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  1. 95% originals, some are re-releases (eg: Etnica - Alien Protein). Another example: Pleiadians - IFO - I have both the Dragonfly and the DAT Records issues. Secure shipping from India with tracking #. Prefer to sell the entire lot, but open to offers on several CDs at a time.
  2. not accepting offers on individual CDs, just the collection as a whole.
  3. A friend has a collection of Goa CDs for sale, around 200. Some pics: https://ibb.co/BnPSz8L https://ibb.co/yg7jdGX https://ibb.co/BP618L8 https://ibb.co/Dpk8zC1 https://ibb.co/55TZDH0 https://ibb.co/g6Y6JC1 some more pics: https://ibb.co/P1WWCMh https://ibb.co/PxYygJ2 https://ibb.co/P1WWCMh https://ibb.co/YpHrVZQ https://ibb.co/3Cg5pDr https://ibb.co/jGmkM4Z https://ibb.co/CbSnWG3 https://ibb.co/vJqHkfn https://ibb.co/VLShqrp open to reasonable offers for the entire lot.
  4. its from a Planet Yoga CD, if I recall correctly..
  5. just wondering if anyone who bought this had any feedback on mastering. thanks in advance!
  6. some delays with artwork.. almost there, just a few days remaining I imagine till we send to print.
  7. Richpa was so caring that he actually designed the cover for Mind Rewind.... don't blame anyone for selling their CD's for more than they purchased them for (esp for a measly few euros more to cover shipping).... its called market dynamics, demand and supply - where the market sets the price. personally, if I didn't have a copy and money was no object, i'd gladly pay 140$ for this CD, considering I paid 80$ for IFO a couple of years ago.. I had 12 copies of MR, gave 11 away for free to my friends and have one sealed one sitting somewhere on a shelf... sadly i know for a fact one of the copies i gave to my friends is still sitting sealed on his bedroom shelf as he passed away from cancer a couple of months after i gave it to him... Maybe his children will sell them for a profit because they never understood why daddy jumped around to these wierd alien electronic sounds for all the years of their youth.... who do we blame then?
  8. i am very pleased to announce another EP from DAT Records..... from a highly reclusive grand master of the golden era, the doods at DAT proudly present: Virtuart - Sacred Drop EP 1. Madagascar 2. Sacred Drop 3. L'Arome De La Solitude (Batur Mix) all tracks have been re-mastered and are ready.. the artwork is in progress. look out for a summer release! fingers crossed more virtuart oldschool to follow on DAT Records after this EP as well !
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