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  1. Greetings, My exposure to dance music was House, back in the 90's - then progressed onto Trance/Tech Trance/Hard House/a lil D&B (jump up stylee) then Psytrance a few years back, i rarely listen to any other genre now, Psy has ALL the elements that hit the spot with me - i'm not really into the darker/twisted side of things, more of the uplifting melodic side of things - but hey, thats me !!
  2. Greetings ppl - My latest addition - illusional dimension3 A transient fusion of mindful melodies - with a trace of prescient vibration - energetically pumping psy - israeli style ... enjoy !! Ever since hearing the israeli full-on style, i've been hooked - literally mix access Tracklisting: DiskoDelik - Mind Expander Bizzare_Contact - Creative_World_(Audiotec_Remix) Melicia vs Aquatica - Los Suenos (Aquatica New edit) Ziki vs Vibe Tribe - 5th Time Ziki Vs Ananda Shake - High Damage (edit) Sundose vs Faders - Rainbow Serpent Cosmic Tone - Stereo Crystal Sundose - Melancodelic duration - 54:27mins once again - Enjoy
  3. greetings xiphiaz ... wow 311 views and no comments ... me just listened to your sample, and i like it, i'm more into my bouncy melodic stuff but it was quite a refreshing change to hear something a lil slower ... (me gonna crash now) .. i'll give breakdown of comments when i get online again .. plur.
  4. greetings NHJOHYENNRO ... i was just wondering do/have you listened to any psytrance music before, and do you have any fave artists ? it sounds as if you've got keyboard skills, listening to a few of your choons, but unfortunately thats all, you play the same piece over and over again, on top of a repeating bass/kick with a lil variation, nothing stands out and grabs me - if you know what i mean ? ... getting back to that psytrance question - listen to other artists, and anyalize their track/s, how they layer their sounds, the frequencies used, build-ups, breakdowns etc - get inspiration/idea's from them. Check out the area of this site and many others about production, you'll learn a lot...(i'm learning as well)..anyway-good luck dude
  5. Greetings..... I have mixes available on my soundcloud page - use what you want If you do use any, just leave a comment, i hope all goes well with your station cheers Adv_dj mixes New mix added 07-11-09 Illusional dimension3
  6. is sorting his collection :)

  7. Greets ppl - this mix has the israeli psy feel too it - very melodic My link influenced by Vibe_Tribe and a whole host of quality talent probably a lil different, but certainly full of ENERGY all mixes are free for downloading (fave mixes are Melodicon: System_Ready: and Lamat112) check them out !! PLUR
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