psy-trance, it's twisted material made to move your mind and not your body. The "other side" is made to show people that orginiality in psy-trance is still very much alive. They have refreshed the scene yet again. If your looking for hard moving trance don't buy this CD....if your looking for something twisted and different, and you feel you can look deeper into music unlike like the simple minded, then take a chance and buy this album. I was disapointed at first but now after getting to know these tracks I very much appreciate what it is. You just have to take the time ti let it seep in. Good job Infected!!!
  13. ***Daniel's Review of the [TRANCE SIDE]*** 01 - [ALBINENO] + + + + A very nice way to start off the album. This song has a nice atmospheric beginning that sends you into the world of infected mushroom. There are a lot of nice light subtle melodies and some very twisted sound manipulations that go on throughout the song. The climactic funky melody that appears 4:49 is a great refreshment....if only it lasted longer and build up into something even more spectacluar. This song brings back some memories from Classical Mushroom with it's melodies but not quite that powerful as that albums peaks. 02 - [HUSH MAIL] + + This song has an awesome beginning with a great use of a sound of a growling creature which gets manipulated by the mushies throughout the beat. There are a lot of interesting sounds that are thrown into the song, but overall the song isn't heavily laced with prominent melodies. It's definetly more tame and minimal that the previous song which kinda threw me off. 03 - [APOGIFFA NIGHT] + The first thing that pops into my mind after hearing this track is: Is this really a remix to Apogiffa? The reason I say that is because it doesn't sound anything like the original, not what so ever, which is a diapointment. I would have thought it was a completely different track if I didn't know the title. Anyway...overall the track is dark and demanding with its hard beats but really never goes anywhere. It's more or less a lot of repetition laced with infected like sound effects. Very boring track IMO, not my kinda Infected song. 04 - [sONG PONG] + + + + This is the closest, besides Albineno, to which Infected comes to bringing something that sounds like something from Classical Mushroom. This is a great refreshing track which starts out atmosphericly driven like Albineno but shows more of the twisted side of the mushies with it very manipulated sounds and twistedly enjoyable melodys that are scattered throughout the song. The peak of the song which starts up at 5:57 and explodes more or less at 6:50....ah brings back some nice memories from classical mushroom. The ending is also very nice how it brings back in the beginning melody to carry the listener out. 05 - [CHAPLIN] + + + + This is the song that I call "the manipulator". The reason behind this is because of all the damn sound manipulation that occurs throughout the song. Rather than having strong long and smooth melodies it has a bunch of twisted sounds effects that are combined to create short bursts of excitment and definetly weirdness. This track definetly is interesting to listen to. It's sure to twist you head up in knots. Definetly one of my favorite tracks because of it's orginality in it's twistedness. Funky to listen to. 06 - [ECHONOMIX] + + + I like the way this song echoes into the whole energy of itself. This song has some good energy with some refreshing yet short melodic like breaks throughout the song. The beat along with the effects drive this song along very nicely at a quick pace. The very twisted and eeire medody that starts at 4:20 is very cool and a nice touch to the energy of the song. The song doesn't really have a powerful peak, which disapoints me, because you get the impression it might, but overall it's enjoyable. 07 - [sCORPION FROG] + + + What a werid song this is. This song isn't musically driven but rather it's laced with a bunch of strange effects and sounds which create an odd feel, almost empty at some points, but still gets it's point across that the mushies are talented production pioneers. The melody in the end at 6:01 which builds up slowly is very nice. It almost sounds kinda likea build up in a dark trance song or house song. 08 - [DEEPLY DISTURBED] + + + + I love this song for some reason. This is a great driving track and I can defiently see why it was a single. The vocals don't bother me one bit, infact they kind of refresh the album since the trance side is very very much lacking in samples. I love the build-ups in this song it's just a nice song all around, especially the build up at 5:54 which sends the song into it's peak. 09 - [sEMI NICE] + + + To start off the song has a funky ass accordian like melody which sends the song into is odd vibe and interesting beat. Throughout the song you get the nice sound manipulation you've been gettting in the previous tracks. The funkyness rears head yet again with some strange sounds at 2:45 which kinda make you happy because they are so nifty. I like the beat in this song ass well, it's something different with its sound. The