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  1. Actually Samuel L. Jackson is originally from a small fishing town in Sweden. I think his birth name was Ingvar.
  2. So are these going to be sort of "Have you stopped beating your wife?" questions?
  3. That happened to me too when I was a kid. It wasn't hash-cake though. Just normal cake.
  4. The best of 2006 is still to come. The beginning of 2006 just seemed like continuation of 2005, which was a very poor year.
  5. Well this release hardly makes me excited, but it's not complete crap. (BTW If TIP want's to quote the previous sentence in a promotional campaign it's fine by me. )
  6. What makes you think that? They just added new albums to their webshop a few weeks ago and you should be able to get the Highpersonic Whomen CD there too. I haven't ordered anything from there myself, but it looks operational to me. Though I don't think they've released any new releases of their own in quite a while.
  7. I'm guessing you mean Eraser vs Yƶjalka or is this some sort of strange collaboration I haven't heard of before?
  8. There must be something wrong with my speakers. I could've sworn I just heard some generic crap. Ok... there were a few listenable tunes, but on the whole it was boring.
  9. I have no idea, but it must be one hell of a commute.
  10. Yet another post complaining about those who complain about complaining.
  11. It means "ass" just like traveller said.
  12. Depends on your definition of soon, but EvsY - Lords of the Liverdance is definitely on my shopping list.
  13. So it's down to the lowest common denominator then.
  14. TF is what got me into psytrance. I've always been more attracted to the homespun experimentalism than the more conservative polished hi-tech tweakings. Petoman's peflett is definitely a classic.
  15. I hate to be the voice of dissent, but here goes: What a piece of commercial crap! Since when did you start making pop? You think you're a big star now is that it? Groping groupies and snorting coke... You sold out man. Very disappointed.
  16. Let's just hope they didn't play his music through those headhpones (probably not though... the kid looks too happy).
  17. Hey, you've got some nice melodies going here. I think the track could do with some pads to fill it up a bit though. Now it sounds a bit too dry for my taste. Have to agree with mind breeder about the vibrato. Really nice touch.
  18. I recommend you just buy a sample CD. Those things usually have really good sound quality.
  19. I have to agree. Very poor year for finn trance. The releases I heard were "OK" at best. A new EvsY album would really hit the spot.
  20. I can see it just fine. The last release was Okta - Folder EP BTW.
  21. I'm surprised as well that this hasn't gotten more attention considering how much people on this site are going on about how much they love the more melodic goa sound. Well... here is a release in that style AND manages to sound fresh and unique. So what are you waiting for? There have been quite a few acts that have popped up recently with the old goa sound, but most of them have sounded quite uninspired to my ears, not really creating anything new. Not the case with Torakka though. Now, I may not one of the biggest fans of the old school sound, but you can't help but notice the sheer talent behind this release. There doesn't seem to be a note out of place, everything just flows smoothly (none of the "let's fiddle with these knobs and see what happens" stuff that's present in most psy nowadays). This isn't just some dancefloor fodder for the djs... this is music.
  22. Wow... What a faking snake pic of sit. "bat man you are pic of sit" I guess he prefers spiderman...
  23. why? 406741[/snapback] Because of the terrorists. They hate us because we're free. Only George can protect this thread.
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