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  1. Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but you should check out Koe and Nam Shub of Enki. You can dowload a Nam Shub Meets KIKI ILL Live from http://www.monsterzoku.com/kiki.html and have a listen. Definitely edgy.
  2. What is this mp3 you speak of? Tell us more.
  3. You should wash your hands after visiting isratrance. Basic hygiene.
  4. So you're using the fact that it doesn't mention psy breaks as evidence that it is dedicated to psy breaks? For someone who doesn't go by just the website and has actually listened to the stuff it is quite obvious that the lable isn't just about psybreaks. People put the "psy" there just because Exogenic has released psytrance and therefore everything they release is psy in their minds.
  5. Nowhere does it say that Exogenic Breaks is dedicated to psy breaks.
  6. Haven't heard it and am not rushing out to get it, but anything that gives the scene-police a bit of high blood pressure (as if they didn't already have it) is good. Someone doing a remix of a rap or r&b song would probably send them to cardiac arrest (with any luck).
  7. Colin Andersson is Colin Andersson... Except at night. Then he becomes.... THE LOBSTERMAN!!!
  8. It was never released. I guess some people might still have the tracks in mp3, but they were only 96kbps.
  9. Texas Faggots are usually from texas, but Texas Faggott is another thing.
  10. Listened to the Sopimation jalkine: Hiertymä + nyrjähdys. Pretty interesting mix of rock and electronic. Didn't really like the repetitive guitar at the beginning.Still pretty good stuff. The track seems to take a completely different direction somewhere in the middle making it sound more like two tracks than one.
  11. Should have added a "no" option so that the lurkers could take part, but still keep pretending they're not here.
  12. It's just means progressive psytrance. There is also a style called progressive trance in the club scene and the term is probably just meant to differentiate between these two progressive trances (they are quite different). If you just say progressive people might get confused.
  13. You didn't happen to catch the "in my opinion" part?
  14. Teach us more oh Hels the wise one. We just can't get enough of your higher than thou moralization. It's comforting to know that when someone expresses an opinon, you'll be there to say "it's all subjective" and then we'll know that we were wrong to have an opinion in the first place. Honestly, this is all you have been saying lately. "It's all subjective".... like it's some sort of a secret message from the gods. Talk about being blinded by the obvious.
  15. Tampere seems to also have parties fairly often (also psy parties now and then) and it's closer than Helsinki. I have seen an occasional party announcements for Vaasa as well (not psy though), but it doesn't seem to be a very active place judging by the amount of internet announcements. As mentioned Elixiria is the best place to look for psy parties. For other kind of parties you could check out www.accesss.org (not a typo) and http://www.klubitus.org/kalenteri.php
  16. At least psyshop and chaosunlimited have it.
  17. So did you actually have a point or did you just decide to declare your views and quote me just for the heck of it? What this has to do with my post is anyone's guess. Edit: Ok, I'm not sure if you edited that, but I see now you're quoting slyman (but still have my name on the quote). I guess your reply makes more sense now.
  18. For me this stuff is actually better live than at home (and Torakka does a great live set). For home listening I tend to go with something a bit more rough and less polished. Good release nonetheless. The cd manages to sound both epic and groovy at the same time, which is a pretty interesting combination.
  19. At least with headphones you easily end up putting too much bass, which you only notice when you try to play it through speakers. As for good speakers... it depends what you mean by good speakers. Most speakers are designed to be nice for listening and "enhance" the sound rather than reproduce it accurately. You can probably start making music with ordinary speakers (as long as they're not the kind that say "ULTRA GIGA BASS BOOST 2000") and get monitors later after you've gotten some experience (you'll probably then be more capable of comparing monitors and decide what you need).
  20. So the reason you're trying to write goa is that now it's popular again and there is a label that could release it? If you really wanted to make it, wouldn't you have been making it all along, popular or not? This "me too" attitude seems to be quite common in psy and is the main reason a lot of it sucks.
  21. Yes I was talking about the computer's power supply. The powersupply gives power to the motherboard, which gives it to the usb port. The stuff that goes in the computer is pretty much the same all over the world, you just have to have the right power supply. Another thing to consider when connecting new stuff is wheter you have the wattage to run all the gizmos.
  22. I would think that the voltage just affects what kind of power supply you need. The power supply then converts the power to suit the different components (typically 3.3, 5 & 12 volts).
  23. Keyboard makes it easier to make melodies, especially if you already have some experince with keyboards/piano. You connect it with a midi cable to you sound card's midi-in or you can also attach it to the joystick port with a suitable cable. There are also keyboars that work with USB.
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