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  1. So maybe you have some good setups that I would be interested in.. Yeah, midi implemenatition iz great.. I underestimated that zebra.. Also, I realized that zebra has lots of pressets that begins with tass.. That are probably setups taken from Tassman, dont u think? I dont know if it comes as factory presets or I added them with expansion pack.. There are tons of presets, tons.. Awesome.. If anyone is interested in additive and harmonic synthezis I would seriously recommend that spectra, it has great potential that Im soon going to put in use.. Does anyone knows where to get Moog Moduar manual?
  2. My latest stash, behold, the great Deckadance, dj mix software that supports VST and MIDI implementation.. dj mix software is bugging me all the time.. Oh man when I remember all the troubles with traktor, virtual dj, old mixvibes and such.. Finally I stumled upon perfect dj revolutionary program but I can get output on my headphones.. I have two souncards.. ESI Julia an SB Live.. I planned to use them both as with other dj software but this program supports only asio drivers so im restricted to only one card, either julia or sb live.. I have 4 outputs on julia 1 and 2 I use for main output and other two are for synth input normaly.. Big banana plugs but I can turn it into chinch with switching the card.. I cant get output on 3rd and 4th output of julia and it would be stupid to plug headphone banana jack and leave other empty.. Anyways maybe I can output main mix on 1st and headphones on 2nd exit of the card but would it make the sound mono? Thats idea I got while writing so I should check it out but maybe someone has some good recommendation?
  3. 1) What programs you use, and any hardware instruments, midi controllers, etc (PC Specs too)? There has been a revolution for me in terms of audio production.. I abandoned Reason and Rebirth recently and centered in using Cubase as main sequencer.. I run it on Intel Prescott 3 GHz with 2 Gigs of DDR2 RAM with ESI Julia and SB Live soundcards and tons of PRO VSTs.. I use Audition for recording and mastering with many DX PRO FX. I have Alesis Micron synth Waveidea Bitstream 3X controller.. Output goes on 6 different speakers.. I have external mixer but lately I dont use it so often.. As for real instruments I have mrdanga, dholki, acoustic guitar and small tambourine(well not tambourine but picture it as string instument like smallest tambura u ever seen, its national instrument of my country) then I have 3 different bengali and calcutta flutes of different sizes.. 2) On average, how long does it take you to build and finish a Song? Up to month. 3) Which parts do you find tedious when building your track (if any), if it pattern sequencing, automation, etc? I had idea block at half of the track.. I create proffesional intro but later on second half of the track I lack inspiration to do it pro till the end.. Now thats trouble is gone in my last two tracks.. 4) Where did the inspiration come from to start producing music? Music has been in my life as long as I remember, always wanted to make something but lacked devices.. Started to dj and a natural progression is to make your stuff.. 5) AND Your favourite style to produce? Deep progressive groovy sound but now Im working on acid trance album.. Some groovy deep acid I could call it.. After that Ill shift back to progressive..
  4. I tried that Zebra and its outstanding.. I also have tons of extra presets, theres no limit really.. Also I mistakened Arturia Storm for Moog modular.. I didnt have it, but I have it now and its stunning.. I must mention AudioSpectra additive + resynthesis synth.. Awesome, thats good introduction in resynthesis process before I get Neuron VS.. Also there is Glass Viper with has real church organs and flutes, it cant get more real than that and vst is quite trippy to use, u actually se the wave and the principle is wave synthesis.. And as a backup to my additive synthesis aresenal I found Morphine which is good to have.. Recently Im getting more and more into additive or addictive synthesis as I call it, into modular synths and into resynthesis methods.. I learned subtractive and frequency modulated methods and now looking for more trilling experiance, although I wont put subtractive and fm synths out of my setup.. I know it all in theory but just recently Im starting to practice it and u know, practice makes perfect.. I think u need to know all methods of synthesis to be a good sound producer and to create that fullness of the sound, to widen use of the frequency spectar.. Just wanted to mention here to throw out my frustrations that I lost my bassline that I worked on for hours while upgradeing z3ta preset library.. What a loss, I didnt remember all the settings so the sound is gone now and track was just about done.. And bass was as good as it gets, far better than most of popular psy trance tracks.. It was just what I wanted.. Now I learned a important lesson.. Always save your patches and samples.. I did that with samples but didnt have in mind preset upgrade which ruined it all..
  5. I dont know its kinda limited.. I dont want to install synth1 again after a long time but maybe it would be challange to do it only with discodsp and drum machine of choice.. I think it would be reasonable if we can use native seq-s fx although that kjerhaus plugins are great.. Maybe Ill join, I would like to, but Im lacking time, real tracks need to be done.. :wank: Anyways, I come to the same idea as kalki And I didnt remember that but I think it would be great.. Why dont we make "psynews trance project" and make some ass kickin track all together? But there should be some restriction like sharing the same sequencer and we should have same VSTs although not neccesary (one could use lead vst other bass stuff, you know everyone takes part in something).. How do pro producers make collaborations when they are miles away? I think its this way, is it? I wanna make some full-on project with one of my friends so I was wondering.. Is it a bug over distance to produce in colaboration?
