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  1. Im sure there must be many topics like this but what the hey, im in a writing mood today and why not? There are a few Obvious choices for me. Blue Planet Corp - Antidote (Pleaidians Remix) Juan, Domi, Jorg - Spiritual Healing Remix Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) <-- oh how I wish it was titled Transwave remix. Cus it sounds ahellofalot more transwave than it does Deedrah.) Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) I.M - Deeply Disturbed (Yahel Remix) Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization (Filteria Remix) Manmademan - Desire (Bumbling Loons Remix) more later.
  2. as for PRODUCING music while high. no. I dont care WHO you are, You CANNOT MAKE MUSIC WHILE ON ACID. why? cus you dont even feel like it. you just wanna hug trees and shit. amphetamine definately works, weed and benzos too. but psychedelics? nope. you lose interest after a short while. anyone saying different is either lying and has never done the drug they speak of, or has had some sort of Divine interaction with the drug causing them to have full control of their bodies making them able to create music. so yeah. if someone say "i did this high on acid" you pretty much know its BS.
  3. back in the teens sure i'd endulge. i'd endulge like a mofo. im talking acid, mdma, pills, alcohol, cannabis, any and everthing psychedelic. i kept doing it until about 2003 though. by then i was like.. i dunno.. 25 or something. but yeah, it was pretty sweet going to all them parties dancing your ass off to illegal raves in the forest, or legal live acts in denmark or whatever, simon, I.M , A.P, etc, it was killer... but it was also killing my head had i known it at the time i would never done it now i cant even do a hit of pot without having to go for a long ass walk to walk it off. shit. or sink a sixpack. but im not gonna throw this depressed mess at this thread. so back on topic, shit yeah ive done drugs while listening to goa, you shittin me? when i was 17 I used to sit high as fUUUK on that bud listening to goa in the headphones to and from school or whatever, sometimes i just sat on the bus and rode around town for about an hour listening to that shit high as FUKKKKK. hahha. those were the good days. i wanna remember the good days. cus there was many good days. there sure were. oh man.
  4. yeah i know about digicult and all, its just like it felt like it came straight outta left field. had no knowledge of it. like i said, been sleeping too hard on psy/goa for a while now. :/
  5. Whoooa I didnt even hear this one. Where did this come from?? Thanks for introducing it. Keeps all the original stuff that made the original my favorite AP track (yea, I have like 10 favorite AP tracks) and really did a great job paying homage instead of just paying fukkup. Thank you for this one! Those were awesome! Ive been sleeping haard on the psy and goa scene for about 5 years now.. time to come back. But for me, nothing kills the "Playa Remix". Yeah I know, its off topic, still just gotta put it out there. The Jim Morrisson vocals just takes it over the top. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ytqZfDGDw4
  6. thanks bro! but ive pretty much been there done that already. ive contemplating suicide for the past 10 years on a daily basis and im willing to take a drug that kills the anxiety, even WITH the other shit that comes with it. I just cant stand the anxiety anymore. Its not like I have panic attacks like I use to, but the anxiety wont let go. Ive phazed all drugs out, on many occaisions, during the span of my adult life. Also, for example, Tramadol, its not like you feel youre the king of the world or anything, it doesnt change youre personality. And dont disagree until youve tried it yourself. You just feel "good". But like i said, it gets to a point when it wont work anymore. And im there. So, whats next? I cant just keep saying to myself nothing is going to happen, cus Ive known that now for over 10 years bro. NOTHING is going to happen. Anxiety in itself is completely safe, I know this bro. This is how I learned to kick Panic Attacks. But it gets to a point in your life, where you no longer have the energy to get up in the morning, and this is when either a. suicide comes into the mix b. drugs (which ive done em all) c. serious psychiatric help (ive ALMOST done em all) d. suicide comes back into the mix e. harder drugs comes back into the mix cus you cant kill yourself, you will kill your mother killing yourself, how selfish can you be? so.. Its not like i got many options man. Im like, WAAY ahead of you, in terms of what you are trying to tell me, and where I am mentally. I appreciate it as fukk dont get me wrong man, there is no way of you to know where Im at mentally. But trust me man, all that is way too late for me. Im at the cusp of suicide or something to kick my anxiety.
  7. I am sorry , dude, for misinterpreting you. Its clear to me now that you meant no elitism at all. I and get what you meant. I dunno what story you got with the mods but count me out from it. I am sorry i missed your meaning, cus it sounded elitist as fukk to me, coming from a legend such as yourself. Even though I respectfully dont like your music that much.
  8. Next on my list is obviously this one. Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins Part 2 (Dr. Hoffmann Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=604hF7ImqzE Good allover. Sounds like GMS tbh Well almost. Have no clue who "Dr. Hoffman" is. Maybe its Simons old sidekick mr Raja... Have no clue and havent bothered checking discogs yet either. Herer is another with the same name. Youtubers just cant get it right Dunno which I like more.
