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  1. The same guy as Kox Box - Dragon Tales As for ordering: http://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD47/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/mystique-of-the-metaverse
  2. Suntrippers & collect goa as mentioned above. We have an active Belgian group (goa trance Belgie) and play goa is also pretty much alive
  3. I tried to do the same a few years ago, it never worked out Its strange that I know some cds will probably never be heard again in my life
  4. Now available on all your favourite shops https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/triquetra-ecstatic-planet http://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD48/ http://www.psyshop.com/Ecstatic-Planet-Triquetra/sut1cd048/ http://www.beatspace.com/physical-media/suncd48cd-ecstatic-planet.html http://www.goastore.com/triquetra-ecstatic-planet.html
  5. You like Crazy, acidic, full power, old school influenced Goa trance which puts dancefloors on fire? Don't search any longer... Suntrip Records just released the debut album of Triquetra! Instead of a huge promo text, just listen to the samples and buy if you like Now only available on the Suntrip shop & bandcamp! In a week on all other media!! Spread the word and thanks for the support! Available now on our Suntrip Records website (together with all other cds we released and other label cds and t shirts etc...) http://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD48/ And of course
  6. Main Valley Lives: * Aeternum / Encens / Ominus (Night live) - Koyote Records / UK * Afgin (Live) - Suntrip Records / Israel * Agneton (Live) - Sita Records / Belgium * Artifact303 (Live) - Suntrip Records / Romania * Battle of the Future Buddhas (Live & DJ-set) - Schlabbaduerst RekKords / Sweden * Celestial Intelligence (Live) - Suntrip Records / Macedonia * Chakra (Live) - Krembo Records / Israel * Cosmic Dimension (Live) - Suntrip Records / Macedonia * Crop Circles (Live Set) - DAT Records / Italy * Cydonia/Semsis (Live) - Blue Room + Atomic / UK * Denshi Dans
  7. It is true... But it are all former released tracks of him on vinyl or cd except for a remix of Masaray - Time Traveller of Trance. BUT, he found the original DATs again and is keeping an eye on the remasters! Of course the music will be rather wicked instead of only pure goa... More news next week
  8. My ZNA set on the guardians night is now online Pure old school goa trance from the golden years... From acidic to typical goa, more hypnotic to ending euphoria! The tracklist is mostly below. Only a few tracks are not yet "found" by the listeners, can you guys find them? 1. Quadra - Back to Creation / (Boom Records - 2000) 2. Psyclus - Learn / (Boom Records - 1998) 3. Eco - Crowd Nine / (Karmic Records - 1996) 4. 5. Bamboo Forest - Choose Your World / (3D Vision Records - 1997) 6. 7. Code 22 - Tripnotized (Goa Mix) / (United Ravers Records - 1996) 8.
  9. Musically pure bliss, it may be my favourite album of them (should listen more, but it seems like it anyway)
  10. We never saw eachother anymore, so no. I hope... ONE DAY We know the cds exist
  11. Alot of "other" label cds are available now in our shop! The new spacedock, Goa Madness, lots of Timewarp, tonight some Zion604, Global Sect...
  12. The Dragon track is the big hilight for me on this comp... Sounds like Technossomy
  13. For the ones that did not buy it in Russia, it is available in Europe now in the Suntrip shop http://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/
  14. Triquetra are working hard on their debut, we hope to release it in january As for this one... an album would be awesome, but it wasn't possible... 2 tracks was already an achievement to be honest
  15. Dear Goa-trance freaks! Suntrip Records is extremely proud to (finally) present the new Vinyl, CD & digital EP from legendary Astral Projection! This new piece release features 4 tracks (tracklist below) in collaboration with Filteria & Morphic Resonance! The cd & digital files are now available on the Suntrip webshop and bandcamp. The vinyl will arrive in 1.5/2 weeks, but can be ordered as well! Thank you for supporting goa-trance, spread the word and we hope you enjoy this new masterpiece!! 1. Filteria - Filtertraces (Astral Projection Remix) 2. Astral Projection - Let The
  16. The Night Hex-EP was 9€... As usual, 2€ per track? Believe me, the budget is high enough to make it a vinyl, cd and download And DAT Records is more or less the same for the same amount of tracks... https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/album/crop-circles-full-mental-jackpot-ep
  17. Good question... The sales and attention are extremely low compared to his Filteria alter ego... Which is a pitty, as this is extremely good music. The main reason: this is not your typical goa i guess?
  18. The vinyl has 100 items on bandcamp and 100 on our shop... So there are 200 in total Else, the cd has indeed 700 prints The shipping: it is the way it is, we print them in Belgium so no possibility to ship it from somewhere else... The best way? Order 5 extra Suntrip cds with it and the shipping is still the same (up onto 1 kg) so then it becomes "cheaper"
  19. Dear psynews-ers! Suntrip is very very proud to present our new single-CD/12" EP! We managed to work with nobody less as Astral Projection for this one, who went back to their goa-roots! Astral Projection were pioneers on the Goatrance scene and have been storming the dancefloors for more than 20 years with their uplifting melodic and hypnotic music signature! Now we are delighted to announce that their new EP "Let There Be Light" with 2 new tracks of the masters and remixes by Filteria and Morphic Resonance will be released by Suntrip Records on September 8th. First as Maxi CD, and a few
  20. As an artist I have been flabbergasted MANY times about this. People accept EVERYTHING in this scene. And if you criticise some stuff, you are the non plur hippie... thats why I always say I am NOT a hippie at all... my state of mind is different... And sometimes things go too far and should be told! (but then you have fights and you are an asshole, remember Elysium?) I wish you a lot of enjoyment of the music you will listen for sure in the future. This is the essence in the end, music
  21. Haha, i was in the middle jumping like a madman there! He did an amazing set
  22. The update is we still didnt get it. Unfortunately its not always easy to meet a guy in the north of Israel while I am playing in the south and only come and go for 24 hours... :s
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