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  1. hello all , who ever intresting i do have one copy original from dragonfly it is a spare i have for sale,pm or email me and let me know your offer. it is mint+/- for media same for art work ,sent me your offer.
  2. elad you have respect from kagdila records. great music love it very emotional bravo and goodluck from kagdila records. regards kagdila team
  3. amazing review and big respect for that. im sure with that review sales will grow up. regards kagdila team
  4. ***yes they suppose to be very soon at arabesque ...so psyshop as well. regards kagdila team
  5. soon will be at arabesque distribution and who ever buy from psyshop soon can get that from them. regards kagdila team
  6. soon will be at arabesque distribution and who ever buy from psyshop soon can get that from them. regards kagdila team
  7. soon will be at arabesque distribution and who ever buy from psyshop soon can get that from them. regards kagdila team
  8. i agree with KanibaL HolokausT. thanks for your comment KanibaL HolokausT regards kagdila crew
  9. hi, when it will be availabel on digital download i will announce it here and sent you a message. regards kagdila team
  10. cd is out at: www.kagdilarecords.com www.saikosounds.com www.beatspace.com www.wirikuta.at enjoy all kagdila team
  11. hello all psy freaks, GOASIA CD'S just arrived !!! you can start PRE-ORDER your cd and cd's will be on the way so in the release date you will have them at your place. thanks to all for your support and for any questions just email to: info@kagdilarecords.com kagdila team
  12. first im very glad GOASIA coming out with new album at our record label,i wish for them alot of goodluck and i want to have my big thanks and big respect for them and i hope the sales will blow away. guys you have my biggest support. very soon we are going to have thier t-shirts so who ever want can pre-order because it will be limited ,we are going to have on the up-coming party in belgium in first time live show by both of them we are going to have thier new album and thier new t-shirts. please lets support GOASIA. here some news about the party: KAGDILA RECORDS BELGIUM Presents: DIMENSIONAL BEACHPARTY ------------------------------------------- SATURDAY 1 MAY 2010 ( within 2 weeks) ------------------------------------------- "Progressive, Fullon Psytrance, Dark Psy, Oldschool Goatrance, Nitzonot, Morning Oldschool" ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- 2 hours LIVE GOASIA (Serbia) !!! 1st Time in Belgium !!! ! Presenting their 2nd Album @ Kagdila Records ! ( Kagdila Records , Suntrip Records , www.Soundmute.org ) More info : http://www.myspace.com/goasiaproject Releases : http://www.discogs.com/artist/goasia ------------------------------------------- 2 hours LIVE LIQUID FLOW (Croatia) !! NEW Album Released @ Kagdila Records !! ( Kagdila Records , Shivlink Records , Soundmute.org ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z9v3pMl8P0&feature=player_embedded More info : http://www.myspace.com/liquidflowmusic Releases : http://www.discogs.com/artist/Liquid+Flow+(2) ------------------------------------------- 2 hours LIVE VOX (Croatia) ( Metapsychic Records ) More info: http://www.myspace.com/voxproject Releases: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Vox+(6) ------------------------------------------- 1,5 hour LIVE PSYCHOZ(Germany) !!! 1st Time in Belgium !!! ( Kagdila Records , Avatar Records ) More info : http://www.myspace.com/psychozmusic Releases : http://www.discogs.com/artist/psychoz ------------------------------------------- 1 hour LIVE DIGICULT (Belgium) (Dacru Records) More info: http://www.myspace.com/digicult Releases: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Digicult ------------------------------------------- DJ MAYA (United Kingdom) !!! 1st Time in Belgium !!! (Technoexperience.com) More info: http://www.myspace.com/mayatechnoexperience http://www.technoexperience.com/ ------------------------------------------- DJ AGNETON VS CHAKRAS (Belgium) ( Phototropic Records , Sita Records VS Kagdila Records , Sunline Records ) More info : http://www.myspace.com/agneton www.sitarecords.com www.myspace.com/chakrasgoa www.kagdilarecords.com ------------------------------------------- DJ ANOEBIS (Belgium) ( Suntrip Records ) More info : http://www.myspace.com/anoebis www.suntriprecords.com ------------------------------------------- DJ FOOSE & LEECH (Belgium) ( GanjaTree Recs ) More info : www.ganjatree.be ------------------------------------------- DJ DOMI RE (Belgium) ( Subsoniq Productions, Crazy FM ) More info : http://www.radiocrazyfm.be/index.php...:crew&Itemid=2 ------------------------------------------- DECORATIONS Omicron & Phaidon (full concept) www.myspace.com/phaidondeco www.myspace.com/omicrondeco ------------------------------------------- LOCATION BEACH @ ZEEBRUGGE ------------------------------------------- ENTRANCE Between 12u & 16u : 17 Euro Between 16u & 04u : 19 Euro ------------------------------------------- PRE-SALE Untill 31/03 : 12 Euro Untill 20/04 : 15 Euro TICKETS AT ALL FNAC & FREE RECORDS SHOP STORES Also: Hotline ticket service at : TICKETS FNAC 0900 00 600 ( 0,45 EUR/min) Also: Online order at : http://be.fnacspectacles.com/place-s...