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  1. Rug that measures 150 cm across. Lovely design I think.
  2. For sale: complete Shpongle collecion on CD. Are You Shpongled? (1998) *still sealed copy* http://www.discogs.c...d/release/27195 Tales Of The Inexpressible (2001) http://www.discogs.c...e/release/35076 Remixed (2003) http://www.discogs.c.../release/197787 Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost (2005) http://www.discogs.c.../release/462630 Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland (2009) http://www.discogs.c...release/1986939 Price excluding shipping from Sweden: €60
  3. For sale, Boards of Canada collection on CD. Twoism (1995) http://www.discogs.com/Boards-Of-Canada-Twoism/master/406662 Music Has The Right To Children (1998) http://www.discogs.com/Boards-Of-Canada-Music-Has-The-Right-To-Children/master/1893 Geogaddi (2002) http://www.discogs.com/Boards-Of-Canada-Geogaddi/master/2129 The Campfire Headphase (2005) http://www.discogs.com/Boards-Of-Canada-The-Campfire-Headphase/master/2141 Trans Canada Highway (EP, 2006) http://www.discogs.com/Boards-Of-Canada-Trans-Canada-Highway/master/2182 Price excluding shipping from Sweden: €30
  4. For sale: Jefferson Airplane collection consisting of first 5 albums on Japan Mini LP CD (CDs pressed in Japan housed in minature LP covers). Perfect condition. Includes original OBIs. Takes Off (1966) http://www.discogs.c...release/2076744 After Bathing At Baxter's (1967) http://www.discogs.c...release/2285311 Surrealistic Pillow (1967) http://www.discogs.c...release/2284431 Crown Of Creation (1968) http://www.discogs.c...release/2285330 Volunteers (1969) http://www.discogs.c...release/2285724 Price excluding shipping: €90 (18 each!)
  5. Fine art giclée print from Peter Gric
  6. Amazing hazy dub-techno from Germany with reggae singers. Almost complete R&S collection of 5 CDs. Rhythm & Sound w/ Paul St. Hilaire ‎– Showcase http://www.discogs.com/Rhythm-Sound-w-Paul-St-Hilaire-Showcase/release/1079227 Rhythm & Sound ‎– Rhythm & Sound http://www.discogs.com/Rhythm-Sound-Rhythm-Sound/release/17061 Rhythm & Sound ‎– w/ The Artists http://www.discogs.com/Rhythm-Sound-w-The-Artists/release/191256 Rhythm & Sound ‎– See Mi Yah http://www.discogs.com/Rhythm-Sound-See-Mi-Yah/release/361829 Rhythm & Sound ‎– See Mi Yah (Remixes) http://www.discogs.com/Rhythm-Sound-See-Mi-Yah-Remixes/release/707577 Price excluding shipping: €30 (ships from Sweden) See my feedback here: http://www.discogs.com/user/NilsTentacles
  7. Posters and symbol-posters... from Martinus Institute webshop from Alex Grey
  8. More clothing... Alex Grey Meshuggah
  9. That's a nice hoodie! Too bad it's sold out.
  10. T-shirt buying day... from eBay... Gong Ozric Tentacles Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
  11. Vince Watson - Every Soul Needs a Guide Jazz/Soul/Detroit influenced techno Ishq - Deep Space Objects Floating ambient Meshuggah - Koloss Technical/Progressive/Death-Metal Steve Roach - Back to Life Ambient Thomas Köner - Novaya Zemlya Dark/arctic ambient
  12. If someone asks if electronic music is real music...tell them: Better to shut up and be taken for an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubts.
  13. Fresh releases for 2012... Loren Nerell - Slow Dream CD Steve Roach & Dirk Serries - Low Volume Music CD
  14. I have experience of another DAC. From a Swedish brand called Harmnony Design (the model is called DA9). It's excellent, but I find that it works better in my speaker setup, rather than my headphone-setup.
  15. from the computer to the DAC I'm using a simple optical cable. from the DAC to the headphone-amplifier I'm using the cable that came along as a freebee, a Tech+Link RCA cable. I have others to try with, an Audioquest cable that has been €400 as new. Also a Zu cable. But I'm selling both of them since I couldn't tell difference in sound when compared with the cheaper cable.
  16. I'm using a Meier-Audio StageDAC (I beleive it is €500) since two months back. Been very happy with it so far.
  17. I read a few books at the moment. Most of them has some kind of root in cosmology. Jonathan Safran Foer - Äta Djur (Eating Animals): A critical view into the meat industry. http://www.adlibris....isbn=9113029894 Leif Pettersson - Physics, Martinus Cosmolgy and The Theory about Everything: This guy claims to have the answer to the theory about everything which combines all four known natural laws. http://www.varldsbil...px?ProdNo=81410 Sören Grind - Livet - Din Spegel (Life - Your Mirror): A new take on psychology with roots in cosmology. http://www.varldsbil...px?ProdNo=75744 Per Bruus-Jensen - Livet och det slutna rummet (Life and the closed room): Per has described the cosmology after 10 years as student with Martinus. http://www.varldsbil...px?ProdNo=75991 Ole Therkelsen - Martinus, Darwin and Intelligent Design: This book brings up three evolutionary teachings. http://www.varldsbil...px?ProdNo=75935 different authors: The Pole Transformation in Everyday Life http://www.varldsbil...px?ProdNo=75772
  18. I don't like to call myself religious. I follow a doctrine which is called cosmology or "spiritual science". It's a doctrine that teaches how the Universe is functioning: the nature behind things. But it doesn't really teaches what to think, do or say or what to wear (like religion does). There are more than one teachings about the Universe. But the one I mainly read is called Martinus Cosmology after Martinus Thomsen. Danish writer and mystic. More info here: http://www.martinus.dk/en/frontpage/
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