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  1. Fragile - Hier regiert der Wahnsinn (Here rules insanity) http://rapidshare.de/files/49113907/Fragile_-_Hier_regiert_der_Wahnsinn.mp3.html or www.myspace.com/reznik47
  2. i think best music for making love is some nice trip-hop like massive attack or portishead.
  3. does anybody have the ms-20 as vst? if so, can you help me to make that bass with ms-20?
  4. yeah you right, i got the ms-20 as vst instrument, but ive never used it so i had my problems trying to make that bass with the ms-20 vst.
  5. http://rapidshare.de/files/49074819/bass_example.mp3.html
  6. the original sound was made on a korg ms-20. if anyone could help me to recreate the sound on a ms-20 vst would be cool. im not familiar with that synth.
  7. i already got something. sine wave with lowpass filter and envelope.
  8. ... im looking for that basssound, can anyone help me?
  9. has anybody a connection to record labels in germany that would release ebm/industrial music?
  10. i think a lot of rappers are living in lala land thats why i let the dogs out on the bahamen.
  11. try suicide commando and panzer ag.
  12. which reverb settings would you advice me to use for hip hop vocals?
  13. Harvard Man the movie is about a harvard student who takes 15000 micrograms of lsd (a really high dosage) and then the trip doesnt end, the voices wont go away.
  14. how is everybody? i hope everyone is fine.. what happend on psynews, what did i miss?
  15. eminem - slim shady lp eminem - marshall mathers lp eminem - the eminem show 8 mile OST
  16. can anybody tell me how i can change my profile picture?
  17. using an eq you can pan the sound left or right
  18. how important is eq panning in electronic music for a professional production?
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