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  1. Is there such thing as a freestyle thread in here?
  2. I have experienced conscious telepathy twice on LSD.
  3. I just had radio communication with the oven and it said, i must not forget to feed the rubbish bin with paper.
  4. I see..Uh sorry to hear that man. Wish you all the best, hope you will recover soon. And err i misread the post anyway, i thought Posford went to an oncologist and so on.. Sorry late night, my eyes were weary^^
  5. Reznik

    Good TV Series? Any?

    Adventure Time Most trippy animated series ever!
  6. Just very few times. I don´t have a bank account, so it´s difficult for me to get my hands on BTCs..
  7. Never-come-back-box^^ @tranceonZENsedance old
  8. Don´t think i can help with contributing drama. I´ll spread love, light and delusional gibberish bullshit.
  9. I don´t talk to drugs...
  10. Self creations are most appreciated. Ok. I´ll start; "Synaptic-tac" and "Neuron star"
  11. How´s things needle ninja? ...I just swapped places with my mirror image xD
  12. HPPD sweetens time when sitting in the waiting room of your psychiatrist. I´ve first noticed about my HPPD about a year ago, and for few months already it doesnt bother me anymore. If you take psychedelic drugs, you have to take into account that it can and will change your perception. Everything else is naive. Have you ever thought about, that what you see with your altered perception is just the way things really are? I believe there is no matter, it´s all energy. Nothing is static or solid. It all flows. As i sit here, i watch the neutrinos raining through the ceiling of my room. LSD is not good or bad, it´s just a mirror. @aliendna99 May i ask what else you are diagnosed with? I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and derealisation syndrome 7 years ago. I suffered, like you currently do, for many years, but then i found my way, which is just to continue walking the way i was shown. Don´t fight it. Accept it. Be it. After my ego was dissolved, i became rather a condition than a person. I am one with the universe. You´re trip might lead to enlightenment (who gives a fuck about being enlightened?). Could lead to eternal suffering, too though. You can design your own world.
  13. The only approach to move in a two-dimesnional world is to fold yourself rectangular. Noone solved the riddle, what a pitty...First price would have been few sherms and a lighter.
  14. Thanks. Credits for video work go to Steh van Klotz. I just made the music.
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