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  1. My bad man, my bad.. I will have to go through the manual again cause neither can I control it with my bitstream.. I donts see the MIDI learn button.. But accent can be regulated with velocity above 100 and slide can be also modified in similar way.. Anyway even without MIDI learn its great tool.. But that acid lines would sound better with a little modulation..
  2. I use cubase.. You say vanguard is overused and what about nord man? But that filtertrix is interesting.. Do u think I could asamble that synth with Tassman? It will have better look if not sounds
  3. 99% and download complete.. Now on to the listening.. I do some deep progressive tribal shit.. Thats what I like the most but recently I do some more pumped up tracks that spins about 140 bpm.. I made some chill also, sounded good but I lack the inspiration on that one..
  4. I have some acid killa but thats not apropriate for the compilation probably cause in the last there where some dark tunes.. But I have some older, darker, groovy track that I could send.. But its more progressive so that probably wont fit too..
  5. I abandoned Vanguard cause my doesnt support midi learn function.. Friend says his does. Does yours? I still wanna use it cause it has awesome sound but I cant control it so..
  6. And its better that way, its good to improvise.. I also had ecscursions like that, trying to make something totally new.. But there are times when I stick to the rules straight.. Depends on the mood..
  7. Maybe it isnt the rewireing, maybe its rebirth and`or reason itself.. But in any case I cant do remix of my track nor I can decently master it cause it wont open, and its second best track on my last album.. You dont know how much that frustrated me.. And I always tend to loose sample when rewireing reason.. Its really easier to work now only in cubase, no TAB shifting between programs, I dont need two LCDs anymore.. Its much more creative.. I only used reason as a drum sequencer and sampler and rebirth for acid and now I have far better VSTs to use and work only in cubase.. Its a great step for me, but small step for mankind
  8. Yeah, but maybe its better to know the rules so you can break them efficiently.. I dont know, Ill wait for your next track and than make a judgment, Im interested in what you will develop your style
  9. Forget about ReBirth and go and get Phosycon.. I already made a track with it and its awesome.. Its called Black acid Really, Rebirth doesnt have a chance.. And controls are easy too set up.. Get it and start jammin, hook some stereo expander on it and hold tight :posford: Drew, of course you have problems with rewireing, I also had problems with rewirering to cubase, simply cause it sucks.. And also I cant open one great track of mine anymore cause of Rebirth
  10. Interesting.. :wank: Are u developing a new style? :drama:
  11. As order.. Thats just what I wanted to ask :-D
  12. Project 5.. Never heard of that.. Will check it out.. Is transfer between cubase and that project 5 painfull?
  13. After little mesing with phosycon and trying audiorealism bassline I can claim that phosycon is best 303 I heard till now.. Audiorealism is good and looks even better but the sound isnt as close as phosycon.. Great tool, I sure gona use it plenty..
  14. CMX 3000 is great and that Vestax controler looks good but any better MIDI controller will do.. Actually Im searching for good dj program too.. Cause I had enough of Virtual dj, Traktor.. They ruined all my mixes.. I sold my turntables since I dont have place for them nor for the cd players.. I have external mixer but I really want some decent program that can be MIDI controled. the best I found is MixVibes but altough I have configuration file for controling the program with my midi I cant get it working.. MixVibes is as real as it gets, but still I cant control it, so what is the next best option.. And yeah, that virtual dj 4 is far worse comparing to virtual dj 3 in matters of internal mixing.. I want program that does the pitch shift with no flicking and that can be midi controled.
  15. Thanks guys, Im downloading phosycon demo now.. It seems good and also that neopheton vst that d16 group has.. I mean it has recomendations from richie hawtin.. I will chech audiorealism bassline later and I got tau already.. But one things that bothers me is that phosycon is demo so can one of u help me out with that :-D If yes contact me privately and send some numbers.. Or exe files.. :-P I have bunch of vst in exchange.. I think that 303 emu my friend talked about is phosycon but im not sure still..
  16. Buy Cubase SX 3.. I stopped to rewire cubase wit reason and will work only in cubase from now.. Get yourself good MIDI controler and probably some synth and bunch of vsts and u'r ready to go. Logic is good too, but stick with reason.. It will take some time till u handle it but its really easy to produce once u get close with it.
  17. Buy Cubase SX 3.. I stopped to rewire cubase wit reason and will work only in cubase from now.. Get yourself good MIDI controler and probably some synth and bunch of vsts and u'r ready to go. Logic is good too, but stick with reason.. It will take some time till u handle it but its really easy to produce once u get close with it.
  18. I will get 303 vst in couple of days and friend says it's really good.. Im really looking forward to it since I have stopped to work with rebirth and am in need of some good 303 emu.. Can you make a list of some good 303 emu-s?
  19. Just wanted to add that I didnt rejected Reason in rewire mode since reason got redrum and nn-xt sampler for what I didnt find better replacement in VSTs and I have them over 300.. And its easier to work with redrum than with any VST that does the same.. But if anyone has better recomendations, I would appreciate it.. A whole bunch of VSTs doesnt support MIDI automation, that is the biggest problem.. But some of them do..
  20. Downloading.. Playlist looks fine.. Hope I have the time for download..
  21. I have some e-book which shows the frequency ranges of different parts of the song e.g. guitar, vocal, bass and such and what happens when you apply different kinds of eq on them.. That would probably be usefull.. Search the net for frequency ranges.pdf.. I see Coolin is the one for mastering questions so Coolin, this is not the topic but, btw which monitors are better those richard allen u have or Fostex PM-2 ? But no, wait.. I`m thinking of Adam`s A7 or P11A? Im in a doubt so if u can englighten me please.. I to need to mix and master my album so any help is gratefull What is better for u personal, compression before eg or after?
  22. Im saving money for a long time to buy it. Its next on my list and my dealer is just waiting for me to order it..
  23. Try out some different ragas.. Thats what I use.. If u ona get authenthic sound and not some western crap
  24. Artwork done by me exclusively :-) Get ready for radio show
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