-BE-Belgie.htm http://www.francebillet-etudiant.com...ARTY-ZEEDI.htm http://www.freerecordshop.be/tickets Also: WORLDWIDE online order @ www.ticketsbrugge.be (Visa, Mastercard, & bank transfer) + shipping ------------------------------------------- INFO START : 12u END: 4u Drinks, Food, Icecream, CDs,..+ Barbeque ------------------------------------------- No drugs, No bad vibes, No own drinks, No -16 ------------------------------------------- MORE INFO : www.kagdilarecords.com www.goabase.de www.soundmute.org DIMENSIONAL@HOTMAIL.COM +32497629178 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you do not want to receive this Emails for our mailinglist, Please reply! Subject: Mailinglist ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ GOASIA Since the year 2000 Goasia into goa and psytrance music exclusively. Electronic sound greatly influenced on Balint since its very begining. Guess this is the reason why he so fond of electronic instruments. Older member of the poject and founder, Balint Tihamer, has continually followed development of this kind of music since 1970s starting with german "Kraftwerk" and "Tangerine Dream" to the representatives of english "new wave" and creative work of Japanese Kitaro, greek Vangelis and frenchmen Jeal-Michele Jarre, while the other member, Vladislav Radulovic a.k.a. Kanc Cover, entered the world of trance music in 1994. and meats with at that time popular Goa Trance sound. Explosive development of elctronic music in 90s resulted in creation of several subgenres. Goa Trance as fusion of ambiental, ethno, and techno music is one of them. It is Balint's contention, that this subgenre combines past, present and future of electronic music. This was the very reason that Balint go into the music bussines once again after a long period of absence. Continuous interplay of spiritual and dreaming-like soundscapes gives a listener the unique experience. When it comes to Balint's personal style, he would refer to it as the one containing the complexity of fullon and spirituality of the old-style goa music, in Kanc's words: "A Goa Trance with inovative bass line, as a way to bring closer the old sound to young listeners". The project is making an effort towards creating complex, yet easy-to-listen and to dance to music. Music is a joy in every one of us, and that makes the projects goal that as many people enjoys in the music it creates. Every single suggestion or remark of yours, Goasia reads with the fullest attention and appreciation. So feel free to write to us. The first goatrance edition, named "Pure Planet", in whome Balint is participating got published in July 2004. for Kagdila Rec. Beside psytrance, the project is also doing chillout music. The Project got a new member, previously stated, Kanc Cover, from the X-Raything and Opsy projects, in the year 2005. The very same year they had their first performance together at the Exit 05 Festival. Lovers of hard basslines and melody of Goa Trance, deeply enjoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ LIQUID FLOW Tomislav, the producer behing the project Liquid Flow, entered the world of music at the age of 12, playing the piano in elementary school. He was noticed by his teacher as being a talented student with great potencial, and offered him private lessons for free, but unfortunately Tomislav was young and not interested in learning notes; he only wanted to jam his own melodies on a synth. For the next 3 years he rarely played the piano, and wasn't planning to pursue his passion. His return to music in 1997 was, in fact, an accident; at the age of 15 he discovered a game "Music 2000"; a simple sequencer made for the playstation. Amazed at the posibilities of making music using software, he quickly saved up for his first PC and soon discovered the world of computer music; experimenting with sounds, melodies and beats. Soon after, Tomislav visited his first trance party; hearing