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  1. Well, I was not sure and didn't want it to go unsung. So instead of that my number ten now is Fiery Dawn
  2. Uptempo: 01. Arronax - Crossing The Rubicon (Neogoa) 02. Shakta – Retroscape (Suntrip Records) 03. Moonweed - Voice of Jupiter (Anjuna Records) 04. Omnivox - Fragments Of Evolution (Spacedock Records) 05. Ephedra - Journey Through My Head (Goa Madness Records) 06. E-Mantra - Nemesis (Suntrip Records) 07. Ajna - Search For The Divine (Ovnimoon Records) 08. Omegahertz - Spacewalker (Space Baby Records) 09. Minomar – Oriba Tiwa Project (Goalogique Records) 10. Fiery Dawn ‎– Cosmic Ascension (Timewarp) Downtempo: 01. Androcell - Imbue (Altar Records) 02. Asura
  3. Acid Storm - City Angels EP (2010) Beast303 - Controlled EP (2010) Project Khoff-U - Acid Wanted (2010) Liquid Jungle - High Toxicity EP (2011)
  4. From this year's releases this was the most mind-blowing track for me:
  5. Yes, Obs.Cur is the leading label on that genre. Looking for parties playing that kind of music.
  6. The last track Frozen Love sounds like GoaHuman and I like it.
  7. I like your acidic sound and I often listen to your songs on Soundcloud.
  8. That's good news. I look forward to discovering new young oldschool GOA artists.
  9. Unfortunately that's true. The Suntrips Records 10 years anniversary in Hamburg was a highlight for me. Especially in NRW they often announce Goa & Psytrance but what you get is Progressive & Psytrance. And sometimes even mixed with Minimal!
  10. Fiction is one of my favorite albums. Especially Orchestra2.0 is so beautiful.
  11. For me Higher Modes was such a boring album. This new one sounds really good. Very powerful!
  12. Uptempo: 1: Omegahertz - Deca (Dimensional Records) 2: Trinodia - Astral Clouds (Ovnimoon Records) 3: Cosmic Dimension - In A Special Kind Of Space (Suntrip Records) 4: Filteria - Lost In The Wild (Suntrip Records) 5: Juno Reactor - The Golden Sun Of The Great East (Metropolis) 6: Dimension 5 - TransAddendum (Suntrip Records) 7: TAVI - Magnetic Field (GOA Records) 8: BlackStarrFinale - AURYN (Neogoa.tk) 9: Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles (Suntrip Records) 10: Nervasystem - Time Travel (Anjuna Records) Downtempo: 1: Shpongle - Museum Of Consciousness (Twisted Records) 2
  13. Just ordered my ticket. That will be amazing. And how good that the concert is on a Friday. Brussel sight-seeing on Saturday
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