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  1. KILLAH AVERAGE! Psytrance needs more average tunes like this! I'm in tye-dye heaven maaann!!! I can really see myselef grooving to this one the dancefloor. FIrst time I heard this is chanced my life!!!11! Soo spiritual! AND AVERAGE!!!!!!!! I Loove This stuff. MAKE AVERAGE PSYTRANCE NOT WAR!!! BOM! Psychedelic lifestyle ALIEN MEGA PLUR!!!!!!!
  2. You might want to check out Koe. It's a project by Roshi and Belmont.
  3. I too loved Round 1 and at first didn't really like this new one so much. But after listening to Tarinat more, I now actually prefer it to the first one.
  4. This cover is a direct rip-off of my friend Teuvo's work. He used to sit next to me during english class and drew a picture like this in his notebook. I'm telling you this is a rip-off of Teuvo's work and you're like TOTALLY going to get a wedgie because of this. The original also had a dragon, a monkey and a banana so don't tell me that it's not a rip-off. Unfortunately I can't show you the original since it was destroyed when Teuvo's dog ate his homework.
  5. The fact that it's usually like that. I haven't heard any technically perfect mixes that keeps me interested. There might be some good tracks, but simply not enough variation.
  6. Why do all the changes have to be so smooth anyway? I much prefer sets that bounce all over the place with interesting tracks than a smooth set that keeps banging the same all the time. DJs are too much concentrated in smooth mixing than playing good tracks.
  7. I went to that page after your original message before you edited the copy pasted message in it and the message wasn't there then. Where did you find this, since you copy pasted it after I had checked it out?
  8. What the hell are you talking about? She didn't change her story. It's still the exact same story. There's just a new message where she thanks people for their support.
  9. Not sure what you're asking exactly. Do you mean how can you record what you're playing? That's what the "record" button is for.
  10. Oh goody. We got the nazis involved now. It's good that we haven't lost our sense of proportion.
  11. And so the credibility of this petition goes down the drain... Maybe we should have more options for the petition signing folk out there. "I will buy it if it get's re-released" "I will download it if it gets re-released" "Signing petitions is neat!"
  12. Can we use decimals? I feel round numbers aren't accurate enough. edit: oops... now I noticed that you mentioned we can. So I would say about 138.329655729655551334333333333
  13. "I think that the people that don't like this album had just so much expectation that they didn't even give them a chance." Ahem... May I say: Bullshit
  14. Are you kidding me? This thread wasn't even started back then. The first post was on Apr21 2005.
  15. So what you're saying is that your cd isn't 16 bit? In addition to the bit depth, frequency thing I guess I should also comment on the music a little more. This Cd got old really fast. This is just the same old same old with the same gated vocals and effects tricks. People seem to be blinded by the fact that this is a Shpongle release to hear how truly mediocre this is. Boring boring boring. Sample CD driven fx masturbation.
  16. I guess you have a better ear for these things than I do. To me it sounded like the usual 16 bit CD audio like all the other psy releases (except vinyl).
  17. I was sort of disapointed with the bit depth of this release. Why do they always use the same cookie cutter bit depth? What happened to originality and experimentation? I give it 1/10. High frequencys: 8/10 These were high, but not quite high enough to really reach higher levels of consciousness. It's sounds good if you're in the right mood sipping herbal tea in tie dye clothing and meditating about tofu. Mid frequncys: 9/10 These sort of remind me of a trip to the park and feeding squirrels until being kidnapped by aliens. Killah! PsybuddhaALienBom! Low frequencys: N/A I live in a tall building so I couldn't hear these. My downstairs neighbour did comment something about them, so I think he's low enough. I should probably go listen to this at his place until I comment. The sampling rate was quite predictable although well excecuted. I won't rate it because it's depends on what you're into. Very good if you're into this style. Music: 7/10 Ruined by overuse of the usual Fx. Irritating. Overall album 6/10
  18. Yeah EP is a huge pirate. He listens to nothing but mp3s. His hard drive is full of the newest unreleased fullon killah. He's a regular mp3 fanboy.
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