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  1. For those that doesn't know Rhythm & Sound. Their music can be explained like a hybrid of techno and reggae. They've got the vocals from reggae, but instrumental-wise it's very sparse, with dubby and minimalistic beats. Rhythm & Sound - W/ The Artists CD Rhythm & Sound - Showcase CD
  2. Up for auction instead at Swedish auction site: http://www.tradera.com/mathias-grassow-samling-med-10-cd-auktion_210126_143805595
  3. Thomas Köner - Nunatek Gongamur CD (The original press on Barooni. Finally my Köner collection is nearing it's completion)
  4. I started half a year ago! I put out CDs on eBay and Discogs. About 80-90 releases are still for sale on Discogs.
  5. Actually I thought I'd stop buying music after I sold half of my CD collection (approx 300 releases were sold). But it didn't turn out as expected. I'm still buying alot. I suppose this thing called MUSIC is an addiction after all
  6. You can download a converter. But the easiest is if you get the latest version of EAC, then there should be a Compressed option. And depending on your setting in the program, it can rip to either mp3 or flac.
  7. I'd consider flac over wav since it is half the size.
  8. Wav is a raw-format. Much better sound than mp3. But Flac is also a raw-format, but size-wise it is compressed (not the quality though):
  9. Insanely good minimalistic classical music. Here's a sample: http://www.youtube.com/user/KozmikTentacles?feature=mhee#p/f/25/qxSt_w2ODaQ Morton Feldman - Rothko Chapel / Why Patterns? CD
  10. msn, facebook and a bunch of others.
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