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  1. I'm sorry, but this is just a myth. There is no magic in the mixing engine, it's hardly a very complicated process. All sequencers do it the same way. I would guess the difference is due to other reasons. http://audiotests.batcave.net/article0001.htm
  2. Everyone fiddles. Someone might fiddle at first and then build the track around that (possibly even take out the initial fiddlings). Someone might have some sort of an idea at first and then fiddle in the middle... but they all fiddle.
  3. Oh come on. Is there a sensible reason to like ANY music? It's just sound. It's in the eye (or ear in this case) of the beholder.
  4. Imagine there are people who think that there is such a thing as The Great Music. Music is about taste. Of course people like to make up all sorts of explanations for their taste and so make it more absolute ("The artists had to work very hard on this"... "This track has so many layers"... "Really great synth farts!!! KILLAH!!"), but they have nothing to do with it. It doesn't matter how much time or talent went into it. Do you like the final track or not? People who think that Skazi is great are just as right as someone who thinks he's shit.
  5. The sound creating part is quite similar to photoshop. Anyone can get cool sounds and short melodies out of a synth. Creating structure is another matter. Fitting all those cool sounds you made together to form a coherent track is a lot more difficult. Lemmi I seem to remember you trying to make music a while back, but gave up. Why was that, if it is that easy?
  6. The only truly funky stuff I've heard in psytrance is Haltya. Real 70s pimp funk.
  7. Nice album, but not as great as the first IMO (haven't heard kamakaze). BTW Lemmi the kamakaze cd seems to be still available on the exogenic webshite.
  8. I heard him at Koneisto. Pretty nice stuff. I don't get this talk about weak bassline. I love the bassline on Under the tongue. Really groovy (something lacking in the fullon machinegun basslines).
  9. I like their stuff (sometimes anyway), but still don't know what it is. I'm guessing they use hidden subliminal messages to control us.
  10. There's a music video of Nainen at: Mirror 1: http://koti.welho.com/rkorolai/luomuhappo_-_nainen.wmv Mirror 2: http://www.pasilankaista.com/tattari++/fre...po_-_nainen.wmv
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