song picks up in the end around 4:56 and it gives you the impression that it's going to build up into something groovy and powerful but then it simply just ends very abruptly which bothers me. 10 - [YANKO PITCH] + + + + This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. This song is so powerful and driving that it's an awesome way to end the trance side. The beginning is weird with a sample that pretty much describes the intro "what the hell..." I love everything about this track....it's always progressing very very slowly but surely and then it builds up to a teaser melody that starts at 4:31 and explodes into the beat again at 4:44. Then the song slowly builds up to a funky distorted guitar sounding melody at 5:33 which gets manipulated left and right. The end of the track is so powerful with the high pitch screaming peak at 6:25 to 6:52 which explodes into the full on ending. ***[FINAL VERDICT]*** + + + + The "Trance Side" might take some getting used to for those expecting Classical Mushroom 2, but it's very experimental and new with it's twisted and generally funky sounds. It's not pure dancing material but more of a showcase of the mushies talent to create music that's different and unique in it's own right. I feel overall it's lacking in some areas....I whish there were more powerful layers in the ends of the songs and some slighter stronger and longer melodies but you can't win them all. This is a great disc and will be in roation in my CD player for some time to come. ***Daniel's Review of the [OTHER SIDE]*** 01 - [CONVERTING VEGETARIANS] + + + + What a great experimental and freestyle approach to a vcoal song this is! I love the weird and defiently infected beginning. The vocals are very catchy and driving except for that whole "minding the gap since 1996 crap"...they could have left that line out. Overall the track is funky and fun with something new for you to feast your ears upon. A nice change if you ask me. 02 - [ELATION STATION] + + + + This is a beautiful song with a very uplifting and happy vibe that make you wanna smile. The smooth and gental beginning carries you to a break beat kinda point in the song at 2:13 which is a fun and creative twist with it's trumpet sounds and funky twisted effects. This song is just a lot of fun to listen to. Kinda resembles what a jazzy psy-trance song would sound like. The end is nice and smooth with it's beautiful outro. 03 - [DROP OUT] + + + + From the moment I first heard this song I was in love. The beat is very nice and the vocals are errie and very psychedelic with the two voices singing together. The classical guitars are a nice touch at 2:07 only the mushies could do it that nicely. I like the melodic synth at 3:11. Oh and lets not forget the best part of the song at 3:53 with that truely amazing psychedelic guitar solor...soooo nice. 04 - [AVRATZ] + + This song is too long in my opinion. Its very downtempo, which is fine but it bores me to death for some reason. the only point where the song interests me starts at 4:20 where these bongo-like drums come in and some sound manipulation comes into play with some eeire kinda echoing vocals. The next part that strikes my brain nicely is the very uplifting guitar melody at 7:20 which is very beautiful especially mixed with the smooth classicla synth in the background....very happy and gentle sounding, very peaceful. The rest of the song it do able but overall this song is too long for me to handle. 05 - [bLINK] + + + This is the second song which focuses primarily on vocals. I like Michelle's voice in this song, very interesting song. However she never shuts up....the song keeps going on and on and on and on with some melodic breaks in bewteen verses and chorus. For some reason by the middle of this song I'm ready for it to end, not because it's bad, which it's not, it's very nice, it just should have been shorter....I'm not much for vocals I guess. 06 - [sHAKAWKAW] + + + + The beginning of this song is awesome, I love it. It's very uplifting and very smooth. I love the use of guitars at 1:44 yet again they make it work very well. Then at 2:33 we get a fucking kick ass melody that sounds like it should have been on the trance side to pump up the songs a little, soooo great! Following the melody comes the "shakawkaw" sample which is very funky. It's followed by the great intro music which is used to carry you out of the song. 07 - [PLETZURRA] + + + This song has a nice piano melody which reminds me of a rainy day for some reason. I love how the piano gets manipulated like it's in an old 20's movie at 1:28 very cool. The song builds up with some weird effects and some vocals which get tiwsted in the infected fashion....almost eerie in the way they sound. The song gets very uplifting and happy at 4:01 with a nice melody that eventually blends into some smooth synths in the background. The track gets extremely weird at 5:23 when some old hick sounding guitar comes in and sounds like your at a farm having a party with the beverly hillbillies. The song ends with the same uplifting melody which appears at 4:01. 