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  1. Uugh. Such a negative attitude. I knew perfectly well what I was saying and anyone could understand it, didnt have to condescend me
  2. Wow, this is one of those topics that keeps getting continues responses huh. Cool beans. Well, Lets see. I have never heard Terranoise before, and it strikes me as being too fast and not melodic enough for my soft little ears. Yet I understand its extremely melodic for those who are into the genre. The production value is good, so is the mixing and mastering. (yes one can hear that even on youtube) So Im gonna give it a 3/10. Im gonna search deep in my library for something, well, almost unique or at least something kinda rare. Lets see if it even exists on youtube... And btw, does it have to be psytrance? I guess so. Otherwise the topic would kinda go crazy i guess. Couldnt find it on youtube but here is a full listen http://tidido.com/a35184372113839/al54071915196deee83f8ba0e5/t54080321196dee38778c7fa6 just hit Play next to the Sundance title; and it should play. The volume btw its on 50% by default on that player so make sure to crank it up. It is btw the track I mentioned in that "most underground" track, thread. enjoy this beauty and underrated gem!! Beauty begins at about 1/4th of the track for you lazy bastards that dont have time to listen to a full track
  3. Which is your ABSOLUTE favorite Pleiadians/Etnica/Crop Circles track? If you HAD to choose one? I mean, like a gun to your head, and had to choose one. I dont think I could. Id probably take the bullet, because it is so hard. But when it really boils down to it I guess it has to be BPC - antidote (pl remix) OH remixes dont count??! Thank god. Then it is Time Dilation. Then afterwards I would contemplate my decision for years whether or not I should have chosen Zeta Reticuli (lazy spiral rmx). But no, I made my decision, I cant go back now, or Ill get a bullet in my head.
  4. Is there any way to listen to Joergs own version? I can only find the Juan, Domi, Jorg version no matter how much I search. Anyway, its nice to learn that he played it. And its suicide contemplating that I missed it. did pleaidians/etnica/crop circles play: bpc - Antidote (pl remix), Pentagon, Full mental jackpot (pl remix), Time Dilation, Zeta Reticuli (lazy spiral rmx) ? I just have to know.
  5. I guess I won? Some topics on this forum has the magical ability of completely loose all interest from all users. Dunno why, really. On most forums that I chat on, really only two, most topics have continous replies but I guess psynews is too small for that. A shame cus many topics are really interesting, like this one. You learn new tracks you didnt know before and stuff. And its fun to measure your e-peen no matter the subject.
  6. Im one of those who dont generally like an Artist as a whole, only some tracks stick out every now and again. Pleaidians and Etnica and including Crop Circles are one of a few, that has some extremely legendary tracks, but as artist, considering EVERYTHING they have produced - for me, they arent in the top 10. Does that make me wierd? I mean, some of the tracks they've made, are truly legendary, and 11/10 so they break the scale. But there are too many "bad" tracks, to, in my opinion, put them as "hey, Pleiadians are like, one of the best Goa Trance producers of all time" then hand my friend all of their CDs. Thats not what I would do at all. I would make a mixtape of the best ones, which are like, 8-9 tracks. You get what I mean? Some artists however, cant seem to make more than a few bad tracks, in lieu of all their other tracks. Lets say Astral Projection. They've made about 5 bad tracks, and about 15 masterpieces. That makes them legends. Pleadians, has made, I dunno, 40-50 tracks? With etnica, about 100? but only 8-9, really like, 7-8 are legendary status in my book, maybe 10 total if you count in Etnica. you see my point? I dunno what the fuck im drabbling about, im gonna shut up now. Crop Circles are awesome, but I generally only like 3 of their tracks, maybe 4 on a good day.
  7. this is moi fairly photoshopped ofc for the ANON thing.
  8. wow, hadnt heard pentagone in a while, doesnt really kick off until the very end , but damn is it good. its the sound that for me define Crop Circles. the sound almost makes your brain itch. @07:35 really does a number on you. too bad its almost at the very end. DAMN we need a remix!!!! draeke???? do some of that DAT magic, please.
  9. As long as were talking Pleiadians, lets talk crop circles. For me, Nothing beats the Pleadians remix of Full Mental Jackpot. The kick, the melodies, the energy, the EVERYTHING. other than that I adore Pentagone (which it was called back in 98 on the interwebs) and Antonomasia (not the Lotus Omega remix) for me this is part of Goatrance legend, and if you arent familiar with Crop Circles you might aswell just go hide behind a corner and lsiten to Justin Bieber. Lunar Civilization I actually like the Filteria remix the other parts of the album Tetrahedron are OKAY. let me rephrase; Pentagone Antonomasia (Original Mix) Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) (no other verson comes CLOSE to this one) Luanr Civilization (Filteria Remix) (and no, I dont particularly enjoy the Pleiadians remix of Lunar Civilization)
  10. i can agreee because i actually think IFO are great pretty much allover. the tracks depends on mood. but my point is, their tracks like Antidote, Time Dilation and Zeta Reticuli pretty much destroys everything on IFO. its that Ciberland (Cyber) sound that gets me. That aaaaalmost Etnica sound. The harsh sounds of Electra really doesnt do it for me. I much much prefer the sound of Time Dilation and Zeta Reticuli (Lazy Spiral). But the best no doubt, hands down, of all etnica/pleaidians tracks are ofcourse BPC - Antidote (pl remix) and Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot (pl remix) nothing can beat those three tracks. NOTHING.
