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  1. I don't think there were any living people there. It was a place outside of time so that even though the people died at different times they went to that place at the same time. Hurley and Ben for example seemed to have memories of the time after the events of the series and it seemed they had also lived out their lives. They had just lived longer than some of the others. Hurley said to Ben something like "You were a great #2", which would imply they had gone on living on the island after the others left. Whether the place at the end was heaven or a place you go before going to heaven, I think it was clear that the people were all (by that point) dead.
  2. I think they actually tried to explain too much. They weren't content in just wrapping up the stories of the people who were still alive, but they had to come up with this ending where the characters, even the ones that have been dead for who knows how long, all come together for this final contrived love-fest. Even some of the revelations about the island's history with jacob etc. was a bit too much. All they had to do was to wrap up the people's story in a convincing way and simply leave some of the stuff unexplained. Now they went: Hurry, hurry! We must wrap everything up! Quickly, come up with a shoddy explanation for the island that totally destroys the mystery! How about: "There's a glowing hole in the ground and that's what's causing everything"? Yes, that's good enough! Amazingly sufficient! Mind-bogglingly tolerable! Ok! Moving on, moving on! We're on a deadline here people! How do we wrap up the stories of the people? I think last time we all agreed that Billy's idea of time traveling dinosaurs who come and eat everyone was too stupid even for this show. Any good ideas? No? Ok... any unexceptional ideas? What's that? Some of the people get off the island? Yeah ok, but that will still leave some of the viewers feeling sad about the people who didn't get out, not to meantion the people who died. Any ideas? Anything? Come on, the producers are going to have my ass if we don't come up with something! Nothing? OH FUCK IT THEN! "THEY ALL DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN! THE END!" There! So... who wants to get drunk?
  3. I was quite disappointed with it actually. Since it is an American series and the US tends to be a very christian country, I was expecting some kind of a "godly" end to it and I don't really even mind. It's just that it seemed kind of tacked on. It wasn't really an ending. I didn't even need all the mysteries to be solved. It was just like when you were a kid and the family dog died and your parents told you that the dog had just moved out to live on a farm where he is happy now. No matter how many horrors the people suffered on the island, it's ok because they're happy now in the magical La-La Land where it's all bunnies and cotton candy for everyone. The producers are really saying "We couldn't actually think of a good ending so here's this sappy feel good moment instead". It's the old proven trick of solving all mysteries: "God did it, so don't ask any questions". I don't see how this is an end to their adventure at all. Can't you go to heaven without going to a magical island? You could have had a tv-series about a bunch of accountants balancing budgets and you still could have had a similar ending where they go to a happy place where your company is always in the black and there are no IRS agents to bother you. On the other hand... The moment when the plane takes off and carries some of the people off the island might have been a great ending... if they hadn't already done it before. Instead of feeling "Whopee! They got off the island!" you just go "Meh. So, are they finally gone or are they going to come back LIKE THE LAST TIME THEY GOT OFF THE FRICKING ISLAND?!?" It's fine if a series or a movie leaves some open questions making you think "Hmmm, I wonder what they meant by that". It's not ok if it leaves you with a feeling that the writers themselves didn't know what the hell they were doing. This patronizing deus ex machina ending is just the writers going "none of it matters because they're happy now". They've also made a case for why all the previous seasons didn't really matter either.
  4. Hello to you too Otto. Back to the discussion: On the whole I think psytrance songs are quite linear and tend to lack any sense of drama (unless you would call the song steadily building toward the predicatable climax at the end with a few ill timed breaks sprinkled along the way for good measure as drama ). People also seem to have the idea that a psytrance song must be 8-10 minutes long. There seems to be a prejudice against short songs, but to me this just leads to watered down tracks as producers try to stretch their ideas to reach "full" length. Of course this is compensated by top-notch sound quality, but to me it doesn't nearly make up for it. Far too often it sounds like the producer's priorities have been on the engineering side. Now, I might be impressed by a producer's technical skills, but that doesn't really make me want to listen to the track more, but for a good track I might overlook some sound quality problems and keep coming back to it. So to return to the original question: Musicianship all the way. That's where the feeling is.
