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  1. of course, fruity loops would be my program of choice for now, but there are definitely some interesting possibilities in PD. Even though it is possible to build entire tracks using PD alone, im just interested in the sound design aspect.
  2. Here's a pretty decent one. still trying to work out if all the sound was designed on PD. still, its a lot to learn...
  3. Pure Data is a strange one. It isn't really for building tracks (although there are ways to do it), its more of a programming tool that allows you to make synthesizers among other things (although to be fair PD isn't really for anything, since its about building data from the core). For instance, you start by building an object for a standard tone and set the frequency, and basically you build a path of objects and numbers that alter and manipulate the data, so essentially the possibilities in sound design are endless (or so it seems). that video kind of gives a brief idea, but loads of stuff is possible. you can even use it to make crossfader audio and video mixers. I mean, obviously i am going to get the hang of fruity loops, ect, but I'm still interested in what possibilities PD has to offer...
  4. I'm starting to learn the basics of sound production in Pure Data. Its all pretty complicated stuff but i'm hoping it'll click soon... Thing is, I was wondering how good is it for sound production (that is, designing sounds, not building entire tracks)? Its definitely a unique one, and judging by some of the videos on youtube, theres some pretty mad stuff you can make with it. I'm figuring that since its completely run on your inputs the possibilities are essentially endless when it comes to making sounds and making synthesizers, but i don't really want to walk down the long path of getting good at it only to find out I was better off using something more traditional.
  5. Almost looks as if no-one here has even heard of these guys... How surprising... They have 2 EPs and an album out and its all quality. Their music consists of cheap shitty synth sounds pieced together to create the coolest psychedelic music I've heard in a long time. Trippy as hell, and some of their tunes are the closest thing to Shpongle I've heard from an artist other than Posford. But yeah, check them out if you can. Their stuff might be a little difficult to get hold of (theres a few tunes on youtube), but yeah...
  6. I'm in the process of mixing loads of psychedelic electronic/trance. Stuff like Shpongle, Younger Brother, Haltya, Eat Static, and Infected Mushroom is so fun to mix since rather than just repetetive beats and basslines to mess around there are so many creative things you can do with the music that you can't do in trance simply because trance is too linear. Only problem I'm finding is that this music is so undefined (psychedelic downtempo isn't exactly a fitting name) and when you have a small selection of artists making music that can range anywhere from 85-185 BPM in all different styles you aren't left with many tunes that you can make up a whole set with. So I'm trying to find genres of electronic music that I can use to tie these sets together. I'm thinking some tribal would work pretty well for 100-135 BPM tunes, and a bit of drum&bass for the 170s... Trouble is I'm not sure what to look for. I have no experience of tribal. Psybreaks, I have no idea what artists or where to get the tunes from. And the Drum & Bass, I need DnB that is very organic/ethnic or even psychedelic DnB. Can anything reccomend anything for me. Something that I can get pretty easily aswell, I don't really fancy shelling out £60 for a CD on ebay. Thank you all
  7. You can find it on this set http://www.megaupload.com/?d=COYSZZB1 There's another new shpongle tune on there aswell, bit shitty atm though... 'You are the sun, the rain and the moonbeams'
  8. has anyone heard this tune yet? its been floating round the web off one of Simon's DJ sets over the summer. Its fucking brilliant.it sounds much more mature than previous stuff. Sounds more band-orientated aswell. acoustics, live drums and the like. Good stuff
  9. The sample on the first track is from a shponge track. Off Are You Shpongled. Forget the track name...
  10. Ooh, I've just noticed that Chi-A.D is selling most/all of his/their? discography off his/their website. Download only, though, but hey, I'm a hippie, i have no need for collectors items... Might have to go buy Virtual Spirit :clapping:
  11. Okay, how can I put this... I got into psytrance about a year ago starting with Infected Mushroom, but now I'm listening to everything, Full-On party tunes, Old-school goa, ambient, and ive also got into mixing aswell, mainly mixing psy and old-school goa. One problem I'm having though is the old classics. I'm talking about stuff like We Created Our Own Happiness, IFO, Juggeling Alchemist. I haven't been able to listen to these albums let alone own them due to their rarity. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a complaint as I do understand the concept of collectors items, but when I'm wanting to listen to some of these old classics I'm not wanting to shell out £230 for one cd (in the case of Solar Quest's Orgship as I saw online today). I'm commited, of course, but not that commited. I own several albums. Most albums availible today are in my collection such as Astral Files, Lone Deranger, Transdimensional, and I managed to get copies of Alien Protien and Trust in Trance 3 on eBay for a reasonable price, but thats about as far as I could go... So I turn to illegal downloading, but I still can't get hold of some of these albums, even indivisual tracks. I managed to download 15% of Chi-A.D's Virtual Spirit album, and from the 15% I can hear it is possibly the most psychedelic example of Goa that I have heard. So what I ask is, how do you guys get your fix of these rare albums? Do you shell out the cash for collectors items? Have you owned the CDs since their heyday? Someone advise me because most of this music I'm not even able to listen to, let alone use in mixes, ect.
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