  9. Next one on my list has to be (even tho they didnt actually do that great of a job and poor Juan got sad from it, since they didnt check with him before and he didnt get any royalitys- dunno if that was straightend out or not) Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing (Ananda Shake Remix) The goodness starts at 04.57 and goes on until the end actually, they did all those parts surprisingly good, with very much homage to the original sound.
  10. There are no full on remixes of old tracks that are good ;( But if you are talking about Full on remixes of ANY track, then there are quite a few. edit: sorry. Yes you mean Fullon remix of any track. Like in your case a wonderful remake of Mai Mai. Oh sure, there are tons! Im gonna go to my library and list a few of my favoirtes. One that comes to mind directly is Yahel - Liquid Love (Beat Hackers vs Dan Label Remix) Oh, that climaxstart @5:20! Yummy! The way the mixed The beautiful "liquid love lyrics" right at the right moment is goosebumb-worthy
  11. Short story: I am 35+ years old. Been seeking help for my constant anxiety , yes constant, just as constant as waking up in the morning and drinking water, coffee, or sitting here writing this. Its just there. Its been there for I have forgot how long. Ive been seeking help for this overall since about 2003 or so, but gave up in and around 2013. Why is nothing I want to go into really but I have some "problems" with "self-medicating" due to this anxiety, and all doctors say no to adequate treatment until you are "sober". Quite the catch-22. Im not some junkie looking for a fix. I can be clean for as long as I want to. Never got addicted to anything. Until this year, coming to that in a moment. Anyway, I did like they said, showed them clean urine for a period of time, they treated me for GAD, Panic Disorder and Depression, but sadly, with 0 effect. The first SSRI I tried made me quite numb but when I decided to get off after I few years, it felt like I had been sleeping for the past years. Scary as fuck. The next SSRI wasnt as cloudy or sleepy, but lacked any effect. Anyway, I stayed clear from psychiatry and hospitals and started self medicating. Again. This time I went back to benzos since I had been clean from them for over 3 years. But they didnt work. I had become Immune. This scared me. What has happened in my brain that makes me immune against benzos? Alchol works, but benzo has no effect. I can take 10mg of Diazapam or 100mg of Diazepam at once - and the effect is identical. Light light anxiety releief and a bit tired. I googled this of course and it means I lack the specific receptors in the synapse for the benzo to bind on. Therefore, If I take one dose of 10mg, or one dose of 10000mg, it wont matter. The rest will have no place to go. No synapse has any avaliable BZP- receptor. So benzos are out. Yes, Ive tried all avaliable to buy easily, which is Diaz, Alpra, Fluniz, Broma, Tema, Klona. Ok, so Opioids then. Start light. Codeine. Meh, requires way too much, and it lasts way to short a time. Becides its a bitch getting the pure form, it always comes with toxic Paracetamol which is very dangerous when you take several grams of it.. Second option was Tramadol. Wow. I found it! It cured all my anxiety! Cured my Depression! I was on it daily for about 4 months until I noticed I had to increase the dose quite rapidly. And soon I was on 1+g / day just to stay off Withdrawal. I got off a few times (Tramadol withdrawals are a bitch.) but always started again. Now the same thing happened again. The first 3 days was wonderful, then nothing. Its like I got Immune to that shit too. I could literally take 100mg or 1000mg, same effect... So Oxycontin then? Didnt even work, I tried 60mg, didnt even have any effect. Morphine? Since the low oral avaliability (And I dont shoot) I didnt even bother. Left was Suboxone and Methadone. Tried sub, and it was great. Killed the anxiety, didnt give me much of a high, but it worked. Kinda like a Tramadol-light. But after a few months I was at max-dose where it levels off, and stops working. So I tried Methadone. Wow what a fucking kick in the head. Took a bit much as my virgin dose So I hardly remember that day, more than laying in a fluffy cloud of warm euophoric blankets. For those of you who do not know, yes, Methadone is extremely potent and gets you REEEALLYY high. But again, it comes to a point where it stabilizies in your body and you dont feel it anymore. This happens with almost any opiate/opioid. See the Documentary "Methadonia". So I decided to take up hospital care again, they gave me this time an SNRI called Venlafaxine. No effect at all, neither good nor bad. I have a new appointment soon and we are gonna start with Mirtazapine to add to the Venlafaxine. Apparantly these have some opioid-receptor affinity and should work good when mixed together. If Venlafaxine + Mirtazapine doesnt work, the last option is Cymbalta. If that dont work either, Im back, left to my own devices. This time I aint got no more options left. And yeah, I tried