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  1. Ishq - Deep Space Objects CD (New album out this month!)
  2. Pre-ordered the new album... Meshuggah - Koloss CD
  3. Thinking Plague - A History of Madness CD Thinking Plague - Decline and Fall CD
  4. Steve Roach & Vir Unis - Body Electric CD Steve Roach & Vir Unis - Blood Machine CD Steve Roach - Arc of Passion CD
  5. Massively getting into these glitch-artists again... so I had to rebuy this CD. SND - Stdio CD
  6. Received two SND CD's today. Listening through them now, sounds excellent so far. Recommended for everyone into glitch/idm/abstract.
  7. from Darla Records: Harold Budd & Clive Wright - A Song For Lost Blossoms CD Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Candylion CD Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Little Windows CD from eBay second hand purchase: Harold Budd - La Bella Vista CD
  8. Huge art print from Peter Gric: 120x100 cm. Should arrive within a week.
  9. Giger art print, purchased from eBay
  10. Herbie Hancock - Thrust CD Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage CD Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters CD
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