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  1. And, again, big news for old school goa lovers! MFG is back, and they will release a new album, filled with only 90s unreleased tracks and remixes, on Suntrip Records! The release date will be the 21st of december 2019! But thats not all, they are also available again for pure old school/retro live sets! You want to have both legends playing on your party? Please write to: 604bookings@suntriprecords.com
  2. Actually, that is because a lot of releases are planned. We are now around 30-35 already... And as there is the summer break that means almost a release per week for the rest of the year Well, the release will be online for a serious while, so no worries if you cant afford it every week
  3. Here we are with our next baby! :) A classical melodic goa-trance album with an acidic touch that is not so easy to find! :) The guys that were behind One Man Game, became more known later on under their alternative name Mystica! :) Now available on bandcamp in full quality of course, and all other digital channels! (beatport, itunes, spotify,...) Enjoy!!!! :) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/one-man-game-total-trance
  4. We can start with our first digital-only re-release of Classic Goa-Trax! :) California Sunshine - Trance (1997 - Phonokol Records) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/california-sunshine-trance
  5. What is Classic Goa Trax? Classic Goa Trax is a sublabel of Suntrip Records, focussing on releasing classic goa-albums from the 90s on all digital platforms! We were a bit sad when we saw so much great music out there was not available anymore, so we decided to help all lovers of goa-trance, or new dj's who want the music in full quality! So, we decided to contact artists from back in the days that created magical Goa-Trance. Some of them reacted positive, and we made the deal to re-release their classic music digitally on Bandcamp and of course Spotify - Itunes - Beatport - Juno - Appl
  6. How to write it: downloadable re-releases? This can also be done when you release a cd? argh!
  7. I thought I was clear, haha Lets write it again: " Digital re-releases of classic goa-trance albums, vinyls and singles! " No cds planned for now... Already too much going on with Suntrip, I cant combine working full time with all this
  8. Good point, but Antic also has a point that it is a bit weird when it is available cheaper for 8€ on another place. In the end, the point of bandcamp is supporting the artist, so it will be between 8 and 10 euros. Not sure yet. Minimum 8 and people CAN pay more if they want sounds more reasonable (but people never use that option anyway) :p
  9. Actually, we are thinking of asking 8€ for a full cd on bandcamp for Classic Goa Trax. But that will depend a bit on artists. I am sure some albums can be found cheaper on other places, but the artists get 0€ out of it and mostly it is simply labels trying to get some money illegally... Not sure you want to support that? Edit: I just checked your link: it is 8€ as well, no?
  10. Dear goa-trance lovers! Today it feels like an old school goa-trance special from Suntrip. If you are not interested in updates anymore, just reply with "no", for all the others: 1.) New release: Total Eclipse - Tokyo live 1998 2.) Future releases 3.) Classic Goa Trax 4.) New distribution news! 5.) New T shirts 6.) 15 years Suntrip tour ****************************************************************************************************** 1.) New release: Total Eclipse - Tokyo live 1998 What can we say? Pure Rock 'n' Roll of one of the pioneers of our genre! U
  11. Released today! (only in the beginning in may on all other channels) https://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD55/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/tokyo-live-1998
  12. So, dear Psynews-ers! We (Suntrip Records) are happy to present the pre-order of a live set, filled with unreleased music and different versions, of one of the most influental goa-trance groups of the 90s: Total Eclipse! This set was played in Tokyo in 1998! We can only imagine how it must have been to feel this music on a dancefloor, right? Well... not anymore, close your eyes, press play at home and fly! 1. Electro Gismo (Live) 2. Defrost (Live) 3. Kikamboot (Live) 4. Partycles (Live) 5. Sunrise (Live) 6. Collapsar (Live) 7. Miyukette (Live) 8. Chaotic Circus (
  13. Actually, it is simply my fault, I wanted to make a big announcement this week, seems like someone was faster then me So I will write all info tomorrow
  14. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom released! Aaah, finally... We are proud to present one of the véry best albums of the 90s and early 00s! Pure acid-goa-trance in the green nuns style, with extra spiralling melodies on top, that is Psylent Buddhi! We are chasing the artist since 2004 but he lost all his files back then... Thanks to some DAT-collectors, we managed to find the full quality files and the artist again, 15 years later! :) The result? An instant classic! Hear, experience and buy if you like!!! :) Artist: Psylent Buddhi Title: Secrets of the Atom 1. Lunar Core 2
  15. I realllly like the Jikooha track, amazing, and better as anything they did before!
  16. Etnica - Live in Athens is for me the best goa trance album ever
  17. Dear Suntrippers, here we are with the announcement of our next release! :) Actually, its a classic release from the late 90s and early 00s that never saw the daylight... And we are sure its one of the best psychedelic albums ever made! Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom! So, why was this release only released today? Its a long story... During early 00s during one of the Psynews contests an artist put some tracks online that were simply FANTASTIC. I never forgot this music and when we had Suntrip around 2005 we contacted him to release this smashing music on CD. By that time he lost AL
  18. Celebration time! Suntrip released their special 50th cd-celebration compilation today! And thats not all, we also launched a bunch of superb promotions on our suntrip-website when you like to buy packs! :) Our new release, a 2*CD compilation called the 5Oth parallel, showcases the next generation of melodic and darker goa-trance! The first cd is dedicated to the sun, the second to the moon! As music sais more then 1000 words, have a listen and... buy if you like! For now only for sale on our Suntrip shop and bandcamp! Soon all other channels will follow :) https://www.suntriprecords
  19. Time for some replies - Filteria: yes, he is saving it for the album, we tried to get the massive track that he created with Etnica on the cd, but ok... It will get released and thats the most important I guess - Imba: it's the way it is, we can't release all, we had over 400 tracks, so its always hard that some tracks don't end up on a cd, but mostly they get released elsewhere anyway - Ka-Sol - Hysterical Mass: now that's a messy story. We asked Ka-Sol for some melodic foresty tracks for the compilation (as CD2 is pretty darkish) and he send us a folder with unreleased tracks. The
  20. well, it will probably be send the 3th of december allover, I will change the date on bandcamp not sure why that is
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