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  1. duno where I read about it, I was just searchin around for good d&b. this is what I do. don't be surprised I know rare shit
  2. oh poor guy, he's "100% Positive"... I'd buy it off to support his hospital bills
  3. I ordered some stuff only a week ago, and it's already itchin in my order-trigga-fingah damn. and this thread ain't makin it easier no one wants to trade with me so I can get some new stuff? hey, I just added 'Soup' to my list, yummy yummy
  4. on a second thought, is Soup really IDM? it doesn't have that (seemingly) randomish feelin to that other IDM albums have. there is a harshness to their sound though that they got in common. I think the other albums are typicly IDM-ish, except Björk maybe that may be more like "glitch" or whatever but it's close enough. I'm still not sure about Soup...
  5. the same list as electronica cd's, although the txt files are kept more up to date: Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun / 2004 / CD Bola - Soup / 1998 / CD Duo 505 - Late / 2004 / promo-CD Ghislain Poirier - Sous Le Manguier / 2002 / CD Hans Joachim Irmler - Life Like / 2003 / CD John Hudak / Jason Kahn / Bruce Tovsky - For The Time Being / 2004 / CD Kava Kava - Funked Up And Freaked Out EP / 2000 / CD Minit - Now Right Here / 2004 / CD Senking - Silencer / 2001 / CD Sonic Radiation - The 121 Project / ? / CD Tomas Jirku - Bleak 1999 / 2004 / CD V/A - Time Out - Sportive Unbending Tunes Vol. 1 / 2005 / CD Zorn - All we can do is enjoy the ride / 2004 / CD ZubZub (Zia Geelani) - ZubZub / 2003 / CD-R
  6. then we are two also, some standard tips that I gave in the other d&b thread. things on Good Lookin Records are worth to check out for psy d&b. especially these ones: Seba - Producer 06 Big Bud - Producer 07 Blu Mar Ten - Producer 03 LTJ Bukem - Producer 01 Nookie - In At The Deep End PFM - Producer 02 they don't have the obvious trance influences that ZubZub got though. but still I think they could labled as psy d&b. I think these could mentioned too, but I havn't really absorbed those albums yet: Deviant Electronics - Blunt Instruments Flytronix - which album to start with?!?! Total Eclipse - Access Denied Pacific Heights - Borne Together I havn't listened much at all to drum & bass lately so I don't have more to come with right now.
  7. TRADE/SELL LIST....check it for both CD's and LP's
  8. hmm.. whish I knew more good electronic forums.. all I got is this one for minimal/tech-house/minimal-techno: http://www.mnml.nl
  9. good to see Ukiro kept this thread warm long time since I posted here... so here's a big chunka' records, orders datin back to october 2005. I don't update my discogs so I bold-marked the electronish releases instead. Monolake - Gravity CD Marc Leclair - Musique Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes CD Rod Modell - Vibrasound (The Deepchord Years 1999-2004) CD Gel-Sol - 1104 CD Waki - Music for Waki People CD Another Fine Day - Life Before Land CD Can - Soon Over Babaluma LP Korai Öröm - 1996 CD Korai Öröm - 1997 CD Korai Öröm - '93-'96 CD Present - Live CD Ghislain Poirier - Sous Le Manguier CD Novatek - Exhibition CD Kangaroo Moon - Between Two Worlds CD The Modernist - Kangmei CD Maurizio - M-Series CD Theorem - THX:Experiments in Synchronicity CD Danieto - Cirugia Casual CD
  10. hey!!! my first post in ages, it's good to be back Bahamut, true words on IDM! too much of it feels randomish and all about technical wankery. the better ones are leaning a bit on the ambient side. for a newbie I'd recommend these: Bola - Soup (1998) Autechre - Tri Repetae (1995) Danieto - Cirugía Casual (2005) L'usine - Serial Hodgepodge (2004) CiM - Do Not Multiply Models (2003) and a wellknown album: Björk - Vespertine (2001)
  11. hi lodjikz, I lost my account.... this is my old thread though. I've added you to MSN so we can discuss further.
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