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  1. My wife and me have a telepathic connection. We first noticed on our first LSD Trip we ever had together. Our third trip was a little higher dosed again and we were able to send and receive telepathic messages. But it´s not the LSD that makes transforms us into telepaths, LSD only shows you what already is there. Regulary our abilty expresses itself in moments we have very often each day, when we notice that we just thought the same at the same time. But when we focus, we´re able to speak telepathically. Although it doens´t work all the time. This way of communication us beyond words, so it´s difficult for me to describe it to you guys. It´s like talking in words, emotions and mental images at the same time. I´ve always been susceptible to telepathy. I´ve noticed this already on the first LSD Trip i´ve ever had with another person, which was my second one.
  2. I´ve never listened to Skazi, few people wanted me to introduce me into his musisc, though during past years. When i think of Skazi, the image of him standing on stage with a guitar, but not actually playing the notes springs to my mind. I saw him doing that in a video someone once played and made me watch. I think the guitar wasn´t even plugged in. My wife likes Skazi^^ And oh my gosh, there´s a Skazi Remix of "Smells like Teen Spirit? No, i won´t listen.. @exotic
  3. Thanks for the enlightenment! And yes i take to high doses of benzos, but hey i wanna have fun
  4. Hey radi, i think you will like the Talpa Album "The Art of Being Non"! It´s pretty IM like. Here are three tracks from it;
  5. Yes, it helps a lot! I could also take Benzodiazepines, but those make my head so dizzy
  6. +The vitamines in beer, such as B2 and B12 have shown good effects on heatlh. I´m not sure now, but i think those are good for the brain. As in growing or repairing brain cells. Don´t know exactly, but definately them are good. Maybe someone knows exactly? For me few sips from the bottle help me, when i have to deal with anxiety. When making phone calls or talking to people.
  7. -Hand drawn animated GIFs by Dain Fagerholm
  8. Bat Country Nah, actually we are just high and this is from a Nirvana Song we have been listening to
  9. Working at Smashin´ Egos since January 2012.
  10. I can´t complain, i´m on a plane.
  11. I just found out, that the only way to learn Geometry is to do Square Dance!
  12. Thx @Drosophilia You have to see the show dude! One of my favs.
  13. Ten years of paranoid hallucinatoric schizophrenia. Although i wouldn´t say i suffer. It´s the wrong word in general.
  14. radi, how old is Monica today? Last time i read something about her, she was 14. How old are you now?
  15. All i want to say is: -<t..ö,mnjhz6trt5g6hnmsfdgnµ65
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