  6. Yeah I checked it but didnt try it.. And I doubt I will, I just dont have a feeling.. Didt u try it? How is it compared to others named above? Im looking for something that looks and sounds better than tassman.. When u master modulars u conquerd it all, dont u think?
  7. I checked a list on kvr long ago and tassman is first on the list.. Now I have zebra also and I have arturia for year or more but I never used it cause it has bad GUI but now when I get good at tassman I think Ill install back arturia and create some good moog.. If u wanna see how looks good modular check this baby out http://www.synthesizers.com/studio110.html Yeah I have some new instruments for tassman, just gonna check them out.. I really started to like tassman.. Love at first sight
  8. I also have one track made with rebirth and reason but I tried to quit using reason and finally find replacement for all components of reason.. Now u cant even compare tracks made with phosycon and without a trace of reason with my old stuff.. Its just isnt that good.
  9. I just got into modular synthesis in practice, till now it was just theory.. Im looking for some recomendations of modular software synthesizers.. I have Tassman ESI edition for about a year and I just recently started to explore it.. And after going through tutorial my had still pulses.. I was afraid of Tassman for long time but now Im ready for it.. Is there any better modular synth than AAS Tassman.. All that I checked on KVR are much worse, only one that intrigued me is Zebra and Ill try it.. Does anyone have some good instruments for Tassman? Or does anyone know some good link where I can find shemes for synthesizers like Nord or Virus and try to recreate that with Tassman? Also shemes of vintage analog synths are welcome.. I searched all the topics but I only found Zebra, Karma FX and Tassman mentioned..
  10. So afterall I found out that Phosycon can be MIDI controled and automated.. I didnt want to accept that it cant be so I twisted the knobs until I found which CC# Phosycon use..
  11. Yeah man, best choice.. You couldnt choose it better.. I would be trilled if I had A6.. That stuff is old but still rocks and with so much knobs you can do anything.. But A6 is to expensive for my pocket unfortunately so I had to buy Micron.. It has all the stuff that Ion has but with only tree knobs and its so small u can take him anywhere.. Never tried A6 but I cant imagine how good it feels to spin around those rubber polished knobs on A6.. I can do that, but I have to program Micron to that three knobs it has.. If I had desk as big as A6 and a money to buy I would go for it.. A6 has 3 times bigger price, its 3 times bigger than my synth and I can create much more variations of sounds than with A6 but A6 is true analog so my Micron has to emulate that.. Its good but it isnt real thing.. anyways if u are short on money buy much cheaper Micron you wont mistake.. It took me a year to get in all that programing and modulations but know the results are stuning.. If u dont wanna mess with this type of settings than buy A6 and twiggle that knobs .. I just checked that site.. I guess I could sample that mp3 sounds (they could be waves too, argh..) and pretend I have andromeda, just pass it through microns filters, switch analog emu to 100% and add some sick mods and of u go.. It would be close..
  12. Much pattience, not little.. But the problem is, for example, my tracks are now getting uncomparebly better than the ones I done in past and when I make a last track on album, first will suck compared to it if u take that linear aproach.. So what to do about it? Is there some point of stagnation when u stop learning even just for a while? I think not, there is only progression and degradation, everything moves and vibrates in this universe.. So thats a problem Im faced with, probably the solution is to sort a tracks on album in order that u cant tell which one is made after other, i. e. first track u put last and such..
  13. Wow, Im impressed.. Im using Minimonsta and also wanted to buy Little Phatty but with this theres no doubt.. For long time I was affraid of minimosta, used some patches but that all.. In my new track I really explored that vst and filters and modulations are awesome, I create sounds that I could only imagine before.. But its really a hard work if u want something really good out of it.. Now I think Ill limit my use in just few BIG vsts like minimosta that offer good modulation settings and have 3 oscilators at least. Other VST destiny is shift+delete.. First i tried bass station with two osc and you can get good bass, v-station is complicated and offers 3 osc, filters, fx and its much better but when I really tweaked with minimosta, nothing can beat that.. Thanks nemo, good recomendation.. Let me know if u try it..
  14. No, no, its not sysex.. I mistaken it for MIDI-OX.. I search a bit and found out that I have MIDI-Ox and SendSX but MIDI-Ox is far better.. So needle ninja sorry for my mistake but here is midi ox http://www.midiox.com/ Hope that solves everything..
  15. Man its not for the mac, I have PC.. You dont have to pay for such program cause it isnt neccesary.. I just check that page and really theres no pc version.. Drop me a mail in pm and Ill send u my version for pc that works, its really small and simple profram, less than 1 mb..
  16. Veracohr is right, take a look at evolver.. With it u can create blow out your mind sounds in no time.. Also monophonic evolver is much cheaper and amazing, sounds are outstanding..
  17. Also be sure that 128 version has enabled joint stereo, cause that reduces file size even further, you probably know that..
