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  1. Yeah, giclee prints are usually expensive. I talked to Gric about it, and he said there might be regular posters in the future. But we'll see what happens on that horizon.
  2. Very nice, Penzoline!! I ordered this giclee print from Peter Gric today in its original size; 100x120 cm. (I've had a smaller edition of it before though...)
  3. I hope so!! I've barely listened to them. Used copy from Discogs... Thomas Köner - La Barca CD New CDs directly from the artist... Steve Roach & Robert Rich - Soma CD Steve Roach & Robert Rich - Strata CD Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes - Vine ~ Bark & Spore CD
  4. Autechre - Move of Ten CD Autechre - Oversteps CD
  5. New interconnects: Audioquest Python Got a used pair for €80 (they have been €400 as new)
  6. Price drop to €80+€25 for shipping to any EU country=€105
  7. For sale are my headphones bought in 2007. The brand and model is Beyerdynamic DT880 (2003 version, which is the previous model to the current one). Price as new was approx €300. My asking price is €110. These headphones sounds very good but I do recommend them to be driven by an headphone amplifier for best sound quality. You also get a little extra volume out of an headphone amp. Ships from Nässjö, Sweden. I will only ship within EU countries to avoid custom fees.
  8. Two 2012 releases that I've acquired: Ishq – Deep Space Objects Steve Roach – Back To Life
  9. My collection consists of: The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld U.F.Orb Live 93 Pomme Fritz Orbus Terrarum Orblivion Cydonia Okie Dokie It's The Orb On Kompakt The Dream Metallic Spheres (Featuring David Gilmour) I'm asking only €30 for this collection! I will ship anywhere but you have to cover shipping fees.
  10. What is that? a phone? The headphone system cost SEK 17,000 (approx €2000)
  11. A complete make-over of my headphone system: Beyerdynamic T1 Meier-Audio Corda StageDAC Meier-Audio Corda Classic
  12. Mp3-player (32GB) and Nuforce in-ear headphones.
  13. Yes, I have "Up" too. It was my first System 7 CD. Great stuff!
  14. System 7 - Power of Seven CD System 7 - Phoenix CD
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