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  1. How do you move in a pencil drawn 2 dimensional world seeing through compound eyes? Any ideas? There´s just one way it´s possible.. Being equipped with a clock radio might be useful, as well as having a bucket in range so you don´t get wet. Fractals might occur multidimensional.
  2. Hello Psynews from the abyss above! It´s been years since i logged in at Psynews for the last time. Just dropped by today for reading a review that Time_Trap wrote about the New Battle of the Buddhas Album and I´d like to take the chance to introduce my new Psytrance Project called "Mirror Error" Enjoy This is the first track from Mirror Error, but i´m currently working on more. Full album is planned.
  3. Hello everyone! Hello Pie! It´s been a while^^ How stepp are the mountains these days and how are you guys in general? New Pie is more confusing than Methoxetamine on Acid it seems^^
  4. Awesome. Really looking forward to it. Totally in love with raw Schlab style. Waazzzup Pie? It´s been some time^^
  5. yeah? i think im gonna buy the monotron duo, because of the two vcos and the major minor scale and for delay im gonna use effects...
  6. korg released the second edition of the monotron. korg monotron duo features two vcos and the legendary filter from the korg ms-20. very cool thing is that it is possible to switch the ribbon keyboard from chromaticl mode to playing minor or major scale. korg monotron delay features one vco, saw or square and a cool delay unit with feedback for spacey effects. both for 39€.
  7. just have become a little bit older (and wiser )
  8. www.myspace.com/reznik47 or http://rapidshare.com/files/409923823/Reznik_-_Schneller.mp3
  9. do they play jefferson airplanes "white rabbit" at least?
  10. i finnished my first two hiphop tracks. im going to do the rap on both tracks again, but you can have a prelisten on my new myspace: www.myspace.com/eno47
  11. maybe go to an electronics store and ask the staff?
  12. can you help me programming it? i have problems. im using battery 3 in Ableton live.
  13. im searching for a drum roll sample like in this track: http://rapidshare.de/files/49155197/Drum_Roll_from_Eminem_s_Like_Toy_Soldiers.mp3.html
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