  18. I dont know I bought juno 106 from the collector of old synths and turn it back in few days.. Guy also had prophet, its better looking, juno is easier to use.. But U better buy the 08, its not worth the money to buy an old analog stuff that is to expensive.. It could brake easily, and its hard to find spare parts.. And u have pro 53 vst afterall.. Dont be sentimental and buy it cause u always wanted.. That guy, the collector also wanted all that synths and now he has full room of old dusted out of tune synths with 40 years of age, and synths are half of his age.. You can create much better sounds with newer synths and with much more variations.. I know its vintage and all but its overused.. And vintage synths are really hard to find in decent shape that suits the price.. But u can service them at home if u manage to find parts cause there are service manuals available for most of them.. So if u have osciloscope for tuning the synth buy prophet, if not dont buy out of tune synth and buy a newer version if ur so hooked on pro.. Im hooked also and a vintage freak but still I wouldnt buy it cause of the previus reasons.. Especially on e-bay where u cant try it out.. Im lucky I could return my juno, too big, too heavy, too old.. But I downloaded the samples.. Just in case I ever need one..
  19. This could take hours to download with my connection but Ill give it a try.. You could post track in lower bitrate since its still work in production.. Im really interested in it, since u have experiance so I wonna check it out.. And 9 minutes isn bad at all.. Trance tracks should be around 9 mins to have the time to tell a story.. In a beggining I wanted to create tracks that last 12 minutes + but that didnt turn out well so now my tracks are about 8.5 mins aproximately..
  20. Sysex.. Free.. It does the job.. Simple and easy to use.. And not only for saving patches but also for MIDI testing.. Hope you back it all up.. I back up just patches that are used in my track and on others I jam and tweak.. You probably can downlad all factory patches for your synth so u dont even have to backup all just the ones u need.. But I dont know which synth u use so go to the synths homepage and search for factory presets, just in case u do something u dont want.. Here is sysex, enjoy http://members.cox.net/sgrace9/sysex/index.html
  21. For me good tracks and listenable tracks are not neccesery gems and true art.. So I respect such tracks with many filters, modulations and bla and they have good quality and production but still for me they are just filling of the space.. Like I said there are rare tracks that are really art, only one or two per cd.. But recently I stumbled on CDs where I loved all of tracks and all where special.. There is still good music no matter what labels release and how popular vsts are, you just got to dig deep and pick them out..
  22. Same goes for Reason, thats why I abandoned it.. VSTs are good, u can create your own studio in way that suits you the best.. Implement some hardware and live instruments and its up to you what u make of it.. But I wouldnt limit my self only to VSTs..
  23. Nicely said, especially that about right half of the brain and the flow.. But u are actually saying that most of music is made with VSTs today, is this true? I think Ill take good preparations and settings before future productions to keep my emotions/conciousness/whatever on a high level.. Its not just about rushing into it and messing with the VSTs, you got to have a plan what you whan to do and deeply concentrate on that or else your mind will go from preset to preset on a VST without being focused on a real point you are trying to make.. I dont like shifting the presets cause its neverending story, its better to know what u are searching for and when u get close to that develop that according to your own taste..
  24. Yeap.. Better to do one good track than a whole bunch of bad.. But in the time of goa you could find only one great track on album, probably track number 6 or 7 and others are so so, as I would say just to fill up the space.. So that mentallity was not just now with massive production but from beggining.. Could you explain a bit more about judging and dealing with.. Also I cought myself recently that I have that bad attitude of competing with others, you know stuf like, mine has to be better and so.. And with that attitude I underestimate some tracks that are crap.. I hate that, cause its helping your ego growing which is bad.. Most of the producers make their first album piece of art and others are more and more commercial and made just for the money..
  25. I wouldnt blame the software also, I think the main reason is greed.. I am thankfull for the software cause vsts enables someone who cant afford hardware to create.. For instance take infecteds younger brother, kid was learnd to use a synth before he could walk cause he had all the hardware and a good teacher.. I worked 3 years just to get a synth, sound card and a controller and still, even I sold my car I wont have the half of money to buy used nord or virus.. But obviously, younger brother has much better karma :-D For me trance is art but nowdays I dont even listen to psy so often, I preffer progressive cause there u can still find some artist that really makes art out of music.. When I listen to todays tracks they all sound same to me even with lots of filters, effects, breaks, lifters and explosions in full on and I even dont wont to mention dark stupid sounds which gives you nothing but a bad trip.. I know its really hard to modulate all that stuff and but it still sounds hollow.. Much simpler tracks can be much more better.. From my experiance I know that it is music without effort that ruins all.. Second track I created in a month of really hard work and sleepless nights is way better than track I did in two days after almost half a year of making album.. I felted, finally I can make this, I must get it released, just do it, fill the space on that CD, you are years behind if you dont do this quick nobody will ever hear ya.. And now I regret cause debut album must be good and I dont want to release all of my tracks.. But still, last track I did is almost done after three days and its better than any before but thats due to experiance I gained.. I would blame record labels for releasing crap simply for the money.. Finally they are the ones in charge.. And net labels I even dont take into account..
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