  11. im not going to say anything, but, ive had the unique opportunity to listen to the final version of Wheel Of Time. I dont have it, I cant share it, I can only say this : O _ M _ G. Its what youve been waiting for since pleiadians, filteria, artifact303, and nova fractals releases like Connect and Blindsight. This is it. This is the PINNACLE of Neogoa. Just you wait, it will probably be released soon. I cant share it even if I wanted to. Its a secret for now. But let me tell you.. It is eargasmic on a whole new level of eargasm. Its the neogoa you all know Nova Fractal delivers, but add that about 100. Then you'll get close to The Wheel of Time. Its a one hit wonder if youve never heard neogoa before, and if you have, its a One hit Wonder, nonetheless. Artifact303 - Feelings comes pretty close to the awesomeness of Wheel Of time. I bow down to you, mr Nova Fractal. I dont think you realise how good you are.
  12. ^ sure I agree that electra is powerful as fuk but i also believe there are many tracks that are much better. but without going off topic, both antidote pleiadians remix, and time dilation as well as one track I completely forgot : zeta retuculi (lazy spiral remix) all kick both IFO and FOL in the arse.
  13. tbh, they aren't overrated but their albums are. perhaps the only album that's fully good is etnica - alien protein. other than that their albums have some not so good tracks. having said that, they have produced some of the best goa tracks in the history of goa trance. these are the pleiadians track that really matter. no particular order. bpc - antidote (pl remix) time dilation alcyone electra crop circles - full mental jackpot (pl remix) zeta retuculi (lazy spiral remix) crop circles - all of them are pretty fucking good but Pentagon is the killer. etnica - vimana, triptonite, mystical appearance in goa, astral way. and as said alien protein. ifo is great allover but alcyone and electra are the only really great ones. Im talking legendary status ofc. but ifo is great. fol, i don't enjoy that album at all nor do I enjoy any of the following. remember this is my opinion. it's not facts. plur
  14. What do you think about the medicine Clomipramine? Its a relative to anti-psychotics, yet it is a TCA. Would that be a good option for me you think? seeing as neither SSRI or SNRI works for me at all. According to Wikipedia, it is prescriped for ALL of my psychiatric illnesses, such as Panic Disorder, Depersonalization Disorder, and depression/anxiety.
  15. Im actually doing CBT therapy at this time and Im on my 7th session. Its not really doing anything for me? But sure, it gives solutions and its a smart therapy. I think I just need an old woman or man, just sitting there in a chair, dim lights, and just let me cry and get it all out. a few sessions of that, and Ill be good. but its not that easy as it seems, to get a hold of such a therapist, at least not in my country. in USA you just gotta have money and everything is avaliable. in my country, you gotta go through the system, get transfers, remissals, etc.. before you find the right help. takes YEARS to find proper help here. guess the country and you win a point
  16. Thanks Mr Rotwang, an honor btw, your profile pic slightly disturbs me :/ not saying i want you to change it, im all for freedom of speech and freedom of art, just saying, something about it disturbs me
  17. Hey mr Fractal that really is sad news for me as a hardcore Nova Fractal fan, but I understand. I just hope I get to hear the full Wheel of time soon, because Ive been jonesing on it ever since i heard that small small preview in that youtube video a few years back.
  18. staring off my choices with Planet Fuse - Silent Wishes (AP Remix) and Loving Loop - Wake Up Eternity ( United Ravers Remix) (AP remix) (btw my artist name isnt really AP or AstralProjections, thats just a cover) my third installment in this series is going to be Loving Loop - Listen to that phat bass (it has been covered in MULTIPLE wanna-be tracks( i dont even wanna say their names cus its so shameful but you know who they are... just google listen to that phat bass and you will come up with all kinds of lame shit) , but there is only one original, can be found only on Rave Mission 10 called (D-Noizers Hardtrance Remix) I dont have the mp3 for that ATM cus I dont have the proper software installed since i upgraded from win 7. But I will get it here. in the meantime just enjoy a small privew of what is to come (mind you, ive just basicaly done the framework creating the keys, and melodies from scratch, the final product is going to be something completely different. 1. Planet Fuse - Silen Wishes (AP remix) v.001 2. Loving Loop - Wake up eternity (united ravers remix) (AP remix) v.001 3. Loving Loop - Listen to that phat bass (D-Noizers Hardtrance Remix (AP remix) v.001 1) http://picosong.com/uVUv/ 2) http://picosong.com/uVUd/ 3) http://picosong.com/ujQa/ this is actually an almost complete re-creation of the original, so that I have a basic framework to work on, when i decide to remix it. so its not a remix per se. and no i didnt use any midis or anything, just listened to the original and did my best to re-create. saw it as a musical challange aswell as remix potential. most sounds are still generic and basicallly unmixed at this point. the same goes for the other two aswell. just thought id try to recreate just by listening to the originals. then decide where to go from there.
  19. its kinda weird but give it a few listens it's from my soul obviously it's not hardly even finished http://picosong.com/uVx3/ headphones preferably
  20. how the fukk did i forget about this one? Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing (Luminol Remix)
  21. nope. cant be unavoidable. i gurantee it (unless you wanna use MONO for most of your instruments like i said in my first post)
  22. not if you therapeutically need them bro. they can save lives. they do every day. i love you i dont know you but i do, cus i can see your heart and its full of love, but pharma's save lives every day man <3
  23. Does anyone have this in CD quality? this is the one im speaking of.
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