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  1. Thanks for the recommendations guys! Organistic is one of my fav albums of all time I even made a thread about it a week ago^^ I have all Schlabb releases, will check out Schlabb 7 again. Then Ka-Sol next.
  2. I´ve been listening to Muscaria ‎– Liquid Evolution and Fobi recently and wanted to you for the essential Forest Albums. Thanks in advance.
  3. As some of you already might have noticed, i´m back So, hello everyone (especially to radi)!
  4. It has the typical effects of K, like that nothing has a meaning, but it´s warm, very warm. Me likes
  5. Reznik

    Happy bday Radi!

    I just peed on a crash barrier.
  6. That´s MDMA and Ketamine, for those of you, that doens´t know.. I´n not flippin any kittens^^
  7. Reznik

    Happy bday Radi!

    He´s probaply just busy polishing crash barriers. Dat work needs to be done!
  8. Reznik

    Happy bday Radi!

    Fox News Accidentally Reveals That Justin Bieber Is A Reptile (Video)
  9. Telepathy is not about reading thoughts..
  10. @Shpongled That Farebi Jalebi Track you posted is just plain Dark. Don´t like it all. Phobos Azazel is not just that plain Darkpsy Thingie, that´s why i like it so much. I think it was labelled as Twilight. I´´ll put the Aija Album on my Mp3 Player and listen to it today. My wife has it. @mars I never wrote a review before and i´m not very familiar with that genre, so i don´t know^^
  11. I like Scatterbrain "Mexican Jesus was one of the first Psytrance Tracks i´ve ever heard^^
  12. What genre is that btw? I usually listen to old Goa from back in the days, the Schlabbaduerst Rekkords releases, Shpongle and Psydub, so i have little use for all the new faster stuff. @Shpongled I´ll listen to what you posted tomorrows. No sound here atm.
  13. This Album is one of the best i´ve ever heard. Phobos Azazel - Organistic, released in 2012. My favourite piece of Psytrance to listen to on acid. Highly recommended. http://www.discogs.com/Phobos-Azazel-Organistic/release/3362755 Here are few tracks on youtube from it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCFkK4bOTLU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgDZqTNoE5A
  14. I´m watching a Snowden interview on german television. Did over 700 Mics LSD yesterday. Still have to understand a few things saw.
  15. But radi, i think deep empathy is a step towards telepathy.
  16. I don´t think, what you describe is telepathy, that´s rather empathy. but maybe you are also susceptible to telepathy. You should try it. Just find one, who is susceptible to telepathy, as well. I have to correct one thing i wrote above; When i said, that we find ourselves many times each day thinking the same at the same time, i actually meant when one of us thinks of something and not even one second later, the other one already knows. This occurs when we try to think of something together. When one then says it, the other one already has received it telepatically before.
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