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  1. Gingersnap Dango - Palilalia feedback appreciated. Especially in regards to mixing/ mastering.
  2. A Ps4 game called "Nier: automata " Song: End of the unknown (Psytrance-ish... ) the rest of the game soundtrack is phenomenal btw. Worth checking out ( the vocal parts of the game OST is sung in a completely made up language , which makes it a whole lot more interesting I dont bother posting links while on the phone
  3. Dont know about japanese goa but more along the psytrancy stuff , xipe totecs is playing live and producing
  4. hi , new tracka https://soundcloud.com/gingersnapdango/ultros
  5. SoundCloud - "Gingersnap Dango- Son of the White Mare" Have a listen, like i u want.
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