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  1. The Youtube comments suggest it's some remix of Jaia - Insomnie
  2. It's from Cool World (1992) - the voice is Kim Basinger as Holli Would.
  3. The very first track is Indra - T Cat. It's a nice track!
  4. This is the first one that came to mind, although it is a fairly old track and may not be the exact style you're looking for! Then I thought it might be something like this, one of my favourites, which starts with orchestral type of sounds:
  5. "I mean there's no doubt that if someone thought they saw a yeti on the summit ridge of Everest, they might be hallucinating." "We don't know when he's moving, how he's moving, where he's going, and he's very intelligent." "The abominable snowman ... uncaught, unspecified ... but not unhonoured." Some of the words are from HW TIlman's book "Mount Everest" (1938), but I don't know if the sample is from an audio book, or maybe a documentary about the Yeti.
  6. A long shot, but it's the only 2-CD album I can think of with a "T" artist ... Talamasca - Obsessive Dream (2003)
  7. I think the track you may be looking for is Hypohektika - To New Oceans, from the VA album Tank Moovez Vol 1 (2011)
  8. Tracks that have that sample: Ace Ventura - Intro Ace Ventura - Serenity Now Both from the "Rebirth" album. And I think the sample is from the film Doom (2005).
  9. It also sounds a bit like Astrancer, Arronax, Nova Fractal, maybe something from the Protozoa compilations... It's a nice track, so I want to know what it is as well! If Agneton is around, I'm sure he would know it.
  10. Excellent, thanks. I'll add it to my database :-)
  11. It's Protoculture - Neuro Pop:
  12. I believe the track you're looking for is Frozen Ghost - Frozen Toast. You certainly wouldn't find it based on the name!
  13. The one at around 1:02:29 is ... Pixel & Wrecked Machines - RPNGC (Silicon Sound Remix) It is a very nice track!
  14. The track at 1:00:29 is Silicon Sound - Departure (the track actually starts at about 54:00) - samples from Doom 3 game!
  15. The track starting at approx 31:00 is Silicon Sound - Seismic Charge I recognise some of the others but can't place them at the moment.
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