the sound of goa trance for the first time. At first, he only listened to goa, but over time he fell in love with the sound and started working on his own tracks. Liquid Flow project was created in 2001 by Tomislav Savic. It was initially planned as a temporary project while exploring the realms of trance music and learning the art of sythesis. It was a time of experimentation and, at the time, Liquid Flow made music ranging from melodic trance and ambient, to goa trance. There were a few releases at that time, mostly on free digital labels, including a melodic track on the first SectionZ compilation. By 2006 the project took off and Liquid Flow joined Shivlink records; releasing a digital EP "Goa Terminal". Many releases followed, some of which include tracks on Shivlink, Cronomi records,…. The work on the album started in 2006 and after 3 years in their making Kagdila Records is proud to present you with the first album of Liquid Flow: "Presence"A journey into goa with a different twist. Hard rolling deep basslines, soaring leads and uplifting sounds that makes goa trance one of the most complex and beautiful genres of trance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ VOX Tomislav, also known as Vox, was born in 1976 in Zagreb, Croatia, where he live's today. Music and music creation on a computer became one of his interests not long after geting his first computer, Commodore 128, about 1990. Serious first steps in music were made when he got an Amiga 500 about 1994, and discovered ProTracker, music software that looked and somehow felt like Microsoft Excel . Also, that was time when his fascination with Rave culture started to take place. Inspiration for the first tracks came from early trance, techno and hardcore tracks of the time, which were played on big Future shock rave parties held in 1990s in Zagreb. He discovered goa trance in around 1995, and it was love at first sight. He got his hands on many releases of international artists he have never heard before (Cosmosis, Man with no name, Astral projection, Prana, Green nuns of the revolution, Pleiadians, Hallucinogen, etc.), which he started to play, and getting practice in his dj skills. His biggest gigs were with the Astralis crew on Astralis parties, the biggest trance event in Croatia at the time. Also he played quite a lot of smaller parties and after hour parties around the world. Being rather unhappy with the direction trance music was going in 1999 and 2000, he decided to lay low for a while, and, later, decided to start reproducing the music he loved and wanted to listen to. Luckily, he was not alone. There were DJ Stiven from Macedonia, Mokk, and some other artists in the vicinity, who also shared the same taste in music, and love for production. Also he released an album on netlabel metapsychic & got connected with Sound Mute, and artists around the world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ PSYCHOZ Psychoz is a psy-project from Zoran Zlatovski - Skopje, Macedonia. is style is unique and have elements from darkpsy,twisted,forest,experimental, industrial,psycore,tribal,morning,gothic and other variation forms of psy-trance. Psychoz has been involved in mastering few albums and VAs during the ages of creating music. New album for Geomegnetic Records “Psychotic Epiphanies” out june 2007 and lot of VA trax on most respected psy labels & compilations like VA - Time Spiral - Kagdila Records ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @DIGICULT DigiCult consists of DJ Nemesis (Bert De Decker) and Alpha (Davy Piessens). Alpha had been producing all kinds of music for a long time, with interests evolving throughout the years from techno to trip hop. By teaming up with DJ Nemesis, who had been familiar for a long time with all aspects of psychedelic music, they formed the perfect duo to bring you their own interpretation of contemporary trance. Since 2003, they’ve been given the time to grow under the wings of Belgian organisation and label Dacru records (www.dacru.be). Their style can be described as full-on morning with an oldskool touch, paving the way for a typical ‘Belgian’ vibe. Combining power bass lines with smooth melodies, their primary aim still is making you fly, at home or on the dancefloor ... By 2008 they have played many bigger and smaller parties in a long list of countries such as Germany (Full Moon festival), Spain (Freaky Dragons festival and Omni festival), Mexico (New Years festivals at the beach in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Beat on the Beach festival in Acapulco), Belgium (Rhakti Dei festivals), Israel (Morisson Drops festival), Tunisia (Solar Eclipse festival), Portugal, Lithuania, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Guatemala, Macedonia, Russia, UK, Israel and USA. The particular energy in their melodies didn’t go unnoticed by other artists and record labels. Their tracks have been remixed by top producers as Perplex and DNA. And their music has been spread on various labels: Avigmatic records (France), USTA records (Israel), Divine Balance records (USA), YSE recordings (UK), Namaha records (India) and of course Dacru records (Belgium). In August 2006 we saw the long awaited release of their first full album ‘Avenida de Bélgica’ in Avigmatic records (www.avigmatic.com). Their second full album ‘Out Of This World’ was released at Dacru records on March 6th 2008, and was well received worldwide. Check it out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ MAYA Maya started his artistic career as Mc in 1995 joined the best italian club and after parties as Cellophane, Ecu, Aqua Disco Village, Aida, Syncopate and others. With the begining of the new millenniun he started to organize goa parties with the shared project Technoexperience, and soon began to emerge on the italian goa-parties scenes as one of the massive organizer, spreading the scene at an higher & legal level and introducing for the first time the foreign goa trance artists in Italy. he main important events created by Technoexperience are SINAPSY, 24 ORE GOA, UNITED COLORS OF MUSIC (the first italian three days legal festival). In few time he started a live music project, where he played with other musician an experimental progressive goa (made with drum-machine and synths) featuring didjereedoo and jambeè: an avanguard project, absolutly new at the time probably in the world, and they played as resident at the monthly Technoexperience events and in selected parties in Italy. n late 2003 he started to play as dj as well and slowly this has become the main attitude, over the years his name appears in the lineup of many killer parties all over Italy and in events in Brazil, Uk, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Lituan, Austria, Portugal..... He play different kind of music from minimal to techno but his favourites genres are progressive-trance, minimal-progressive and neo-fullon! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ DOMI RE DJ Domi Rè bought himself some low budget DJ gear: two turntables and a three channels mixing desk. Soon he developed a specific taste for electronic dance music, especially the warm vinyl sound pleased him very much. After some practice with beatmixing, he got his first chance at a local radio station. He was quite soon invited to several dance parties organized by the local promoters. Further inquiries for bookings followed. DJ Domi Rè was member of a record label called Subsoniq Productions. He decided to take a break for several years and relaunched his DJ activities since 12/2008. These days he spins his vinyl at some venues in Belgium and is busy with contacts from all over the world. His style: Progressive House & Trance, Psy Trance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ ANOEBIS Joske Vranken AkA DJ Anoebis is a well known name in the old/new school goascene. He is a dj, party organiser and one of the label managers of Suntrip Records. His love for goa trance started in 1998. Anoebis started dj-ing in 1999 simply because he was bored with the minimal music played on trance parties back then... So he wanted to give an alternative... Maximal melodic music! He had his first real gig on newyear 2000 (yeah, what a start of the new millennium!) and since then it went like a train. Untill 2002 he played like once every month, but since 2003 he played almost every weekend, sometimes even more... Anoebis also plays 4 different styles in fact... The most famous style he plays is of course melodic goa trance. Another style he plays is dark forest trance... mainly Swedish music with loads of dark organic sounds and hidden melodies... Groups like Ka-Sol and Derango etc... Also, He mixes Suomisaundi... The weird music mainly made in Australia and Finland... And he also loves emotional and ethnic ambient... Deep music for soft minded people... music that enters your brain like a storm altough it is soft as feathers... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you do not want to receive this Emails for our mailinglist, Please reply! Subject: Mailinglist ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thanks kagdila records team
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