Pregabalin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pregabalinbut it just makes me feel wierd. I wish I could smoke Cannabis but I cant, just taking ONE hit makes me almost TRIP, because I get so intense flashbacks from my teens when I did alot of shrooms and shit, and while you have this kinda anxiety I have, pot is just not an option, point blank. It just makes it go waaay worse. So Ive tried all legal options, all illegal options, and I dont believe in any self-help stuff like Mindfullness, CBT, and stuff like that. Trust me, after 35 years I know what to do to kill a panic attack before it happens, and I know how to breathe and relax and all that stuff, but I cant kick this nagging constant 24/7 anxiety. I WISH I could be on Tramadol for life. But that didnt work. I was on 400mg/day for MONTHS and it was perfect, then all of a sudden it just ... stopped working... had to go up to 2g to get effect and 1g just to keep Withdrawals away. Thanks for letting me vent here and put my thoughts into words. I really dont feel anonymous anywhere else than psynews right now. Thanks for reading, cheers
  12. Whaaa.. ? OnT: Im gonna pick *closes eyes moves finger around and points at screen* Akanoid - Sundance. Ccouldnt even find it on youtube now THATS effin underground. And its a damn fine tune, too. http://httpwww.musicline.de/de/player_flash/0718756121329/0/4/50/product <- small peak here but it doesnt even get to the melody part so youre missing out if you dont got it. http://www.discogs.com/Akanoid-3345-Best-Til-Now/release/168050 damn that shit so rare, only 22 ppl got it yo, do I win?
  13. Im curious to see what you came up with using Omnisphere. That would probably have been my third or fourth choice since its sample based (IIRC) and Im sure there is a sample in there with a similar sound just needing some tweakage. I also really really love the sample based synth called... uhm... what is it.. damn memory.. oh yes, Alchemy. http://www.kvraudio.com/product/alchemy-by-camel-audio/details Wonderful piece of software there. Too bad the one I got was a bit buggy. And I aint got that kinda dough.
  14. Hi! Actually I wasnt taking it personally, I was taking it for the thread- so to speak. Let me try and explain, I find it quite cocky entering a thread, like you, an esteemed artist who has been putting out music since what, 1994? - starting by saying "I never made anything embarrasing". I mean that to me, sounds like your ego is a bit big mate, seing as your music isnt that good to begin with. (I dont like your jungle/tribal approach to goa - so its just a matter of taste, glad youre cool with it) I kinda like Tranc. Psycho. because it is on one of my favorite comps; Tantrance 6. But I have no dislike for you, I just found your post very distasteful, and disrespectful. But now since you shed another light on your post that wasnt there before, I see what you mean, and of course I agree. And I guess Im sorry for misinterpritated it.
  15. http://picosong.com/uf76/ http://picosong.com/uf7c/ Thats it I guess, I wish I had my stuff pre 2005 hehe, then you'd hear some really embarrassing shiet. By 2005 I had at least learned about frequencies, i.e EQing, lol.
  16. Strange. Didnt he just bash neogoa, goa, and the entire goa scene? Like literally? "GOAFUCKYOURSELVES" and stuff like that? Oh well, go figure. I like this album though. Not bad at all. Has a nice Acid Trance drum/bass concept with sweet goa melodies. Kinda gives me vibes from old Rave Mission CDs.
  17. with all due respect Elysium, I dont think many of us had had the luxury of being around as long as you and id dare say most of us in here hasnt released anything yet. We've just been playing around. I know I kept most of my stuff that wasnt pure garbage since 2005, everything before that is sadly gone forever, but I do have something coming up in this thread a bit later. But I dont think this thread is about any tracks we are embarrased about that we RELEASED. I think its just about tunes we made that we might look back on now and cringe a bit. So again, with all due respect, hold back on the elitism. (yes, it came through as elitist, saying you dont have anything youre embarrassed about because that went into the can - and you go on saying you wouldnt release anything you were embarrased about.) That kinda takes away the spirit of the thread, at least as I recieve it. Then again I could be wrong, these forum aliases in this thread could all be major artists like yourself, and not simply amateurs playing around here and then. Okay, youre just Elysium, never made anything good tbh, but what if you were , say Simon P, just walked in here saying "oh i never made anything embarrassing, why would I release it if I thought it was embarrasing". Also, I am POSITIVE all the great artists have released stuff over the years they are embarrased about today. Good thing youre not mate. Turn the EGO knob down a tad will you? Wayy too much resonance. Now then, on with the thread... Ill go next, If I get the darned thing finding the files hehe, Reasons been searching my library now for like 5 min.