  5. Melody maybe, but song writing is much more than that. Firstly, there are many ways that you can play (interpret) said melody. Also rythmic elements can be equally or even more important. (This to me is psytrance's biggest problem. The beat is like listening to a train going by. And not some funky party train either, but a very uptight train delivering office stationery.) I would say the most difficult part is coming up with a cohesive song where the different elements fit together. You can pretty easily come up with a nice riff, a beat or a cool FX, but making those elements work together to build a solid track that holds the listeners interest is hard.
  6. I doubt they can do that without the permission of the artists.
  7. This was posted on the headphonics website: "Thanks to the most talented and devoted mp3 crack group, UPE, the new Headphonics album "Mass" got leaked on the net before it's official release date. The news was followed by a decision from our label to cancel the release. In other words, almost 2 years spent in the studio now seemed to have gone to waste. but not to worry... To recover from this most unpleasant insident, the Headphonics is now working on a double LP! ... lots of new tracks & ideas under work. Release date set to some time early 2008. We can promise you, this will be worth the wait. Oh by the way... UPE guys, if we see you f*ckers anywhere, be prepared for some serious ass whoopin'.......!!!"
  8. I somehow doubt thirteen is in operation anymore. I seem to recall that the label manager is working for Exogenic now.
  9. There's still room on the official buses by the organizers straight to the festival. Check out this message on Elixiria: http://www.elixiria.fi/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7663 Just call the number you see there to reserve a seat (+358 40 965 2885 when calling outside of Finland). I was planning to go this year (again), but can't (again).
  10. I have pictures. Want to see? I can send you.
  11. Nah... But if someone filed a lawsuit about bad mouthing simon posford I'd know who to blame. (I don't think you're allowed to attack someones religion)
  12. Actually the reason you can say it is because its true. Barbara is a bitch and George likes to fuck donkeys (and Dick Cheney likes to suck the donkey off while he does it). Just another typical day at the white house.
  13. I assume ex-member=banned member. It's usually the least honorable people who are most eager to defend their honor. Threatening forums with lawsuits seems to be the popular thing to do nowadays (because just mentioning it causes admins to do whatever they ask). It's often a desperate move to defend reputation that has already been lost due to their own actions. Now, given that I don't know the details or even who we're talking about, it could be that someone has actually been seriously slandered, but somehow I doubt it.
  14. Don't really listen to it myself. I've heard it in some mixes mostly. Artists like Teebee, Noisia, Calyx etc. Wikipedia is your friend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurofunk
  15. When I think of neuro I think of DnB (altough I think the whole name is Neurofunk).
  16. Some of the old stuff kinda bored me as well. Not so much the first album, which had it's moments, but the second was just too dry for me. This is something different. Something much groovier and pulling more influences from other genres. I think Kiwa has always had their own sound, but here they have pulled it all together to make it even more distinct. Closer to the core of the "Kiwa sound" if you will. I think this is their most coherent work to date.
  17. This album needs more love. It's the first psytrance album I've bought in a long while and it's reeeally good. Fresh groovy stuff.
  18. This is actually the best NHJO track I've heard. Surprisingly coherent. Sound quality is terrible and it sounds like the producer has ADHD, but in some weird and twisted way I like it.
  19. I don't think there's anything particularly finnish about this.
  20. It's a good thing we have maintained logic and a sense of proportion in our arguments.
  21. Does skazi actually make any tracks of his own or are all of them remixes of other people's hits?
  22. Yes it was an amazing movie. Too bad the sequals didn't quite have the same innovativness, originality, intensity and genius of the original.
  23. Sure they can. The labels set the price for the retailer and the retailer sets their own price. The labels have no say in what the retailer charges for the product. In fact I think such price fixing would be illegal.
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