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  1. Pre-orders! (but if you don't mind, we prefer orders on the Suntrip site... also there will be tons of "special deals" on the Suntrip shop with the release of this one ) https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-50th-parallel
  2. In Belgium, things are going as always last decade: lots of pure goa events (on average 1 every week), every goa act you can imagine (and for instance plays on ZNA or Apsara) has played several sets in Belgium already Besides this the commercial psy-trance also took off here, but only in clubs and its a TOTAL different crowd. Besides that there are once in a while dark/forest and full on parties But goa stais number 1
  3. I will be there too... of course!
  4. Happy Birthday Suntrip! After 15 years we are happy to release Suntrip-CD 50! And this is not your average cd... it's a 2-cd compilation with only the best modern goa-trance in all its facets! We decided to dedicate the first cd to the fantastic world of sunshine and melodies! You like your goa-trance powerful, melodic, emotional and floating? Then our first cd will be your taste for sure! Modern goa-trance legends such as Khetzal, Crossing Mind and Cosmic Dimension are combined with the new talents Triquetra, Sykespico, Hada, Clementz and Median Project! The second cd is something els
  5. Anoebis

    Va - 303 Syndroms

    Very good compilation! Best track, GOAD, what a monster!
  6. Together with Elie my track of the year that summer!! What a bliss...
  7. Dear Suntrippers! Denshi Danshi is back! After the retrospective “Fluid Dynamics” which contained 90’s tracks and a couple of new productions, they are proud to present “Brain Chemistry”: an album completely made in the past two years and packed with 80 minutes of pure energetic dancefloor material! It is now available on our Suntrip shop & Bandcamp! Next week, allover the place And as if that is not enough, we have new cds in the Suntrip Records shop! we have Ubar Tmar from Zion 604 Records, Ajna from Ovnimoon Records, 303 Syndroms of Mamomam Records Records and Median project from G
  8. There are no extra tracks or so, but I know some people use bandcamp streaming for instance, something we dont have at Suntrip
  9. Every weekend... For obvious reasons... And I still love it
  10. Oops, its now adapted. Bandcamp was VERY unclear about this! So ok, from now on it is a pre-order
  11. Actually it will only be released on bandcamp the 19th of october this is only the pre-order! And for people that dont mind the digital "extras" on the bandcamp and just want the cd, please wait with your order and do it on the Suntrip shop... As this helps us much more!
  12. This is true we managed, with some help, to find the unmastered WAV files and we believe it deserves a cd print
  13. E-Mantra, the Romanian star of darkish acidic goa, is back with a 4th full album on Suntrip Records! :) After a summer break (with our Apsara Festival) we are proud to present this masterpiece on our shop & bandcamp! And that's not all, we also offer you new Suntrip T shirts and cds from other labels in our shop! :) We are sure your trance needs will be fulfilled soon! :) https://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/
  14. Zorba - The Rush without any doubt! And also... GMS - Jaws, what a monster tune
  15. I think Returns to Gaia is their best, but even then not even close to the real masters of that genre
  16. Well, its the original melody And I guess it is more trance then goa (and I really like some Paul Van Dyk tracks too :p )
  17. I like a lot the Liquid Soul Remix of Gods eye on Goa - The overlords. All the original melodies are there in a good way... Only the kick and groove is massively modern
  18. At the end of the year there will be a second one
  19. Its released now https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD49/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/
  20. I heard him in play in Belgium 2 weeks and I have to be honest. This was the most shitty set from a classic artist I heard in my life. Vini Vici kicks and sounds and guitars on top of it. I went to sleep in my car...
  21. I just wanted to post it, damn you Anyway, pre-orders available immediately from the label! If you want several cds, or cds from other labels, please keep using the Suntrip shop https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/
  22. The issue, we only have the masters for a few days, so it takes time to do all this. But I will do/make it this time
  23. We knew this album would not be for everyone... But I personally love all the tracks (but I am a big fan of suomi, psy harmonics & more experimental stuff). Some are indeed very proto goa influenced, but I think even those tracks are genius in their own way... Also the funky vibe in it, the psychedelic effects allover... Aaah, tastes, something hard to discuss. Lets say this is an album for the lovers of more abstract, wicked & funky goa-trance its not the usual typical goa for sure
  24. Actually Twin Sharkfins and Domestic Bliss were released as a vinyl... Mister Fantastic would be cool too and Sly! But I think the fact the other classics were released already on vinyl influences yes-sayers...
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