  18. His first album was crap, actually, and his second album IIRC wasnt that much better. But now? Its like he has had a spiritual growth or something. Truly amazing stuff. Have to check out more of this. The two tracks in the OP was awesome. edit: WHOOPPS. Mixed him up in my head with Radical Distortion. Sorry Still think Nova Fractal is both the best Newschool producer and at the same time the most Underrated.
  19. yes, there are both twists and turns. Usually three episodes are not enough for ANY series to grab you, to be honest. But I suppose if the first episode didnt hook you, I dont think this might be for you. You probably have to have a true interest for general conspiracies, anxiety, drugs, paranoia, and hacking, to like this show. "that fella" is Rami Malek, but Im 'glad' the thread cracked you up.
  20. Mr. Robot is hands down the best series in a very very long time. Rami Malek is legendary in his roll as Elliot, and the plot is amazing. I especially like films that have to do with hacking and computer security, but in lieu of documentaries, have I ever seen a film or series that has so much realism as Mr. Robot. The plot is also a direct parallell to reality and a complete anaology of our world we live in. Sure, the series has it flaws, but they are easily discarded by the general awesomeness of the show. Every episode has a cliffhanger of sorts, makes you hankering for the next episode like a fix. Speaking of which, Elliot has anxiety issues and self-medicates with Morphine. He reminds me of my self in many ways, although Im not a hacker by any means, nor do I self-medicate with Morphine. I am however very computer savvy, very anxious and have social anxiety, depression and I do self-medicate with various opioids, just not morphine because when taking it orally or even nasally like Elliot, it has only a bioavaliability of 50% which means you have to either inject, or take double dose.. He would much rather take Oxycontin or Methadone with has almost 100% oral avaliability. Oh well. Im not here to promote drug use, but it is a very interesting and big thing in this show. The fact that Elliot is hooked on Opioiods. Even if its just Morphine which is, actually, not a very strong opioid compared to the ones that are avaliable. Maybe that is also why they chose Morphine as the drug of choice for Elliot - even though Im not so sure about that since Morphine in the eyes of the general public - is like, almost Heroin. (Which is not far from the truth since Heroin becomes Morphine inside your body after metabolism - but thats another story entirely, one that I know very well and could write a scientific thesis on.) Back to the realism of the show, I havent found more than a few (and then I am nitpicking) things that arent real. For example I saw an IP adress with a number larger than 255 in the adress. But Ill gladly let that slide. So psynewsers, what do you guys feel about the show, and If you havent seen it, its readily avaliable all over the internet - I will not go into debate of obtaining it legally or legally - and it is of course airing on Wednesdays in the USA. I know it will very soon come to Europe, so if you are not down with watching shows illegally, I completely get it, and you really have something great to look forward to. If you guys wanna discuss the show here, the episodes and what not - please use spoiler tags so that you do not spoil the show for those who hasnt seen it yet http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4158110/
  21. Oh I see. Oh my friend, there are plenty albums that have perfect album art and wonderful music!! Not EVERY single track on an album has to be 5/5, but there are plenty of albums with great covers and great music
  22. this one ive said before, but ill say again, is also very very yummy.. doesnt try anything fancy, just minimal and simple in its approach. now, i have no clue if the blue plasma sphere is a Stock image, or someone created it unique for this E.P (which I reaaally hope) its still good. But if its a Stock image, then ill take back most of my positive acclaims of this artwork. I much much prefer unique art made especially for an album, over some stock images put together in photoshop; of course. That goes without saying. And I praise Richpa and Gasolin for this (and many more, just to mention two whose covers I dont necessarily like that much), obviously! It's just that my taste differ from theirs..
  23. i meant sky input and heliopolis. it was cool in 1996 but not so much now. and I think half an image containing fractals and squigglies then mirrored to the other half of the image is pretty much similar. ie sky input/heliopolis <-> transwave helium, where Helium is of course better; for its day, when it was a novelty. ultimae covers are beatiful at first glance but when you realise they all look exactly alike they become "meh". Dancefloor Metadata is too blue!
  24. Just look at this beauty right here. Mm-mm. this is also a yummy one And I cant find one single Suntrip cover I like. Blacklight Moments is borderline, but again, those cloth-like patterns in the background just ruins it. Why not make it completely black and those purple squiggly lines in UV lighting? Awesome, it would be. Anyways I could go on forever about the covers I hate, but unfortunately, I cant go on too long about the covers I love. That is why I want a change. Again. Just one guy talking, nothing more. Gasoline also makes some very nice artwork, but I dont particularly like his album covers. But Ive browsed his catalogue and there is some really good stuff in there. But again, his album art, not so much. :/ Its like there is a curse on the Neo Goa album-art scene
  25. Its not necessary, its unavoidable. But you can at least manage a few leads that you dont want any anti-phase on. Or go too wide in the stereo image. But there will most likely always be anti-phasing going on.
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