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  1. Yes, you are right, Paradox. For those a who are concerned about privacy neither Internet or any electric communication is good.
  2. Well, this is a little weird. In the end of the video they reveal a research team fishing for information on facebook, possibly other sites too as there's something about safe banking as well. But if the people who voluntarily enters into this thing agrees to have anything more than their name revealed, how is it possible to find them on the internet? Facebook is huge, there's likely to be many people with the same name as you, unless you have a really unique name. Or am I taking this too serious? This is some kind of commercial, maybe?
  3. I'll be listening this audio-book when it arrives... Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan H. Cain
  4. Hehe. Yeah. He is making one for me in commision right now... it will be a drawing based on one of his paintings. I'll post it here once it is done.
  5. Haha... no I've never been there. Although my neighbours can be quite noisy too. Yesterday they were up to 5 am partying..
  6. Listening to music when sleeping can be great, it can take you to exciting places. But I kind of agree with Sideeffects... for me external sound sources is an annoying element for me when trying to sleep.
  7. My official diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenia. But in all honesty I don't feel I'm suffering anything... so it's all cool. It's the doctors that are messed up
  8. Tech-house is great... I used to listen to that alot. Getting more and more into psy-trance as time goes. One of my all time favorites are Theorem - THX: Experiments in Synchronicity Quite mellow for being tech-house...not really sure if it's suitable to dance to.. but I like it nonetheless. Cheers!
  9. My favorite of my own photos. Taken late summer this year in my hometown.
  10. 721 albums in flac = 244 GB. All paid for, either flac downloads or my own CD's that I ripped.
  11. Heya...all drawings are approx €300 each for me... some of his has gone higher (€600) but also lower one time (€180)...
  12. Some of these designs are amazing... I especially love this staircase
  13. I've been collecting original drawings by Peter Gric (www.gric.at) lately from some of his eBay sales...
  14. Blubber (or anyone else for that matter): I would appreciate psy-trance recommendations based on my likes, as well...
  15. I do like Tool. I'm just tired of anything metal at the moment. I know ZubZub, but I hardly remember what his music sounded like. I may just try the other you've mentioned. I have a Massive Attack CD lying around here that I havn't even listened to, so that's probably a good start. Thanks man!
  16. If I like Shpongle, Ishq and Ozric Tentacles. What else would I like?
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