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  1. hmm now i think this is a ableton live problem, because this happens to my other synths as well.
  2. good morning, hmm i had this problem several times, but never got after it. i have a ableton live set with one vanguard in a track, midi input from my masterkeyboard, i record something, loop it, and then when i stop the clip, vanguard keeps playing the last note, only thing that helps, is turning off vanguard... perhaps you can help me, dunno whats the problem. i dont use factory presets, only my own. thanks in advance RezniK
  3. @crazyboris is waldorf attack really that good? perhaps i should try it... there were so many reviews about sayin its the best
  4. rvox and rbass are Renaissance Vox and Renaissance bass or what? thx
  5. thanks, midigate is exactly what i was searching for. think i will have much fun also i think this is a really good forum, people know what they talkin about, thanks guys
  6. and by the way, what about the kickdrum, how is it kickin so hot? im new into psytrance but i got some experience from other music. im using rebirth for my drums (think the best software 909) but i got my own rebirth mod with the kickdrum from drumatic. it comes close to a psykick but what effects do they use, i have a only a compressor. dont think i want to copy them, i just want to understand the psytrance. thx
  7. yes great its a reverse cymbal thx i dont use cymbals that much so i didnt hear it. yes i could do the gate manually but i like to build whole tracks on gates 3 or 4 good gate rythms that change thru the leads and vocals with filters.. i want to play live plugin would be best
  8. Hallo, does somebody know how they do the gateeffect that comes at about 4:42? my vst gates all have 16 steps, this is not enough, im looking for a gate with 32 or more smbody know one? and at 2:23 at montoya rmx is a sound that is rushing into a kickdrum i dunno how this is done, they use it sometimes, it is really a good, you know how this can be done? thx for help
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