08 - [i WISH] + + + This is a strange vocal song. The vocals are vocoded heavily and sound very electrical. Unlike "Blink" I don't wishi this song would end. After hearing the sample of the song I was skeptical but this song is actually pretty nice. Not great but average. I'm just not much for pure vocal songs. I guess I'm not used to the whole Infected vocal thing . 09 - [bALLERIUM] + + + + I've loved this song as long as I've loved "Drop Out." I like the funky beginning and the beat is very fun along side the sound effects that soar along side it. The beat gets your head going. It's a nice song which progresses it's way to some cool manipulated effects at 1:54. The song then leads you some beautiful vocals at 4:18 which get mixed with an awesome electric melody which sends electricity through your nerves with it's gentle acidity....yummy. The song turns almost regaee "ish" and exits in a very funky, yet nice manner. 10 - [sELECTA] + + + + This is a funky song which is laced with a lot of Infected manipulation. I can't really describe this track for some reason....it's very intereesting. I like the spacey kinda vibe you get at 2:38 with the eerie yet dreamy sounds. At 3:13 the track gets very eerie and a little bit darker, but very enjoyable and interesting. At 3:39 the song gets a nice hard guitar melody which helps finish out the song by sending into a funky piano ending which sounds like it came right out of a western comedy. The mushies sure are strange. 11 - [iLLUMINAUGHTY] + + + This is another full vocal song which features Michelle. I like this one more than the others. This is my favorite song by Michelle on this album. It's very atmospheric and kinda creepy in a way, just by the way her voice sounds. But still I'm not a big fan of the vocal tracks the mushies have. However this song is still nice to listen to. 12 - [JEENGE] + + + The opening guitar riff in this song is beautiful and defiiently so peaceful and especially cool when the electronic effects are added to it. The guitar finallt ends and the song picks up pace with some breaky kinda stuff at 1:40. The guitar is back soon enough followed by some nice twisted effects. I like the effects in the song, but they aren't anything extraordinary. The song is alright....the guitars are my favorite part....guitar + infected mushroom = beauty. 13 - [ELEVATION] + + This song is pretty much all piano with some violins and is very melodic. It's pretty in it's simplicity but overall it kinda bores me in the long run. Its beautiful non-the-less. Kinda just too downtempo for me but a nice way to end the album, ya know, on a gentle glide through melodic, smooth and pretty sounds which cascade you to the end of the disc giving your a farewell to "Converting Vegetarians". ***[FINAL VERDICT]*** + + + + The "Other Side" is a very nice and interesting voyage through the experimental freestyle side that Infected has been dying to show. They've come along way and this disc shows that they are still trying to be innovative and in a very new way with some downtempo and some vocal tracks for them to flex there skills on. This is an awesome disc with a lot of variety to boot and some interesting elements which take you by surprise. I'm very satisfied with how this side turned out. This CD will also be in rotation at my house for some time to come.
  14. This album is so innovative and fresh. Its like an industrialized - Breakbeated - Drum & Bassafied version of Infected Mushroom....I love the sound. Very unique and interesting. A must buy for anyone looking for something new and fresh. The tracks are very different from each other (no repetition)...the production is awesome and the music is down right genious. I HAVE NO CLUE WHY THIS ALBUM ISN'T RED LIGHTED!!!!!!!!! 10/10
  15. This is a truly beautiful piece of artistry. Entheogenic manages to capture the essence and ethnicity of nature with there first release, "Entheogenic". This album is laced with ethnic sounds, ephemeral vocals, and beautiful subtly soft melodies that all intertwine to create a peacefully relaxing and vivid journey through the atmosphere of sound. Each song has a character of it's own while still embodying the vibes created from the songs before. Many instruments are used in the production of this album: Piano's, Flute's, Violin's, Electric Guitar's, and of course Synthesizers's...plus many more. This album is like the musical score of nature, showing it's moods and beauties through a myriad of melodies and sound. There is a subtle similarity in Entheogenics work to Shpongles. However the two are very different from each other where Entheogenic's music is smooth, transitional, ethnic, and full of different soothing melodies where as Shpongles work tends to be more varied, surprising, eerie, psychedelic, and complicated. Anyone who is a fan of Shpongles work should definitely check out this album, it's almost a certainty that any Shpongle fan will enjoy the musical stylings of Entheogenic. This is a top quality album that is sure to help heal your soul in times of stress and take your mind to far off places. This is a must have for any chill out fan. Final Verdict: 10/10
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