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  1. Steve Roach's Immersion series is just what you are looking for. Check out 1st volume but also 3rd.
  2. 29 Don't worry about your age. We will all die some day anyway.
  3. Yeah. I think I like these two best, also Amber is up there...
  4. I almost stopped buying physical releases entirely... but there were two CDs I figured I had to get back. And I found them cheap too. Truly amazing expurrrimental electronica. Autechre ‎– Tri Repetae Autechre - Untilted
  5. Experiment today with grey-filter and motion blur caused by zoom.
  6. "Long Shadows from Trees" from 2012-03-03. Edited with curves and desaturation in Photoshop.
  7. "Analog Museum Radio" from July 2012. "Waterliliy Pond Örebro" from July 2012. Edited 2012-09-03 in Photoshop with curves and saturation.
  8. Poster from the HR Giger Museum. Giclée print from Peter Gric
  9. Robert Henke - Indigo Transform One of my favorite ambient tunes as of late.
  10. Really? You want Live-Evil and Bitches Brew on vinyl? I think I could sell these to you. *Much* better price than £50 too.
  11. Soon mine has been entirely digitalized.
  12. Live-Evil is amazing! I have that as a 2LP, lovely cover!
  13. Tantric Obstacles/Erpsongs (2CD edition) There is Nothing/Live Ethereal Cereal (2CD edition) The Bits Between the Bits/Sliding Gliding Worlds (2CD edition) Pungent Effulgent Erpland Strangeitude Live Underslunky Jurassic Shift Arborscense Become The Other Curious Corn Spice Doubt Floating Seeds Remixed Swirly Termination Waterfall Cities The Hidden Step Pyramidion Live at the Pongmasters Ball Spirals In Hyperspace The Floor's Too Far Away Sunrise Festival (includes live DVD) The YumYum Tree Paper Monkeys This collection consists of all their material since they started in the early 80's up til todays date. I want €115 for this collection. That is €5 per CD.
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