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  1. Bought back 3 of my favorite Ozric CDs as I was missing them in my collection...
  2. It's almost time for this :-) Steve Roach - Back to Life The Orb feat. Lee Scratch Perry - Presents the Orbserver in the Star House Meshuggah - Koloss Thomas Köner - Novaya Zemlya
  3. Mirror System - Mirror System CD Alien Project - Aztechno Dream CD
  4. Some stuff has been reserved and some stuff is already gone. There are a few CDs available though. Look at the list above, it has been updated as of today.
  5. Wow, not a bad batch long ripps. Is that a years consumtion of CDs?
  6. Philip Glass - 3CD-BOX: Solo Piano Music Philip Glass - Complete String Quartets Philip Glass - String Quartets Nos. 1-4
  7. Untilted...it is special. They all are though.
  8. Which is your favorite album with Autechre?
  9. Draeke, I can hold these for you 36 - Hollow and Thomas Köner - Untitled. The other two are reserved.
  10. Draeke, thanks for the comment. More CDs has been added to the list today.
  11. Organic T-shirt with Peter Gric design.
  12. Rotwang, I just want to clarify, that I don't believe in absolute death. Reincarnation is more likely to me. Not that it probably matters to you. I'm just saying though.
  13. Hi...looks like most people are asking for the Ishq CDs...they've been reserved...
  14. CD give-away against only the shipping cost. Thomas Köner - Untitled http://www.discogs.c...release/3573202 (reserved until January) 36 - Hollow (reserved until January) John Beltran - Ambient Selections (reserved)
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